Summer Camp Mentality

By Dr. John J. Woods, a contributing author to SHTFBlog & Survival Cache A Bug Out is not going to be the equivalent of a vaca to summer camp.  Forget the white sands, the water slides, the picnic BBQs, golf, snow skiing, bonfire marshmallow roasts, shopping antiques in the quaint downtown area with a quiche… Read More

Weapons Security – Bug In Or Bug-Out

Dr. John J. Woods    Contributing Author to SHTF Blog If you own firearms, you certainly want to keep them safe and secure. However, if you are a prepper you need to be particularly concerned about firearms being secure both at home before or during a Bug In. For an executed Bug Out there is… Read More


    There is little doubt in anyone's mind that when it comes to the one-gun prepper arsenal, the shotgun reigns supreme. King of the hill, my boomstick, baby! We here at have written about many a time – you can find our musings about the ultimate in firearms versatility here, here, and here… Read More

SWATTING – Send a SWAT Team To A Friend Near You

If you've been reading here for awhile you know I'm no big fan of SWAT teams in many small towns.  Now hackers are using SWAT teams to get revenge on competitors or prank others. Ever heard of SWATTING? It works like this: Let's say I have beef with you. In this day and age it's… Read More

Warrantless Searches

Folks, kiss all privacy good bye. Warrantless searches are now the normal. Apparently we're supposed to give up every last freedom we thought we had the right to.  Protesting of course has been illegal for some time now, one must get permits and permit to being corralled into "Freedom Zones." Filming the militarized police in… Read More

Slow is smooth, smooth is fast – Now Pick up the Pace

Today is a guest post from Josh.   Check out his ideas for speeding up your quick draw. ----------------------------------- KA-CHING, KACHING! These days when I practice shooting that is the sound I hear. KA-CHING, KACHING! It’s the sound of money exploding from the muzzle of my pistol. This sound rings in my ears louder and… Read More

A while ago, one of our readers wrote in and asked for advice for a good SHTF shotgun. I helped him out with the knowledge I had, and I guess it was OK, because he wrote back on a slightly different topic. He asked, Dear SHTFblog, You guys gave me great shotgun advice reciently. I'm… Read More

Range time!

Well, everyone, I know much of the country is experiencing spring already, but up here in the Northeast, the temps are finally rising above 50 degrees semi-regularly. The plowed-up snowbanks in my front yard have gone from 6 feet high to knee-high, and we finally have bare patches in the yard. Spring is here! That… Read More

Guest Post: Armored Vehicles

I was contacted a couple weeks ago by a representative for The Armored Group, LLC, asking if we'd like a guest post on something a bit different - armored vehicles. The Armor Group specializes in selling new and used armored vehicles: everything from strengthened limos and sedans all the way up to ex-SWAT vehicles, money… Read More

A Desperate Migration

Pineslayer sent me a thought provoking post the other day and I thought I'd share it with you.  Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments below. -------------------------------------------------------------- Humans have been on the move forever. Whether it be for adventure or resources, we long to see what is over that… Read More

Military surplus guns for when SHTF

Yeah, they're ugly. Yeah, they're generally old. Yeah, they're sometimes pretty beat up. But the fact is that the military surplus and law-enforcement trade-in market is a great place to source badass SHTF guns. (Relatively) cheap, reliable, and useful, military and LE guns are available in huge quantity, and they're not super-sexy to most people… Read More