Abandoning Reagan: A Stool With No Legs Cannot Stand

Ronald Reagan reinvigorated this county with optimism, principles and vision.  His policies directly led to Best Presidentthe greatest economic expansion in history (1982- 1987).  His leadership re-engaged a generation of disenfranchised people and he led us to victory in the cold war.  He is revered by right-thinking members of both parties, and leaves a legacy that few could hope to match.  Yet in 2016, he’s likely spinning in his grave.  The current Republican Party of today is quite simply his antithesis.  The Great Communicator governed based on a set of core principles and was successful despite a gridlocked DC.  He did this by connecting policy with people and working around congress by making his case directly to citizens.

By Professor Liberty Mize, a contributing author of SHTFBlog

Today’s party could do the same, but is content with symbolic obstructionism.  Taking meaningless procedural votes to provide cover, but only truly “winning” the few small moral victories that Emperor Barry allows.  There is no vision and no connection with ordinary citizens, only enough posturing to ensure re-election.  And so we see the rise of a narcissist nationalist as the party’s standard bearer.  Not because he’s a strong candidate, but because he’s not a politician, and he promises to tackle some of the serious issues the others have ignored.

But is he the answer to revive this country?  The answer is no, surprisingly the answer hasn’t changed.  Reagan’s map is just as valid and relevant as it was back then.  Reagan was able to ascend to the presidency because he articulated the values that made America great along with his plan to revisit the recipe.  While he had many cross-over voters from the Democratic Party, his campaign’s success in national elections hinged on uniting disparate groups in his own party.  It is a recipe politicos have been struggling to reinvent ever since.

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The Reagan three-legged stool united national defense advocates with fiscal and social conservatives and won.   Only by bringing these three together, was he able to paint the electoral map red and make Carter and Mondale laughable footnotes in history.  He knew a stool with two-legs simply cannot stand, but a three-legged stool was formidable. Today all three legs of the stool have been summarily dismantled.  Additionally the principles that sat at the center of that metaphorical stool have been cut out.  A legless stool with a hole?  That looks a lot like a toilet seat.  How can we Make America Great again?  Not by electing a modern-day PT Barnum, but by re-visiting the stool.

Leg One- National Security/Defense

It isn’t surprising that as a nation we’ve grown weary of wars and nation-building.  We are fed up with Official_Portrait_of_President_Reagan_1981American soldiers dying in deserts battling zealots who don’t play by our rules or value their own lives.  Yet along with our disdain for foreign conflict, we’ve somehow gotten away from a strong foreign policy and national defense.  Neither candidate for president has a deep understanding of our enemies, their motivations or a plan to keep us safe.  It seems the era of isolationism is upon us.  In an increasingly global economy with many nuclear nations and the specter of radical Islam, this is simply not viable.

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We must re-invigorate our use of technology and human intelligence capabilities and go on offense around the globe.  The current president’s goal is to be liked, I’d rather be safe.  That means aggressive investment in our armed forces and intelligence.  And most importantly the testicular fortitude to use both.

Leg Two- Fiscal Conservatism

Republicans aren’t for smaller government, they are for incremental growth slightly slower than Democrats.    Our entitlement system is a house of cards and must be addressed. George W Bush was far from a fiscal hawk, but he’s the last president to put a serious entitlement reform proposal together.
Any serious candidate for president needs to back-burner tax reform and get our house in order.  This means an increase to the retirement age, ending pensions for public workers today (keeping the promises made to date) and a two-year budget freeze on all discretionary spending (excluding defense).  And those are the easy ones.

Leg Three- Social Conservatism

This is perhaps the leg least likely to be resuscitated.  Progressives have stacked the judicial bench for decades and that strategy is now bearing fruit. Yet, this is an area where we must re-double efforts.  Does anyone really thing legalized marijuana is in anyone’s best interest?  Is a drug that makes people lazier truly in our nation’s best interest?  Are we content with 40% of our kids born out of wedlock and 25% raised without fathers?   A focus on the family was at the heart of the Reagan legacy and is vital for any effort to reclaim it.

The Bottom Line

While attempting to recreate the Reagan Revolution thirty years later may seem backwards and outdated, so did a former actor with a 50’s haircut running for president back in 1979.  Yet, here we are.  What we are doing clearly isn’t working and the nomination of Trump indicates we are out of ideas.  Only by returning to principled leadership can we hope to capture our former glory.  That starts with reviving Reagan’s three-legged stool.  It’s morning in America, let’s hope we wake the f up.

The views, opinions and positions expressed by the author are his alone, and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or positions of SHTFBlog.com

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  • Taxdn2poverty June 3, 2016, 6:57 pm

    A comment on keeping our promises to Pensioners already made. Let’s get one thing straight, I did not make those promises. Those promises were made by Federal, State, and Local government employees that benefited from those promises. I and millions more like me employed in the private sector work without receiving so they can receive without working. It is absolutely ludicrous to guarantee someone a lifetime pension with survivor benefits after spending only twenty years in the military or other government job. We ares still paying survivor benefits to Civil War veterans and that is no joke. If the military was totally disbanded today it would take until the year 2199 to finish paying off our “promises” to them. Now, throw that in with all the other entitlement programs and you can see why we are broke. But it is amazing to me that social security must always be cut, yet it is the only entitlement program where the recipient actually pays in to the program. If Social Security is good enough for the people in the Nursing Homes then it good enough for the Government Employee, both uniformed and civilian.

