Too often preppers and survivalists lead lives of isolation.  We insulate ourselves from society by putting up barriers of protection.  Some of these barriers are physical, many more are figurative. We avoid high profile activities, bury our politics and keep to our own.  We do it to be prepared and protect our families, but in the process we miss out on something: community.

SHTF Blog is all about filling that void.  It is a place where like-minded souls can gather to share best practices, homespun solutions and political insight.  All of this delivered with the confidence of anonymity, but the familiarity of a common purpose.  Our team has one of the most diverse backgrounds you will find from any survival website.  Our contributors include Marines, off grid survivalists, college professors and hardcore gun enthusiasts; all with a singular dedication– to build that community.

SHTFblog’s sister site, Survival Cache, offers diverse gear reviews to help equip you and your team with high-quality, thoroughly tested products, and our Survival Forum has many years’ worth of survivalists contributing experience and knowledge to each other – and you.

Someday it will be every man for himself…  Until then you’ve got us.

The Team

Drew – (aka “The Road Warrior”) – Head EditorTop Survival Blog
Contact: drew (at) survivalcache.com – I have always been immersed in the outdoor life and firearms culture. I can remember being a young pup and looking forward to family get-togethers; the men would gather ’round and tell stories of hunts and trips long past, swap gun, knife, and rod-and-reel advice, and plan adventures to come. These gatherings would embed in me the strong bond of family, the importance of planning, and how success comes from the proper utilization of the right gear for the job. Growing up, I worked in several local gun shops, learning gunsmithing and eventually becoming an armorer for a local firearms training facility, with several firearms armorer’s certifications under my belt. I believe that firearms should have a priority place in the hands of the prepper, not only for security, but for feeding families and passing on an honorable, safe firearms heritage that runs deep in this country. I never miss a chance to get outdoors by myself or with family – hunting, fishing, camping, or refining survival skills.

Doc Montana – Assistant EditorTop Survival Blog
Contact: docmontana (at) survivalcache.com – As a young child, Doc Montana moved from the midwest flatlands to the Rocky Mountains and never looked back. Embracing every aspect and season of the outdoor life, Doc lives to mountaineer, rock climb, trail run, hunt, race mountain bikes, ski, hunt, and fish “The river that runs through it.”  Never missing the chance to be outdoors, Doc honed his survival skills through professional courses, training, and plenty of real-world situations, both intentional and not. Although Doc is considered a gearhead, he never lets having the wrong equipment stop him from enjoying the adventure. Long before Gore-tex, cell phones, helmets, and bear spray, Doc was pushing the limits in the mountains by running that icy line between minimalism and disaster.  Doc Montana holds PhD’s in both science education and computer science and currently teaches at a university in the northern United States.

J. Bridger – Contributing Author

J. Bridger hails from a small town in Kansas seated near the Marais des Cygnes river. He studied Civil Engineering and geology before beginning a short engineering career.

Eager to serve the community, he took night classes, became an Advanced EMT (AEMT), and joined a rural fire department. During this time, he was promoted to Captain, helped organize a Rescue Task Force, and trained the department in the fundamentals of prehospital emergency medicine. He participated and trained in a myriad of scenarios such as grain engulfment, structure, vehicle, and wildland fires, mass casualty incidents, Hazmat, auto extrication, ice rescue, search & rescue, low angle rope rescue, truck washing, and lots and lots of hose rolling. During his time as an AEMT he certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS), Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC), and Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC).  

He holds a Private Pilot and sUAS License, Open Water SCUBA certification, and an Extra Class Amateur Radio Operator License.

Bridger currently resides in the southwest United States, where he attends a Physician Assistant program. When he isn’t studying he can be found reading, shooting, perfecting his ultralight backpacking kit, or getting crushed by burpees at the local CrossFit gym. 


Jarhead Survivor – Contributing Author
Jarhead Survivor is a nickname given for my experience with the Marines and my interest in survivalism. Before I became fully aware of  the prepper movement I thought a lot about being ready for things like power outages and did some thinking about what would happen if… (name the disaster). I was talking to a friend one day a year or two before the economic mess in ‘09 and he was talking about the economy, peak oil, and social collapse.  I was instantly hooked.  I’d never been able to give a name to what it was that made me uneasy, but from the various rumblings I’d heard in the news there was something making me wary.  Now I was able to put a name to it.


