10 Lessons From Hurricane Sandy

On October 29th 2012, super storm Hurricane Sandy made landfall in New Jersey.  With destructive winds up to 89 miles per hour, and a storm surge so massive that it washed whole neighborhoods away, Sandy claimed at least 37 lives, caused an estimated $36.8 billion worth of damage, and left more than half a million… Read More

Build Your Own Rifle

What is the big deal about an 80% lower receiver?  Why would I want to build one when I can just go out and buy one that is already machined and ready to go?  There are a number of reasons why someone might want to build their own firearm from an unserialized receiver.  Probably one… Read More

Dwell Time

Never confuse dwell time with idle time.  AR rifle aficionados will know the technical understanding of the term “dwell time”, but here is the short course.  ARs or any gas operated rifle for that matter require a certain amount of gas pressure from the ignition of powder burning from a round in the rifle chamber… Read More

3 Bug Out Lessons From A SWAT Officer

Let me admit something right up front.  Being a SWAT (law enforcement special operations) Officer is a blast.  But here’s something nobody will tell you.  Compared to bugging out, a SWAT deployment is a walk in the park. Ok that’s just my opinion, but having done more of both than the average bear, I speak… Read More

10 Lessons From A Multi-Day Power Outage

Electricity is the Achilles heel of most people's lives and preparedness plans.  You don't realize how much you need or use electricity until it is no longer available.  During Hurricane Katrina, an estimated 1.7 million people lost power anywhere from several days to several weeks.  Want to test your preparedness plans?  Go without electricity for… Read More

Open Range, Where to Bug Out

Free grazers were not welcome on the range where Robert Duvall aka Bluebonnet “Boss” Spearman and his cattle herd sidekick Charley (Postel) Waite played by Kevin Costner held camp with their cows on open range grass.  The local cattle baron and landowner did not take kindly to Boss feeding his cows on local grass, even… Read More

Trans-Humanist Movement

A while back I wrote an article on why I prep.  In that article I briefly mentioned the trans-humanist movement. I have been watching this for a few years but an article about a technological breakthrough prompted me to write this article.  It is my personal belief that this movement presents the largest single threat… Read More

SHTF Service Arms Training

If firearms use figures into your prepping plan, then you need to learn how to use these tools effectively.  The secret to this is proper training and lots of practice.  There are no short cuts when it comes to learning how to shoot well, get on the target fast, shoot/no shoot decisions, change out magazines… Read More

Black Friday Case Study

Black Friday is a truly American phenomenon.  The day after everyone is supposed to be Thankful, there is a massive annual consumer assault on the United States of big boxes.  Driven by a self-inflicted reduction in retail prices, the stores invite the hoards to do what they do best; hoard stuff they can be thankful… Read More

Container Crazy

It’s not that I am a hoarder, but I just don’t like throwing anything away that has some secondary useful value.  I’m not nuts about filling up landfills either, however, I do recycle stuff through my home city program.  Still, if it is something I can use, I recycle it to my prepping program.  Inherent… Read More

Where Does It All Lead?

Since you are on this site you are probably a prepper or thinking about becoming a prepper. Why is that? More than likely you have an uneasy feeling that things are not right.  Think of it this way.  Animals often exhibit changes in behavior prior to earthquakes.  Don’t you think humans can have the same… Read More

Assimilate The Ideal SHTF Bug Out Team

You have two options when it comes to conducting a full-fledged Bug Out operation.  One is to go it alone or with the immediate family or facilitate the creation of a SHTF Team to share the mission.  There are pros and cons to either route you take.  However, for this treatise let’s explore some of… Read More

Gear Review: Survival Slingshot Archer

The Survival Slingshot Archer is one of those pieces of equipment that I both like and dislike.  Allow me to explain.  First, let me admit up front that I’m no expert with a slingshot.  I used to make my own when I was a kid and I even owned a wrist rocket for a brief… Read More