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Tornado Talk

Well, most of our readers will probably remember that I live in NW Iowa.  We’ve been dodging more than our fair share of bad weather the past week.  In fact, this post is being typed up in Word, because we haven’t had internet since Monday. Storm after storm, floods on top of floods, and of… Read More

What If You Had To Grow Your Food Indoors?

So there I was, toiling away in garden #3, getting my tomato and pepper transplants tucked in, and my mind wandered a bit. It takes a LOT of ground to produce enough food to meet even modest food goals. I am usually thinking about the prices of vegetables versus the space they take in the… Read More

Guest Post: Adventures in Survival #2: Water Storage

We hope you enjoyed yesterday's post, NoSox's contribution about getting started in food procurement. Today's post he goes over how he gets his family set up for water storage. Lots of good ideas here, but mainly it's about just getting off your hindquarters and doing it. He shares how much he spends, which makes it… Read More

CJ’s Root Cellar Thoughts

Steve suffering in NJ asked about root cellars last week. I've fiddled around with this a bit, so I'm going to share some of what I've learned.  But I'm going to keep it simple, if you want to get into the nitty gritty details, I can't recommend highly enough, "Root Cellaring: Natural Cold Storage of… Read More

Making a Living on the Doomstead

As many of you probably know, I'm not a big fan of the whole "Bugging Out" thing, or remote emergency bunker locations. Most people espousing this strategy are trying to have their cake and eat it too. They live somewhere that they know isn't going to to do well in a SHTF situation. Usually they… Read More

Top 7 Items for DIY Home and Body Cleaning

The New Year always makes me want to clean the house. Fresh start, clean slate, all that jazz. I don't want to spend a fortune on fancy cleaners that won't kill me, and I'm not going to cheap out and buy stuff that will aggravate my asthma. My solution is to largely make my own… Read More


In between the sewing of presents and decking of halls, I've been improving on our winterizing. It seems like one of those never ending tasks. After I got all the major drafts and leaks taken care of, things seemed cozy. Then I started noticing the smaller leaks and drafts, and the ones in the out… Read More

Shedding Light On An Extended Bug-Out

Bugging-in for me is the desired method of survival if TSHTF, but occasionally I still hear people talk about living in the wilderness on an extended bug-out if something big happens.  They'll load up their packs with beans, bullets and band aids and head out in the bush to live for a few weeks until… Read More

Most Common Injury

The reporting from Russia where the meteor exploded/hit has been really interesting. I'm a bit of a space junkie when I'm not prepping, so this one was interesting on multiple levels. One thing in particular has been on my mind as we've learned more about the event. The people in the town were largely injured… Read More

Building a Sauna for Post TEOTWAWKI Relaxation

In an earlier post I wrote about taking a sauna (pronounced sow-na) to stay relaxed after TSHTF; however, I didn’t talk about how I got there.  Today I’ll show you what I built and how I did it. One quick note about saunas.  Not only are they a great way to relax, but it’s also… Read More

More Insulating Concrete Form

I had lots of questions from my post on Tuesday, so I thought I'd answer them in a post so others can find the answers quicker. irishdutchuncle what material is used to hold back the concrete for the ceiling itself? steel? foam? could you do the job with “pre stressed” concrete precast panels? when you… Read More

Insulated Concrete Forms

Wow, what a Monday. QE3. 3 people! I rarely bother see movies when they get to 3's. I always figure they've worn what ever premise started the enterprise a little thin by the time they get past 2. I'll be the first to admit economics was not a subject I took many classes in. If… Read More

Keeping Clean With No Hot Water

Comments from Tuesday's post combined with an oddly coincidental failure of our hot water heater. So today's post is all about domestic chores, and how I do them without things like hot water heaters. This, I'm sure will please certain readers, who often seem worried about my proficiency in the traditional womanly spheres.  :-D  … Read More