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Are Fish Antibiotics Safe for Human Consumption?

Let me preface my article with the Bible verse: “It’s not what goes into your mouth that defiles you; you are defiled by the words that come out of your mouth.” Matthew 15:11 (New Living Translation)
So I, a physician, church choir director, and Sunday school teacher, am uncomfortable with the title of this blog.  Perhaps the “S” stands for stool, or stuff, or sewage, or slime, or sludge.  I suppose it could. My friend, Ranger Man, requested some information on fish antibiotics. It is a fact that fish antibiotics are intended for fish. It’s also a fact that people are already stockpiling them.  Is this safe?  The following article is aimed at minimizing risks of medication reactions if the sewage does indeed hit the fan.
* * *
It’s no secret that antibiotics for treating “common bacterial infections of fish” can be purchased without pure pitcher made in usa NSF shield english 99.99 400x250 USAa prescription.  Reading the fine print, you’ll find that they are intended for aquarium use only, and are labeled, “Not for human use” (which requires a prescription, at least in the U.S.A.)
This is frustrating for survivalists, who want to responsibly prepare for future, unforeseen contingencies.  How will you treat pneumonia if there are no doctors to prescribe antibiotics and no pharmacies to fill the prescriptions?  Shouldn’t you have some on hand, just in case?  As a physician, I cannot argue with this position.  I have prescribed long-term medications for missionaries and other travelers to foreign countries, where access to reliable medical care was impossible.  How is concern about societal collapse any different?  If doctors really thought Armageddon was around the corner, we’d be helping our patients prepare for future infections and potential emergencies.
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Ideally, your personal physician would be sympathetic to your cause. However, many doctors are hesitant to prescribe medications when the need is not a documentable health concern.  Will the FDA come breathing down their necks?  Would such prescribing put their medical license – a doctor’s entire livelihood – at risk?  Can the physician trust the patient NOT to use the medication unless it is the only option remaining?
So if your doctor won’t prescribe a supply of antibiotics (which I emphasize is the best choice), and you don’t have the option of traveling out of country to purchase them, and you don’t want to deal with questionable web sites, what do you do?  Surely you don’t want to purchase antibiotics adulterated with who knows what.  Surely it’s a good thing that the FDA seeks to assure safety of medications indicated for our children and loved ones.
Yet in your heart of heart, you believe it is in the best interest of your family for you to find a legal source of antibiotics, just in case society really does collapse.  Could fish antibiotics be the answer?
Hesitantly, oh so hesitantly, I answer . . . maybe.
Knowing how to use an antibiotic is one thing.  Standard dosing information is readily available from many resources.  Still, this requires a fair amount of medical knowledge, beyond that of the average American.  Yet this can be learned from reliable sources, and medical textbooks are not limited to medical professionals.
The bigger question is safety.  Are these fish antibiotics really manufactured for fish only, or do they perhaps come off the same production line as those manufactured for human use?  Could the fillers (the inactive ingredients) be potentially toxic to your little girl, or are they the same ones you’d find in brand-name human medications?
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This information is hard to come by but not impossible to find.  For preppers who wonder if certain fish antibiotics are appropriate for human use, the following sequence outlines helpful online research you can do to answer your own questions.

  1. Find a retailer whose advertising features an image of the medication in mind.
  2. Check the color and imprint of the medication using a pill identifier such as that at
  3. View additional pill details, searching for the manufacturer.
  4. Next find the manufacturer’s home website and search for products.
  5. Under products, search for the same medication with the same imprint and appearance.
  6. Make sure the product lists “USP” and “AB Rated.” The United States Pharmacopeia (USP) sets standards for prescription and OTC drugs manufactured or sold in the U.S. An AB rating indicates that the generic in question has been proven to meet bioequivalence to a reference standard (which is generally the brand name drug).

Drugs that meet this standard would appear to be the same as those manufactured for humans.  If you cannot ascertain the above, then all bets are off.
Having antibiotics on hand and knowing how to use them are two separate things altogether.  If today’s medical system or society as a whole collapses, antibiotics should be reserved for life-threatening infections (and not the drippy nose you’ve had for a week).  I explain this in great detail in my upcoming book, Armageddon Medicine.  When you’re forced to be your own doctor, you’ll need to understand how to think like a physician.  Now may not be too soon to begin.
by Cynthia J. Koelker, MD

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121 thoughts on “Are Fish Antibiotics Safe for Human Consumption?

