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About SHTF Blog and the Team

by Derrick James

SHTF Blog is a modern survival blog focused on bringing relevant, quality content to the prepping community since 2007. This is the blogging arm of Prepper Press, a publisher of survival sites, books, and entertainment. Prepper Press is a (very) small U.S.-based business.

While based in the U.S., we have have an awesome, international group of writers who keep things authentic and real. You see what you get with us, so hang out for a while, and come back again.

Interested in working with us? See our Write for Us page for more information.

derrick james

Derrick James – Founder and Editor

Derrick James was a prepper well before Y2K, Katrina, and Covid-19. He founded SHTF Blog in 2007, when it was one of only a handful of prepper blogs. Derrick also founded Prepper Press in 2011, a survival blog and publisher of prepper books and entertainment.

He is fortunate to work with a strong team of writers who know the prepping community equally well. Find Derrick on LinkedIn.

morgan rogue

Morgan Rogue – Special Assistant & Writer

Morgan Rogue lives on 40 acres of land with her husband, two daughters, and two dogs. She is the owner and founder of Rogue Preparedness, a website dedicated to emergency preparedness and survival skills.

Morgan has been a prepper for over ten years and does whatever she can to make prepping and survival skills accessible to everyone. Read our interview of her.

steve markwith

Steve Markwith – Contributing Writer

Steve Markwith served two combat tours in Vietnam and led all firearms operations for a large state agency. He became an NRA-Certified Pistol Instructor, and served as a certifying authority for concealed-carry permit applicants in several states.

He joined the firearms industry working with a gunsmith who was a disciple of the well-known PO Ackley. He has years of full-time firearms experience and enjoys direct contact with many industry leaders. He is the author of numerous firearms books in the Survival Guns series.

kyt lyn walken

Kyt Lyn Walken – Contributing Writer

Kyt Lyn Walken lives in Italy and is the official European representative and instructor for Hull’s Tracking School, and she is a certified Conservation Ranger for C.R.O.W. (Conservation Rangers Operations Worldwide). She has been an outdoors and tracking enthusiast since childhood.

Kyt has written for The Bushcraft Journal, American Survival Guide, and RECOIL Offgrid. She can also be found at the Mantracking School and on LinkedIn. Read our interview of her.

aden tate profile

Aden Tate – Contributing Writer

Aden Tate is a part-time farmer – specializing in eggs, greens, and oyster mushrooms. When he’s not working in one form or another, he enjoys hiking, woodworking, working out, letter writing, and developing his latest epidemiology-related algorithms.

Aden is a fan of Joel Salatin’s views on farming, Victor Hugo’s novels, and American history when not written by revisionists. He is also the author of The Faithful Prepper: A Christian’s Perspective on Prepping.

BB Sanders

Brandon “BB” Sanders – Contributing Writer

Brandon is a freelance writer that enjoys hunting and fishing across the world. His writing is informed by academic preparedness and flavored with real-life experiences of many sorts. He grew up bass fishing in southern Arkansas before he left for the Army at age 18.

Previously deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Poland, he is currently serving in the National Guard as a chaplain. Brand began fly fishing as a way to reconnect with the wild after an arduous deployment. He lives in east Texas in a small cabin with his wife and two dogs. Find him on LinkedIn or visit his website.

Drew forge pic

Drew Forge – Contributing Writer

Drew Forge has been writing for the survival community for almost a decade, getting his start with SHTF Blog in early 2012. Drew was also a contributing author and gear reviewer for Survival Cache. Drew has also written for Wide Open Spaces, and the now-defunct Every Day Survivalist. A certified armorer for many firearms manufacturers, Drew has an extensive background of hunting, fishing, camping, construction, gunsmithing, reloading, and competitive shooting.

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