  • Jacob @ Preppers With a Plan June 4, 2016, 12:44 am

    While I don’t disagree with your main points, is there any alternative to Hillary if not Trump? There may be no country left for us to save with 4 years of Hillary destroying our constitutional rights.

  • Anonymous June 4, 2016, 8:46 am

    Reagan greatness is 99% nostalgia and 1% timing. Most of the big stuff that happened during his watch would have happened under anyone’s watch. Just countries breaking under their own weight.

    We are still suffering under Reagans deregulation.

    Enough about reagan already. So where does trump fit in the GOP?

    • Anne June 4, 2016, 1:08 pm

      “We are still suffering under Reagan’s deregulation.” No.

      Have you paid attention at all to the 30 yrs. of increasing suffocation of central government regulations that strangled entrepreneurship in Venezuela and obliterated its middle class? Look at them now! The totalitarian dictatorship totally ignoring the disaster it created and how the people who put faith in strong central government regulation have been completely abandoned in their hour of need by the Venezuelan government.

      What we have today in the USA is not a lack of regulation; but rather corrupt people failing in their responsibilities in oversight for the personal profit of themselves and their friends/donors. Look at Hillary selling state secrets for personal profit via the Clinton Foundation. Look at the EPA intentionally created disaster via the release of contaminated mining water in the West. Look at the BLM driving nearly every rancher off their grazing lands, both public and private, in the West and Southwest. Look at those ties to Reid and Clinton profiteering for solar & uranium sales from the public lands and ranches grabbed by the government via the BLM and EPA. The corruption of these federal regulatory agencies, not deregulation, is rampant and destructive. More government never solved any problem for the economic and social mobility of the people, quite the opposite.

  • Roger June 4, 2016, 2:52 pm

    Politics, once more into the void! The author obviously doesn’t like Trump, but what is the alternative; the Bengazi Bitch? Perhaps the good professor forgets that Reagan was not a politician, but a fairly successful actor who benefitted from Hollyweirds portrayal of the cowboys as noble, fair, etc., etc.; most of them were not, they couldn’t afford to be! The cowboy is perhaps the most romanticized of all American heroes; the Indians (or OPs: Original Peoples) said that the West wasn’t wild until the white man came! I have no doubt that the East (and North and South) was the same! Europeans came to this country to (hopefully) get rich exploiting the natural resources; it still happens today. Many pioneers/explorers went to foreign lands looking for gold and other sources of fast wealth, and had no qualms about slaughtering the locals to get it or as revenge for not getting it! How much ‘public’ land is leased out by the government to profit from the grazing, mining, lumbering, etc. done by private interests? I have no doubt that properly managed public land can be better off with some sustainable uses because the natural eco-systems don’t really exist anymore and just letting things be can be just as bad as overuse! While I agree with the author’s opinion about values, especially about personal responsibility, I think the military is a bit too large, and it is way too spread out. There are some 600-800 military bases in foreign countries, most are there based on economic factors (the rich profit from them), and the cost of leasing and maintaining those bases is enormous! Except for perhaps a dozen large stategically-placed bases around the world, which should be US property (just like embassies are), our national borders are much more important and in too many instances, barely defended! To project military power into other countries, we have several aircraft carrier groups, and if necessary, ICBM’s! NO ONE can afford to be the policing force of the world, hell, the politicians can’t even balance the budget! As an ex-Marine, I see no problem with increasing the retirement requirement of 20 years to 25 now and 30 years in about 10 years. You really can’t live on a 20-year military retirement unless you’re single, childless, are very fond of Ramen noodles and have a nice bridge to sleep under! As far as the Federal deficit, ‘we the people’ do not owe it, the government does, we didn’t spend it, they did! So, as a starting measure, let’s call a spade a spade, and have the government cut their own wages (that they give themselves; taxation without representation undoubtable) until that budget balances or they leave office without pension since they obviously didn’t earn it! Second, stop giving money to seemingly ever other country in the damn world, we can’t afford it and they don’t deserve it! Damn, this soap box is slippery! Enough BS for now! GLAHP!

  • BamaMan June 9, 2016, 8:57 am

    Most all the problems you mention are due to “career politicians” only worried about the next election. Only one candidate that is not career politicians.

    Kick’em all out and let new group know they need to do better.

  • Loren June 23, 2016, 9:49 am

    Articles like these put the consumer in the driver seat-very imnoptart.

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    Great card Mandy! Love the little image and the song choice is perfect! Love the colours! Thanks so much for sharing it with us this week at MAWTT, hope to see you again soon! Pami x


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