  1. I’m a little confused Doctor, but where does it prominently say “Shit” Hit The Fan?
    As you clearly illustrate, the associated meaning of an acronym can be in the mind of the beholder. Like LOL – Losers On Laughter or DOA – Doorknobs Over Apples or … you get my drift.
    As for the rest of this self promotion & irrelevant parallel examples, I hesitantly, oh so hesitantly, reserve my comments. Suffice it to say, I filed it with my loathes & fishes files.

    1. I won’t reserve mine Jason.
      It doesn’t take a genius to know when an upper respiritory virus turns into a secondary infection. And duh! Why spend 2 or 3 hundred dollars or more to go to a doc in a box and get a prescription of Amox. when you can dig a 5 day dose out of your own medical supplies.
      And also there are several reliable online Pharmacies in India and elsewhere.
      All these Drs. think their “stuff” doesn’t stink. Give me a break.

      1. The reason why it is a bad idea to take self prescribed medication is because most people take antibiotics when they have a cold or a flu which is caused by viruses. Most antibiotics target the cell wall of bacterium as they reproduce and that is how they kill bacterial cells and get rid of the infection because without a stable cell wall the bacterial cells essentially pop but it has ZERO effect on viruses because viruses do NOT have a cell wall for antibiotics to target. So most people take antibiotics to kill viruses which does NOT work but considering bacterial cells in your body outnumber your own cells 10 times over you will end up killing bacteria. Some of the bacteria that you kill trying to get rid of a virus are E. coli which help make vitamins for us because we can’t break down our food into vitamins most of that is done by the bacteria in our gut. Our immune system is at the level of our gut so congratulations now you have successfully not done anything to the virus but you are ruining your immune system while you have a virus and will actually take you longer to get rid of the viral infection and you will be sicker longer. Also, most penicillins like amoxicillin are becoming obsolete because most bacteria are genetically resistant to them by having beta lactam genes that produce beta-lactamase enzymes that break the beta-lactam ring that is in all -cillins like amoxocillin and therefore it doesn’t work. And guess what? If you take amox and the bacteria you have has the gene for the beta-lactamase then you will make it super resistant and it will pass on that gene to the other bacteria and then you can pass on super resistant strain to your mom, brother, sister, best friend, and bf and put them in danger. Even further, if you do not take a correct dose which varies based on the bacteria present (NOT ALL BACTERIA HAVE THE SAME RESISTANCE GENES) then you don’t kill all of the bacteria and the remaining bacterial cells will now have a resistant gene on a plasmid usually for the antibiotic creating a MULTI-DRUG RESISTANT pathogen. I work in a microbiology lab growing bacteria so I have first hand knowledge. It takes only a few cultures for the bacteria to become resistant and it only takes one bacterial cell to survive the antibiotic treatment to become resistant make other resistant bacteria and then you need to switch. Studies show that in twenty, thirty years we may not have most antibiotics and that most pathogens will be multi-drug resistant so we won’t be able to cure bacterial infections. Most antibiotics are found through pure luck and then ruined because people misuse antibiotics. Do the world a favor and get a culture done by a microbiologist to determine what bacterial infection if at all you have and then which antibiotics will work on that specific bacteria because otherwise you are creating super multi-drug resistant bugs that PEOPLE ARE DYING OFF which we used to be able to treat. A good example is gonorrhea, it used to be super easily treated but now we have drug resistant gonorrhea that people can’t get rid of. One of the most common hospital pathogens, Pseudomonas aeruginosa is multi-drug resistant so amoxocillan doesn’t work, if you had that infection and didn’t know it then you would be going upstream without a paddle because you would not be killing the bacteria. Also, willing to bet you are one of those people that don’t take AB for the full duration. I don’t care for doctors either I think most have a God complex that needs psychological counseling but working in the field you do need to get a culture. You can probably go to a lab such as Quest and just get the test without the doctor and ask for a culture with MIC, and it will tell you what ab will work and then if you can find the appropriate dose for you as a human and are willing to take EVERY LAST PILL TO THE LAST DOSE then yes do it but do not do it blind. Do NOT put everyone else’s lives in danger because you are to prideful to know when it is not your field. I wouldn’t ask an artist to do my taxes, that’s why accountants exist. Stick to your lane.

