8 Tips For Flying With A Firearm

There is a misconception out there that traveling with a firearm is difficult or a pain in the ass.  In my opinion this could not be further from the truth.  Recent changes by the TSA have made it even easier then it was before.  With just a little bit of pre-trip planning, you can provide… Read More

Preparing Your Daily Driver for SHTF

This past weekend, I finally sat down and took care of an item on my wife's SUV that had been plaguing her for quite some time: A piece of debris (in this case, a nail) had punctured the tread of her tire, creating a slow leak that had her filling her tire with air every… Read More

Warrantless Searches

Folks, kiss all privacy good bye. Warrantless searches are now the normal. Apparently we're supposed to give up every last freedom we thought we had the right to.  Protesting of course has been illegal for some time now, one must get permits and permit to being corralled into "Freedom Zones." Filming the militarized police in… Read More

What Happens When You’re 1000 Miles Away And TSHTF?

Hello Everybody.  A reader just sent me this question: ArmyVet here again; I am an over-the-road trucker, Mrs. Army is a housewife. My SHTF concerns should be obvious, what if I am 1,000 + miles from home when IT hit the fan. I have my ruck and 1st aid bag on the truck always, my… Read More

Your Best Defense

When you think about your best defense in times of hardship, what sorts of things come to mind? For most of you, I would bet you are thinking of your guns, or your body armor, or perhaps the hardening on your bug out cabin. Let me toss something else into the ring for consideration. Mobility… Read More

Guest Post: Armored Vehicles

I was contacted a couple weeks ago by a representative for The Armored Group, LLC, asking if we'd like a guest post on something a bit different - armored vehicles. The Armor Group specializes in selling new and used armored vehicles: everything from strengthened limos and sedans all the way up to ex-SWAT vehicles, money… Read More

Survival Scenario – Hypothermia

It's late October, and you've been invited up to Northern Maine to a friend's camp for an awesome and much-needed week of hiking, fishing, and camping out. You've been driving your rental car north from the Portland airport for several hours, down dirt roads, rut-ridden by logging trucks and hunters scouting for the upcoming moose… Read More

Don’t Leave Home Without It!

We're Americans. We travel. A lot. Whether it's commuting to your job, going to the movies with a buddy or family, to the beach with the family, or any other locations life brings us. You want to be prepared in case of an emergency or disaster of sorts always, but let's face it, there are… Read More

Firearms and BOBs

Hey everyone! For today's article, I was hoping some of you could help share some ideas on the concept of weaponizing Bug-Out-Bags. I have a system of doing this (which I will share) but it's kind of klunky, and some thoughts to streamline it would be appreciated. Maybe some of you will see my system… Read More

Bug Out Ready Baby

A brand new life, it's a bit responsibility. It's also a bit of a hassle to stay mobile with one of the milk-suckers hanging on you all day.  Heaven forbid you have a litter.  Can you imagine the Octo-mom trying to bug out? Ha! One of the main reasons I limit our family size is… Read More

Is An RV a Good Idea For a Bug-Out Vehicle?

First of all, I’d like to thank the folks that left so many good ideas on my Fishing For Ideas article.  Over the next month or so I’ll write on the various topics suggested by you all.  Today’s post is a direct answer to one of our readers, jennie, who wrote in with several topic… Read More

High Gas Prices

Pretty much every SHTF scenario you can think of includes the added bonus of high gas prices. So, it's no surprise to me to be seeing higher prices at the pump.  The supply chain from the ground to your gas tank is so complex, volatility is practically built in. I'm going to assume that our… Read More

Using a Boat as a Bug Out Location

Guest post today from Joe Nobody, author of Holding Your Ground, Without Rule of Law, Holding Their Own and TEOTWAWKI Tuxedo. *********************** I’ll let out a little secret here – I’m working on a new book about boats and survival. There are a couple of reasons for this new endeavor, not the least of which… Read More