Calamity Jane – Contributing AuthorCalamity
I’m a frontierswoman, known for my determination and disregard for societal pressures.  I live a more agrarian life than my namesake did, but every once in a while, usually when I’m cleaning my gun, I feel a small part of me in kinship with her. I’m a shelter-in-place sorta gal, I’m hunkered down in NW Iowa, just trying to prepare for the hard times I feel are already here.  I’m a wife, and a mother, and a survivor.


John J. Woods, PhD – Contributing AuthorTop Survival Blog
Dr. Woods has been outdoor writing for over 35 years with over 3000 articles, and columns published on firearms, gun history, collecting, appraising, product reviews and hunting all sorts of game, especially white-tailed deer and wild turkey.  He regularly gets beat up by both.  He has hunted much of the western states plus in Canada and Europe.  Dr. Woods is currently the Vice President of Economic Development at a College in the Southern United States.

Pineslayer – Contributing Author – I am a gear junkie, leaning towards US made vintage/bombproof items.  I plan on having enough to equip my own squad or two if the need arises.  I believe strongly in developing a group of individuals who believe in being prepared for anything, whether that be a total collapse or just an ever changing world. It is not easy.  I dropped out of the Rat Race in 2002 when my daughter hit the planet.  My wonderful wife allowed me to become a stay-at-home Dad, working when time allowed.  I starting cutting trees with my good friend, hence the name Pineslayer.  I’ve been coaching since 1999, basketball and football, which has changed my life forever.

Professor Liberty Mize – Contributing Author – Professor Liberty Mize is the ultimate Black Swan; a Conservetarian living in the deep blue of the twin cities of Minneapolis/St Paul.  A true fish out of water, he’d welcome the rise of a third party, though he’d settle for some sort of distinction between the two we already have.  A religious zealot, he takes the bible as the authoritative word of God, and longs for a return to the principals that made this country great.

Dan C – Contributing Author
Dan is a lifelong experienced and avid firearm enthusiast, hunter and outdoorsman. Dan’s primary background is in the medical field where he acquired over 30 years of extensive experience in the areas of trauma, cardiac, critical care medicine and medical research. He developed state wide trauma and cardiac medical training programs for physicians, nurses and paramedics, co-authored over 14 medical educational books and study guides, authored several scientific articles that changed national standards in medicine, and developed several medical products. Dan holds several firearms instructor certifications, is trained as an armed agent, private investigator and in executive protection. He currently teaches basic, intermediate and advanced firearms classes and works in the firearms department of a large outdoors store. For the past five years, Dan has been very active in developing education programs for those interested in personal protection, urban survival, emergency preparedness, and home security. He routinely lectures on these topics to civic organizations, corporations and law enforcement agencies on these topics.

Mark – Contributing Author
Mark_Survival_Cache_SHTFBlog_Top_Survival_BlogMark graduated from Texas A&M University with a BS in biochemistry and completed graduate work in international commerce and policy at George Mason University in the Washington DC metro area. Mark is a former Marine recon team leader, Marine officer instructor at The Basic School and Marine Infantry Officer. He is an avid outdoor adventurist and survivalist. Mark has lived and traveled all over the world with the Marine Corps. He has raced multiple marathons and triathlons. He is currently training for his first ultra-marathon and next Ironman triathlon competition. Mark coaches triathletes, swimmers, and crossfit athletes. When Mark is not working or coaching he is preparing for his next endurance race or spending time with his family.  Mark recently co-authored the book “Everyday Survival Kits” to help people get better prepared.

Ranger Man – Founder of SHTFBlog & Contributing Author
“Ranger Man” is a college-era nickname given for my love of forests and mountains. I started this site in 2007 for self-entertainment. Then people found the site and its readership grew. I didn’t anticipate or plan for the responsibility of updating the site regularly, but I felt an obligation to readers. I updated daily for nearly a year before I crashed and burned. The site took too much from my already busy life.  In July 2010 I brought the site back to life with earnest. I scaled back to a more manageable 5 day a week schedule and I brought other writers on. The fragility of modern society concerns me so I prep accordingly. Conspiracy theories and extremism don’t interest me. I like common sense.