        1. Yeah, and few if any doctors prescribe antibiotics based on patient body weight, which is how they’re supposed to make prescriptions. Instead, they just have a standard average dosage they give, like when they gave my 100 lb son an myself (a 250 lb man) the same dosage of amoxicillin for strep throat. It took much longer for me to get well. The next time I had strep I used a correct dosage of Fix Mox Forte and recovered quickly. And then you have the hack physicians throwing antibiotics at ailments before they know if there’s even a bacterial infection, let alone whether or not it is a gram negative or positive bacteria. I trust my home lab, textbooks, and medical supplies over 90% of physicians out there.

    2. Googled this topic to see if I could get antibiotics for a friend that has no health covered and needed something to treat Chlamydia. I found and ordered her some Azithromycin, which after research I learned will cure Chlamydia in 2 or 3 pills of 500mgs each. Not only was it the real kind she has previously got from pharmacy but it cured her and she saved a fortune no having to go to the doctor or buy prescript. They had an outside label for Fish antibiotics that said “Do not remove” but the item itself was a prescription blister pack. Glad I found out for her because they sell generic diflucan, called fluconazole for yeast infections and I ordered for myself. Money saved for me as well. Thanks to whoever posted this, and thanks to the lady April at bottom of comments, great info!!!

        1. Are they really legit? Or do you guys just work for them…I can’t seem to find many reviews on that particular website

        2. I work at a department store and I didn’t think to look for reviews. My friend was desperate and in pain so I just researched what I could about what she needed and went with that site. It was the only site I could find that didn’t require a prescription. But I wouldn’t think people who are discretely ordering meds to cure STD’s would be posting reviews about how great their chlamydia is clearing up. I posted my experience with that website because I know what its like not having medical insurance. My job cut me to part time when that stupid Obama care shit came along so I had to get a second job and still no health insurance. So I want to help people like myself. I would never post a lie or bad information even if I did work for some company. I’m not that type of girl.

        3. Hey Lexi, I don’t work there and i’ve used them twice to order antibiotics for my father. If you send them an email to ask anything. They usually respond pretty quickly. But don’t ask about using them for yourself because they may not allow you to purchase. Hope this helps. I think you got Britney’s panties in wod , so I was responding with a little less anger. Not offense Britney LOL

      1. is no longer active. If anyone has any additional supplier for azithromycine, I’d like to know. I’m looking for a stock for Lyme disease, which the government has totally screwed doctors from treating properly.

        1. Lyme disease takes months of strict regimented antibiotic treatment and even then prescriptions have to be altered and tweaked. I have a friend who had Lyme disease for a year because it wouldn’t go away and the doctor could not increase the antibiotic dose because at a certain point you have to worry about cell toxicity (your own cells being killed off by the antibiotics). However, they added IV treatment of high dose Vitamin C for a month and two antibiotics and finally he was able to get ride of it. Lyme disease is NOT easy to treat and I would not recommend someone just taking antibiotic each day because what happens if they don’t get better? What will you do if they get sicker? Increase AB concentration, take a different one? How will you know why the person isn’t responding to the AB? You won’t because you are not a medical professional. Stick to the people who can help you because if my friend had just stuck to the quota and taken the original dose he would have died.

    3. I think your biggest problem here is that the Dr. quoted the Bible and self-identifies as someone who believes it.
      Everyone with a brain and who preps at all knows what SHTF stands for. Nobody who sees this conjures up crazy words to fill in the blanks. We all know what it means. You just don’t like the fact that someone says they don’t like it because of God’s moral standard. Deal with your sin, Repent, believe and be saved.
      There is good information given about how to know if it is safe for human consumption. Reading between the lines reveals an endorsement.
      You don’t need to get this person’s book. You clearly have access to the internet. Information is information.

  2. When I was looking for information on the subject, I
    found the majority of opinion about the binders in antibiotics was that the human antibiotics were more likely to have a greater amount of binders in them. The fish stuff most likely has less “additives” and binders because the fish are much smaller and more likely to be sensative to them. IMHO get them now, because the government hates us and will get around to banning them, after all it’s for our own good.

  3. I thought it was cool that an M.D. basically gave us a read between the lines version of “yes guys, it’s safe to use these fishbotics as long as you know what you are doing with the dosage”. I mean she could not very well come right out and give a 100% endorsement without the F.ederal D.ingdong A.dministration burning all of her notes like the Canadian feds did to Rene Caisse. I thought Dr. Koelker did the best she could given the political climate in the USA. I for one will look for that book she spoke of. Also, there was a link on Steve Quayle a few weeks ago and it had a users guide to vet antibiotics. It was written by Dr. umn….crap, i cant remember that guys name. Just look on Steve Quayle’s search bar, type in “antibiotics”.

