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12 Gauge Shotgun Bed Holster for Home Defense, a.k.a. “The Back Up”

*tossing and turning in bed*

“Honey . . . . ”
“Huh? What?”
“Get up, I heard something downstairs.”

At this point, if you’re like most people reading this blog, you’re looking for your piece, AND, if you’re like many people choosing a piece for home defense, you’re reaching for your 12 gauge pump action shotgun for super duper knock down power (or “powah” as we’d say in Maine).

But where is that shotgun? Stored in your gun safe? Bedroom closet?
tsk tsk
*shaking head*

As you fumble in the darkness, 5 intruders are downstairs lifting your new flat panel television, your x-box 360 and your Beanie Baby collection. What YOU need – is “The Back Up”. Watch, learn, and install. The Back Up is your next best friend.

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