Arcteryx Assault Bags Still for Sale

Not long ago I put some of these Arcteryx assault packs up for sale.  They’re military surplus and have seen some use, but for the most part they’re in pretty good shape, if a little dirty.


So this weekend I decided to see what they would look like if I washed a couple to get the dust off.  I was actually quite happy with the results.  In the top picture you can see two of the packs before they were washed.

Before I washed it there’s a piece of hard plastic that helps the pack keep it’s shape


stuffed inside the back of the pack that I removed.  Simply unzip the pocket and pull the plastic out.  I folded the plastic  backing a little in order to get it to come out smoothly.

In the bottom picture you can see how clean they came out after a regular wash in the washing machine.  To be fair the top picture and bottom picture were taken in different light.  The top one was taken in my basement with a flash and the bottom photo was taken in natural sunlight.  But the difference before they went in and after they came out was quite noticeable.


I have two of these bags myself and love them.  They are tough and carry just enough gear for me to use as a GHB.  I also use one of them as my every day hiking pack as well.  If I head out into the woods that pack is on my back.  Here’s a review of the assault pack I did about a year ago.

Now, if you’re interested in picking one of these packs up please head on over to The SHTF Store and order one.

Some of these packs also had a little damage and if you’re interested in prices on those email me at and we can talk price.  Most of the damage is in the way of a strap missing (a noncritical one) or maybe a buckle missing.  What I’m describing does not render the pack unusable in any way. I can send you pictures of the damage if you’re interested.


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