  4. First of all, I’d like to commend and thank the Doc for putting this together for us. Finding any physician who would go even half this far is like pulling hens teeth, it just doesn’t happen. The legal and liability issues are astounding. That’s why it is a “qualified maybe”. Somebody reads that as an implicit OK to use, screws it up and injures themselves, then sues the Doc as “She said it was ok in a blog”.
    As for the self promotion, big deal…Ranger Man didn’t seem to mind as he let her guest post & post her blog. Why should you care if he doesn’t. I for one appreciate her posting her blog url.
    Lastly, with 34 yrs in medicine, the biggest deal that I can ssay about using fish antibiotics is knowing which one to use for which ailment. Following site has an excellent Army Medic course on Drugs Dosage and Therapy in pdf.
    (go to the index and get all the Mil Medical manuals you want (Index is in Thai ; click military medicine))

    1. “As for the self promotion, big deal…Ranger Man didn’t seem to mind as he let her guest post & post her blog. ”
      SHTF blog wouldn’t have gained many readers without the help of other sites. I don’t mind helping others out, because others have helped me. Promoting your own site in a guest post is kind of a given.
      She expressed concerns about “SHTF” and I told her to go ahead and say so in the post, I don’t care. Would the post have been more interesting if she’d left that criticism out? I don’t think so.

      1. Theres a wonderful medical book at walmart called the pill book ittells doses diseases, duration of treatment etc, I find it to be a great referance.

        1. Oh Lord. I don’t know what to do as I have loads of work to do next week month. Plus the university exams are nearing, it will be a torture. I am already losing sleep maybe I should read more to calm down a little bit. Hopefully it will all go well. Wish me luck.

        2. Hey everyone! Lately I have been dealing with a lot of hardships. Friends and doctors keep telling me I should consider taking meds, so I may as well interaction and see how it goes. Problem is, I haven’t taken it for a while, and don’t wanna get back to it, we’ll see how it goes.

    2. Fortunateidiot,
      I guess my point with the self promotion comment was she shot herself in the foot & or wasted my time by posting something that essentially said … nothing – but, while I’ve got a captive audience, buy my book.
      Personally, I wouldn’t buy a book from this idiot because it would be – most likely (based upon her post writing), filled with more confusion and misinformation.
      And her AMA brainwashing statement of “When you’re forced to be your own doctor, you’ll need to understand how to think like a physician” is obtuse, to say the very least.
      I don’t buy into the liability argument – it’s just an inane excuse. You can preface it all with a strong disclaimer, be anonymous or any other set of solutions & take a position. This silly, ego driven drivel was pointing in only one direction – buy my book or read my website.
      Quite frankly most doctors I know and I know and interface with many, aren’t really all that intelligent. Our society puts them on a pedestal like some object worthy of our worship & they suck into that shallow, haute position as if they deserve that godlike association – and that my friend, is a colossal waste of energy.
      There you go Judith – a partial set of my thoughts & comments.

        1. I have no idea who Kuntsler is & if that was a compliment, thank you & if it was a dig, thank you too.
          Either way I must have you thinking, which is always my goal.

        2. Jason, didn’t mean for that to be anon.
          And I did mean it as a compliment.
          James Howard Kuntsler wrote the post apocalyptic novel “World Made By Hand” as well as others. He has a Mon. morn. blog that is decidedly left wing but great none the less.

        3. Thank you Judith & to let you know, I am very conservative but hate weak or shallow points of view, like I wrote about Dr. Say Nothing.

    3. You are not a medical professional you are not even a microbiologist. If you have to pick what ailment you have what you are doing is GUESSING which is slightly better than not having a clue. KNOW what ails you BEFORE you take an antibiotic or read the countless scientific literature and studies that have been done about how misuse of antibiotics have created antibiotic resistance in a lot of bacteria. Most bacteria were able to be killed by penicillin now it is almost OBSOLETE and why? Good question, because people who had no idea what they were doing guessed as to what they had and just like trying to dart a bullseye with a blindfold on missed the mark. In addition, not taking the antibiotic to the end (100% of the pills) also leads to resistance. Even if you feel better does not mean you have killed all of the bacterial cells. It only takes one bacterial cell that you did not kill to come back up. Do you know how quickly bacteria reproduce? Do you know how to differentiate between virus and bacteria? Do you know what bacterial species you have in your gut or even how many exist in your body? Probably not because again at the end of the day you are not a medical professional. Even working in a microbiology lab where I could culture my own bacteria and run my own MIC in the lab and skip the doctor I always go to be safe. We aren’t talking about you misusing antibiotics and remaining sick I am talking about you misusing antibiotics, spreading the now resistant bacteria to your friends, family, loved ones and making antibiotics obsolete for the future. In the next twenty years we may not even be able to treat pneumonia because we will have NO ANTIBIOTICS THAT WORK. Think of the world, suck it up, stop being selfish, and do the right thing, seek a medical professional.

