Maine Primitive Skills School

I was recently able to attend the Maine Primitive Skills School in Augusta, Maine.  Over the years I’ve spent a lot of time in the forests here in Maine and I’m very comfortable in that environment; however, I know what I don’t know.  Any woodsman will tell you they are always ready to learn more… Read More

Drones For Security

A couple of months ago while attending my daughter’s Saturday soccer game, I noticed a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) or drone conducting a grid pattern over the field.  It was silent and I don’t think anybody else for the most part even noticed it.   They are that quiet and unobtrusive.  The drone’s altitude was probably… Read More

Networking After TSHTF

Many people think their most important asset after TSHTF is their weapons and ammo, or their food stores, or their ability to acquire clean drinking water, but I would argue that the most important asset will be the relationships you form or have formed.  I’m currently working on forming a BIBO (Bug In Bug Out)… Read More

Build a Grab ‘N’ Go Pistol Bag for less than $500

A long while ago (almost two years now!) I wrote an article on asking people for advice and thoughts on keeping weapons in your Bug Out Bag (BOB). At the time, I had kind of an entry-level setup, with a Home Depot Husky tool bag loaded up with ammo, pistol, magazines, and redundant gear… Read More

10 Best Outcomes of TEOTWAWKI

We all get so hung up on the negative aspects of TEOTWAWKI, so lets have a look at the other side.  Here is the scenario, grid down, reason unknown, no help coming.  Does it matter why the grid is down, maybe.  If aliens are storm trooping through the Midwest then the answer is yes, survival… Read More

Why I Prefer a Map and Compass over a GPS

Call me old fashioned.  Call me a Luddite.  But don't call me lost, because I know how to read a map and compass.  When I served my country years ago they decided that a fine young Marine like myself should know how to read a map and compass, so that if I went behind enemy… Read More

Knee Deep in Bug Out Vehicles

Moab, Utah was once again the host of the famous Jeep Safari which is the largest four-wheel drive event in the world, or so I’ve read. Basically, that meant that the town of Moab was awash in potential Bug Out Vehicles. While its easy to conjure up interesting bug out scenarios that would make almost any… Read More

6 Steps To Harden Your Home Against Fire

This is of special importance to me since I live in fire country.  Every year the threat rears its paranoia inducing head and forces me to look at my wooden dwelling as a potential hazard.  No matter where you live, there is always a natural disaster threat.  Although this one pertains to all who live… Read More

Don’t Get Caught In The Dark

We all take for granted that the lights will come on when we flip the light switch. I don’t know if it has ever happened to you but I recall the sinking feeling when I have gone into a dark house and flipped the light switch and, voila, nothing happened.  You flip it several more… Read More

Vicissitude: An Attitude of Accepting Change

Many things these days are inevitable.  Top on the list is change.  I guess Bob Dylan had it right after all.  If that does not ring a bell, check him on Google to learn about a true iconic folk singer.  Sorry, but I digress.  This term I use to open this retort is one I… Read More

10 Best Survival Items

What is the best survival tool you can have along with you? A lot of people are looking everyday for the best survival tool or tools to have if things go wrong. Thousands of dollars are spent each month on the things we think will make us safe.  The truth is no one can have… Read More

True Preparedness

Everyone’s level of prepping is not the same.  Some people prepare for the occasional storm, power outage, short-term hardship or numerous other emergency situations.  However, at some level, the need for preparation will apply to everyone.  We all have to decide what “prepping” means to us and to what extent we want to pursue it. … Read More

Survival Situation: Dog Gone Or Dog Stays?

Many folks are debating whether it’s good to have a dog during a survival situation or not.  For most dog owners, this is an easy question to answer.  They are a part of the family, so they go. But what if you are thinking of adding a dog to your survival plans?  If so then… Read More