Food for Survival

Cooking Food After the SHTF – It’s NOT Optional

It can be easy to lose sight of the basics as a prepper. You get to worrying about how many beans and bullets you have, and it can be easy to forget about things like how you'll cook those beans. Remember, most SHTF scenarios are things you can survive.  Some will be short enough that… Read More

What If You Had To Grow Your Food Indoors?

So there I was, toiling away in garden #3, getting my tomato and pepper transplants tucked in, and my mind wandered a bit. It takes a LOT of ground to produce enough food to meet even modest food goals. I am usually thinking about the prices of vegetables versus the space they take in the… Read More

Tools for Food Production

So we all know where half the fruits and vegetables in the US are grown right? California. Currently experiencing some massive drought problems. You are growing some food this year right? I think you'll be better off if you have some closer and cheaper options for your weekly salads at least, and if some of… Read More

Do Things the Hard Way Sometimes

I had a bit of fun this weekend with my grill.  It was probably caused by one too many Anthony Bourdain episodes, but I was remembering fondly the cooking styles in India. Namely the wood fired ovens and grills. Now I'm not real great with wood baked breads. So naan was ruled out, but I… Read More

Gardening 101: Selecting varieties

One of the harder lessons to learn as a food grower is how to fit what you want, in the space and time you have. Let's explore a few of those variables today and discuss some of the reasons to choose a particular variety over another. I know I've mentioned this one before, Know your… Read More

Easier Gardening

Everybody loves food straight out of a garden. Especially when prices at the grocery store keep going up for quality that keeps going down. Everybody also loves it when the work to keep that garden producing doesn't take over every free afternoon. So let's talk, how do I keep my gardening as easy as possible… Read More

Start Your Food Garden, 101

You've got your piece of dirt picked out. Perhaps it's still covered in sod, or weeds? Spring is definitely sprung though, and if you're still dithering over what needs to happen and when, let's sort that out right here, so you can get things going! Start with the dirt! If there's sod, till it under… Read More

The Ups and Downs of Urban Farming

Urban farming is what I call my food growing style, hopefully me living in Iowa doesn't automatically exclude me from that title.  If the proper authorities are reading this post, you let me know. I grow food in my front lawn, I grow food in spare corners of church lots, I grow food in parks… Read More

Happy Home Coffee – Roasting My Own Coffee Beans

Have you ever cooked your own coffee beans, ground them up and then made coffee before? As you all know if you've read the blog for awhile I'm an unabashed coffee addict.  I love coffee.  Give me a good strong cup of black Joe and I'm a happy camper. Well, what do you think will… Read More

Canning for Beginners

We had some questions about canning from readers. It's one of those subjects that needs it's own post to have enough room to cover everything. It's a great skill to have in your prepper skill set. It's a way to store fresh foods for a long time, in a shelf stable state. Admittedly, you won't… Read More

Chef 5 Minute Meal Review

Awhile back I received a package from Chef Minute Meals.  This was one of those packages I love to get because there was food in it!  What's really cool about these meals is that it's a little like an MRE.  It doesn't have all the extras like peanut butter and cheese, but it does contain… Read More

Guest Post: “Adventures in Survival #1: Food”

A couple weeks back, we had a fellow who goes by the handle "NoSox" write up a pretty good blog post and it went over quite well....and he was kind enough to send us a three-part series called "Adventures in Survival" about how he gets his preps rolling. He has some really great, organized ideas… Read More

CJ’s Root Cellar Thoughts

Steve suffering in NJ asked about root cellars last week. I've fiddled around with this a bit, so I'm going to share some of what I've learned.  But I'm going to keep it simple, if you want to get into the nitty gritty details, I can't recommend highly enough, "Root Cellaring: Natural Cold Storage of… Read More