Jason December 5, 2012

To clarify, are you wanting a logo along the lines of McDonalds arches & Nike swoosh or are you wanting something that will go on the top of the blog as a banner/header?

Jarhead Survivor December 5, 2012

Good question! More along the McDonalds arches and Nike Swoosh.

mountainspirit December 5, 2012

I suck at drawing, but my idea would be Mr. Clean holding a bucket standing behind a fan. ;)

J December 5, 2012

SHTF (in blade runner font).

Joe (PreppingToSurvive) December 5, 2012

I’m with you Jarhead; give me a map and a compass any day. Using a GPS can get you really lost if it breaks since you don’t tend to pay as much attention when using one.

As for the logo, I like the idea of 3 evergreen trees on a hillside and the SHTFBlog embedded in there somehow.

Just a thought. I’m not a graphics person either.


Yikes! December 5, 2012

Survival chicken. With a helmet.

I’ve been drinkin’.

Jarhead Survivor December 6, 2012

Haha! Thanks Yikes, I needed that.

Yikes! December 6, 2012


Odd Questioner December 6, 2012

I’ve done graphics a lot, but I’m more a map+compass kind of guy too: compasses don’t need batteries, after all.

It’ll be a little while, but let me see what I can come up with. If you pick what I come up with, then give the device to a random entry that’s not me. :)

Odd Questioner December 6, 2012

PS: some info would be helpful:

* resolution (something x something pixels preferably) or multiple resolutions (banner, square, etc).
* format (bmp, png, svg, gif, what?)
* max. filesize (in kb, mb…)
* color scheme (generally red, blue, purple..?)

…and anything else you can think of.

Jarhead Survivor December 6, 2012

Hey Odd Questioner,

Ok, size to the smaller side I guess, but able to make it bigger or smaller without losing a lot of detail. (Does that make sense?) I understand computers pretty well, but not graphics and stuff like that.

Color scheme: look at the SHTFBlog banner above and see if there’s anything in that range that makes sense.

Hope this helps.

Ken December 6, 2012

Hello, I am a long time lurker, a couple years at least. As far as logo i cant draw but maybe a silver dollar with crossed rifle and axe, or pistol and hatchet. What most folks call prepping my family has been doing forever. We live on farm in central maine.

Jarhead Survivor December 6, 2012

Hi Ken – thanks for de-lurking and saying hi. Your idea has merit, but I’m looking for a finished product as I can’t do a thing with graphics on a computer!

Nice to hear from another homeboy here in Maine! Did you make it to the Common Ground Fair this year?

Ken December 6, 2012

Oh yes, I go every couple years to laugh at the hippies and lefty wing nuts. As far as farm animals and veggies i see plenty out my back door ;).

Jarhead Survivor December 6, 2012

Haha! I hear ya!

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