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About SHTFblog

SHTFblog is a modern survival blog focused on bringing relevant, quality content to the prepping community since 2007. This site is part of Prepper Press, a publisher of survival media. Having gone through different owners over the years, SHTFblog returned to its founder in 2020, Derrick James, who created the blog prior to building Prepper Press in 2011. SHTFblog, as part of Prepper Press, is a (very) small, U.S.-based business. We strive to remain authentic and hope you find the information we present to be both helpful and entertaining. If you haven’t already, please consider subscribing to our newsletter in the right sidebar. Thank you – and prep on!

The SHTFblog Team

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Derrick James

Founder and Lead Editor

Derrick was a “prepper” well before Y2K, Katrina, and Covid-19. He founded SHTFblog in the early days of prepping when it was one of only a handful of prepper blogs. His experience and longevity has made him a leader in the prepping community.

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Jennie Erwin

Contributing Writer

Jennie is SHTFblog’s gardening guru. She gave up a career in Engineering to focus solely on farming. She owns and operates a CSA in Central Iowa that provides food to eight families. She maintains several acres of vegetables, herbs, and flowers.

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Steve Markwith

Contributing Writing

Steve Markwith began competitive shooting at a very young age. He served two combat tours in Vietnam and led all firearms operations for a large state agency. He has years of full-time firearms experience and enjoys direct contact with many industry leaders.