10 Best Survival Items

What is the best survival tool you can have along with you? A lot of people are looking everyday for the best survival tool or tools to have if things go wrong. Thousands of dollars are spent each month on the things we think will make us safe.  The truth is no one can have… Read More

True Preparedness

Everyone’s level of prepping is not the same.  Some people prepare for the occasional storm, power outage, short-term hardship or numerous other emergency situations.  However, at some level, the need for preparation will apply to everyone.  We all have to decide what “prepping” means to us and to what extent we want to pursue it. … Read More

Survival Situation: Dog Gone Or Dog Stays?

Many folks are debating whether it’s good to have a dog during a survival situation or not.  For most dog owners, this is an easy question to answer.  They are a part of the family, so they go. But what if you are thinking of adding a dog to your survival plans?  If so then… Read More

Don’t Be Sheep, People Eat Sheep

Where’s Calamity been lately? I’ve gotten a few emails lately asking if I’m still going to write here.  Have no fear, I’m still around, and still writing. Things have been a little hectic in my real life.  Hectic in a good way though.  Certain things have reached a tipping point in my personal evaluations of… Read More

A Basic SHTF Wardrobe List

What to wear, oh, what to wear?  Ever heard that coming from your wife’s closet?  It is not as though the next potential SHTF is going to be like dressing for a party or anything, but frankly I never read any prepper advice on what clothes to take.  Perhaps the concept simply sounds too rudimentary… Read More

Setting Up A Back Up Generator

In a recent article on SHTFBlog called "10 Lessons From A Multi-Day Power Outage", I fielded several questions about how my generator was set up for a power outage, so I thought I'd walk you through what I've done with my back up generator.  You'll need a few things and they aren't cheap; however, if… Read More

10 Natural Substitutes for Toilet Paper

While not the most pleasant topic in survival circles, it is one that cannot be denied. When nature calls, you will answer the phone. It took humans about 400 years to realize that paper could be used for more than just taking notes, and the Chinese were the first to document what would be later… Read More

GridCrash: Instant Chaos, Just Add Code

With all the recent attention about cyberterrorism flowing from the popular media’s kitchen sink approach to journalism, I thought it an appropriate time to address the very real possibility of an instantaneous GridCrash. And what makes a GridCrash so frightening is that it can happen without any warning, under a clear blue sky, in the… Read More

Prepper Monthly Checklist

One of the biggest obstacles Preppers and Survivalists face in getting prepared is maintaining their emergency supplies. Often, gear and supplies are piled into a closet, or haphazardly stored in the basement. In a true emergency, trying to find items like spare batteries or first aid supplies becomes a stressful event as the items are… Read More

10 Lessons From Hurricane Sandy

On October 29th 2012, super storm Hurricane Sandy made landfall in New Jersey.  With destructive winds up to 89 miles per hour, and a storm surge so massive that it washed whole neighborhoods away, Sandy claimed at least 37 lives, caused an estimated $36.8 billion worth of damage, and left more than half a million… Read More

Build Your Own Rifle

What is the big deal about an 80% lower receiver?  Why would I want to build one when I can just go out and buy one that is already machined and ready to go?  There are a number of reasons why someone might want to build their own firearm from an unserialized receiver.  Probably one… Read More

Dwell Time

Never confuse dwell time with idle time.  AR rifle aficionados will know the technical understanding of the term “dwell time”, but here is the short course.  ARs or any gas operated rifle for that matter require a certain amount of gas pressure from the ignition of powder burning from a round in the rifle chamber… Read More

3 Bug Out Lessons From A SWAT Officer

Let me admit something right up front.  Being a SWAT (law enforcement special operations) Officer is a blast.  But here’s something nobody will tell you.  Compared to bugging out, a SWAT deployment is a walk in the park. Ok that’s just my opinion, but having done more of both than the average bear, I speak… Read More