Financial Security

Three Lessons From Ruins

Archaeologists and Historians study the past to derive valuable inferences from past civilizations. This exercise is a noble and important one; after all, those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it. In the spirit of this thinking, I have written about a few examples of decay. If we aspire to be prepared for the… Read More

Let’s Have Victories Again

A coalition of mutinous Republicans have emerged from their elitist holes to join Democrats in a whining chorus of: “Never Trump!”. Quite frankly, I’d like to know where these Republicans have been during eight years of a disastrous Obama Administration. Where was the contrived moral outrage during Attorney General Eric Holder’s botched mishandling of the… Read More

The Katrina Rifle

Almost overnight Katrina turned from a woman’s elegant name, to a tragic hurricane, to an adjective for a tangible survival situation.  So when the word Katrina is used to qualify a rifle, it should be clear that the intended use of the rifle will not be for anything fun.  This particular Katrina Rifle (KR) project… Read More

Covering A Prepper’s Blind Spot

I have no idea if an electromagnetic pulse is coming.  I can’t speak to the odds of a major Ebola outbreak, nuclear war, hyperinflation, solar storms or a herd of pissed off sasquatches auditing the fed.  No one does, and that’s the point. By Professor Liberty Mize We can’t speak to the timing or likelihood… Read More

What Happens When You’re 1000 Miles Away And TSHTF?

Hello Everybody.  A reader just sent me this question: ArmyVet here again; I am an over-the-road trucker, Mrs. Army is a housewife. My SHTF concerns should be obvious, what if I am 1,000 + miles from home when IT hit the fan. I have my ruck and 1st aid bag on the truck always, my… Read More

Waiting For Government Help

Have you seen this news story? It's not really new. Two years on and many victims of Sandy are still waiting on their promised government help in rebuilding. The Archdruid wrote something interesting recently, that's stuck with me; measure the gap between the needed crisis response, and what is actually getting to people on the… Read More

SHTF guns on a budget

A few days ago, a guy at work came up to me and asked me for a bit of firearms help. He told me he'd saved about $1000, and was looking to get a handgun and a long gun plus a few accessories to set himself up for a SHTF type situation. He didn't want… Read More

The Fatal Flaw With the Dave Ramsey Snowball Method

Hubby and I have been using the Dave Ramsey endorsed Debt-Snowball method over the past few years. The debt-snowball method is a debt reduction strategy, whereby one who owes on more than one account pays off the accounts starting with the smallest balances first while paying the minimum on larger debts. Once the smallest debt… Read More

Shopping For The Best Deal

I read Calamity Jane's post Consumer vs Producer Prepping with some interest on Monday.  I'd been working on the post below at the time and almost didn't publish it.  Then I got thinking that, hey, this is real.  This is what I do.  If I'm doing it I'm sure there are others out there as… Read More

SNAP Scam and Getting People to Fend For Themselves

Here we go again. Awhile back I wrote about how people were buying bottled water, dumping it outside the store, and then taking the cash back in so they can buy cigarettes or booze. Another guy tried it here in Maine and he was unaware that it's become a crime. As I've noted in the… Read More

Preparing for the Fiscal Cliff

This is another one of those boring posts where I'm not going to mention anything you can shoot your way out of. :-D Are you preparing for the Fiscal Cliff? Tax increases and spending decreases, all done in a hatchet job of across the board cuts.  Probably the dumbest way we could possibly get our… Read More

Local Bartering

I love local bartering. I love the thrill of the hunt, the randomness, the happy coincidences. I'm pretty sure my husband hates it, for those exact same reasons It does take some hunting, some leg work.  There's no other way to canvas garage sales than to just put in the legwork.  Although, networking can help… Read More