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  1. I’m not sure why my post was deleted from the camping thread but it is clear that the new blog is inferior to the original and I won’t be back.

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  4. Just wanted to let you know how disappointed I have become with the new format. I used to read your blog every day. Since the change I have pretty much stopped viewing. Just my opinion.

  5. This is more question: I hae a wheel chair bound husband. In the event we have to bug out, we will be unable to take him-or will we? I need some honest answers on what to do here. Be brutal if you must.

  6. Good golly guys. This used to be one of my most favorite sites to stop and visit on a daily basis. The site has really gone stagnant. What gives? I still keep checking in every day though, just pour some octane booster in the keyboard…..

  7. Jarhead, Road Warrior and Calamity Jane,

    I have been a regular reader for a year, perhaps a little longer. Since the sell to Forge, accompanied with the new format, I find the site very unsatisfactory. I used to come here to glean knowledge and a seemingly centrist take on prepping/survival. I don’t want to be completely negative here, but I really don’t find the site as informative as it once was. To say I am disappointed is an understatement; So, old friends, I am going to leave you to your other followers and move on. It will be difficult to find another site that offered as much as your site DID, perhaps impossible, but this will be my last time dropping by. Take care and good luck when SHTF.


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