Jurisdictional Creep

Have the read the national newspapers today?  Did you watch Fox News, read Drudge, or get any of dozens of news flash emails?  Are you planning to attend the next city council meeting where you live?  How about the school board meeting?  How do you know what is going on where you reside?  Do you… Read More

Breaking The Law When The SHTF

 Why is it when there's a disaster of some kind people rush down to the store and steal a T.V. set?  I can understand a father or mother breaking into a store to get food or formula for their kids, but breaking in and stealing a DVD player after the hurricane hits or while the… Read More

Changes at SHTF Blog

Hey Ya'll, Today's post is about change.  Over the last year I've been wanting to take SHTF Blog to the next level, but alas, I simply don't have the time the blog needs to do this.  Young kids and a full time job eat up most of my "spare" time and writing blog posts takes… Read More

Prepper Expos – Prepping Gets Popular

Maybe I've been out of the loop for awhile.  Maybe I've been asleep at the helm.  Maybe the world has just been passing me by, but how it is that I didn't know about all the prepper expos going on around the country? I was surfing through the news the other day and read a… Read More

Gun Rights Battle in Connecticut

I don't know if you've been following what's been going down in Connecticut since Jan. 1, but what happens there could very well set a precedent for gun owners across the country. Call it ignorance, call it civil disobedience, or explain it away by saying, "they must not have known", but however you put it… Read More

Snipers Attack Power Station in San Jose Check out this video.  It details the story behind a shooting at a San Jose power sub-station I'm sure many of you have seen this story by now. At first you might think it was just a couple of rednecks who got drunk and went down and shot up a power station. But when… Read More

A Gun Can Save Your LIfe

Ok, first of all... WHO WON THE MUG???  First let me say I really enjoyed the comments from my fellow coffee lovers and blog readers out there!  Your comments were well received. Congratulations to Mommy in TX!  Shoot me an email at and I'll get the mug to you.  I hope you enjoy it… Read More

No Water, No Warning

Yes, we're going to talk about West Virginia. For those of you living in caves (No judgement here, I get accused of it often enough) a coal storage facility leaked some noxious chemicals into the drinking water source for at least a 9 county area of West Virginia.  Residents had ZERO warning, and were just… Read More

The Effects of Media on Prepping

Recently, we here at were contacted by the folks at National Geographic regarding a "Blog Carnival" they were hosting to promote their new two hour movie "American Blackout" and the new season of "Doomsday Preppers". The question they submitted for us to run with was this: "Judging from recent apocalyptic films This is the End and World… Read More

TSA VIPR Teams – Coming To A Transportation Nexus Near You Soon

Has anybody of the TSA VIPR teams yet?  Basically they do the same thing they do at airports except now they're taking their dog and pony show on the road and going to places like subways, train stations, etc, and conducting searches there.  Someday you might get off the bus and find a VIPR team… Read More

Misc Errata

Today's post is a list of sites and things you might find interesting. First up is a book give away by David Kershner.  It's called Foreign and Domestic and you can check it out here.  Leave me a comment below if you're interested and I'll choose a winner and Dave will send you a free… Read More

Another Nail in the Privacy Coffin

In this day and age of cheap and smart technology I find that we're giving up more and more of our privacy a little bit at a time.  It's like the old frog analogy - if you put the frog in a pan of water and slowly heat it up the frog will stay there… Read More

Other Web Resources to Help With Your Preparedness

Over the past week or two I've been talking with the owner of the Survival Pulse website.  If you haven't seen his site yet I would highly encourage you to check it out.  It's a clean site, easy to navigate, and has links to tons of useful information. He tools around the web and takes… Read More