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A SHTF Scenario – What Would You Do?

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There is a common theme amongst preppers. You prepare, want to tell others about your preparations, and want others to prepare – but you’re hesitant to talk about it. You’re afraid that if some serious catastrophe happens, everyone will come to you for help. It’s hard enough prepping for you and your family, let alone prepping for others.
Inevitably someone will find out. Maybe you tell a friend (or two) or maybe a few family members. Maybe you meet someone who is like minded, so you tell them. Then you realize the people aren’t prepared at all, they just talk about it. Maybe your friends’ idea of prepping is to buy guns and ammo … and nothing else. Who hasn’t heard “if the shit goes down I’ll just come to your place”? And you can picture these people rolling into your driveway after the SHTF, guns in hand, expecting to survive anything with their guns and your food. Then you begin to wonder if you should have told anyone at all.
You’ll eventually ask yourself the question, “what will I do if they come?” Could I turn a hungry friend away? Could I turn a friend’s starving child away?
You don’t know until you’re in the situation, and the answer varies depending on the exact situation. For example, if you’re sitting on 6 month’s worth of food and an earthquake just hit, sharing food with friends is an obvious decision. If a few nukes hit, you have 3 kids and virtually no food, turning hungry friends away is also an obvious decision.
It’s the “gray area” that I grapple with. I don’t know what I’d do under less obvious circumstances. It’s why I want your thoughts. Let me pose to you a specific scenario and tell me how you’d respond. There are no right or wrong responses. Everyone is different.
Hypothetical Scenario
You’re a 3 person household – one child and two adults. You have 3 months worth of food and water stocked away for the 3 of you, 4 months of food if you stretched it.
Day One – an EMP hits. The grid goes down completely. Local authorities say it’s down across the entire state and the bordering states. That’s all the news you know. All grocery/convenience stores go empty. All gasoline stations go dry.
Day Three – local authorities say the federal government will air drop food, water and supplies to your town in 3 days.
Day Six – no air drop. Local authorities now say it’ll be 4-5 days before supplies come.
Day Seven – your neighbor has his home broken into, but the intruder runs away when your neighbor yelled that he had a gun. The two of you discuss taking turns staying up at night, outside, watching over each other’s house.
Day Nine a close friend, his/her spouse and their 2 kids pull into your driveway. They drove from 45 minutes away. Your friend came to you for a reason, he/she knows you have food and water, he/she knows you’ve prepped. Your friend asks if they can hold up with you until all of this “blows over.” He/she (besides hungry mouths) brings 8 cans of mixed vegetables, a few cans of soda, 2 rifles, and some ammo (items you already have).
You haven’t heard from your parents, sibling or in-laws. They know you have a food supply, too. You’re hoping at least some of them will show up.
Those are the only variables you have to work with. Do you let your friend and his/her family stay with you? Why or why not?
Again – no right or wrong answers.
– Ranger Man

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