  5. You know, over the past years I’ve read “article” after “article” from MD’s (the only people I willingly call “Doctor”) who talk about fish antibiotics. I have the following observations gleaned from them:
    1. UNIVERSALLY, their opinion on fish-antibiotics is “I don’t know”.
    2. They are doctors, of COURSE they’re going to say ‘see a doctor’ to get the “real thing”.
    3. A lack of anecdotes or citations of instances where fish-antibiotics were used and caused some secondary problems that were wholely the result of the misuse of fish antibiotics.
    4. NO doctor can tell exactly what kind of microbe they are fighting, they go on experience and what works for their region. In fact, I’ve seen the “shotgun” approach used quite often in elderly people I have contact with. The only way to know is to take a sample and send it to a lab, even the ‘fast assay’ strep kits aren’t 100 percent accurate. So antibiotics get prescribed all the time that aren’t quite right for the bacterial infection, and a culture and subsequent prescription is called for.
    And still, we listen to them, the message is clear and consistent – doctors do not know the source of fish-antibiotics, doctors don’t know their efficacy because no doctor would risk their livelihood to test it.
    I know one person who worked for a manufacturer of bulk pharmaceuticals for animals, I thought that was the extent of it. Then he told me about fulfilling GSA contract’s for antibiotics to be used in mass-infection situations. He said they followed the same production protocols and used the same base materials, the only difference was that the in-house lab wasn’t trusted to insure their purity and efficacy – an outside lab was mandated to test this.
    He said that the base cultures and vats used to grow and synthesize the antibiotics he was in contact with were of the highest quality, not some bathtub and mad-scientist type tending it. He also pointed out that by FAR the largest consumer of antibiotics in the USA are agricultural.
    Bulk antibiotics are, by and large, a bio-chemical engineering problem. If produced in the USA the products must meet requirements laid out by the USDA and adhere to standards laid out by those far far more experienced than us.
    Thus, if we find a lack of information about “fish antibiotics” as to source and purity, it’s not because they’re trying to pull something over on us – it’s because if they even hint that their products are the same as human consumption grade (note: all this means is a different lab tested them) then the FDA would fall on them like a ton of bricks, all led by the AMA, those well-intentioned folks who guard our health.
    I just can’t read another cookie-cutter assessment by an MD about fish-antibiotics, they all read the same. This was no different, and changes nothing IMO.

    1. Oh God. I don’t know what to do as I have Lots of work to do next week summer. Plus the university exams are close, it will be a disaster. I am already being anxious maybe I should interaction to calm down a little bit. Hopefully it will all go well. Wish me luck.

  6. I appreciate the input from all who’ve written, and just wanted to address one topic, that is, antibiotic use and thinking like a doctor.
    This article did not address the actual use of antibiotics, only one approach to addressing the safety issue. The more important consideration is what to do with this precious commodity in an environment of scarcity. This is where the layman would really benefit from learning to “think like a doctor.”
    In such a scenario, digging some amoxicillin out of your medical supplies for a cold that developed a secondary infection may well be unwise. What a shame to use a limited supply of potentially life-saving medication on a condition that will likely cure itself, given enough time. How painful would it be to watch your child die of pneumonia, having exhausted your antibiotic supply on runny noses?
    Although it’s true doctors usually don’t know what specific microbe we’re aiming at, prior medical studies have told us what germs are usually responsible for certain infections. For serious infections (say in the hospital), cultures are done and antibiotic choice adjusted accordingly. But cultures take a few days to grow, and in the meantime, it’s often wise to begin treatment against the common culprits.
    Most people are only familiar with outpatient treatment of minor infections, many of which would resolve on their own. We often use antibiotics to get a person back to work or school a day or two quicker. In an end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it scenario, this use of antibiotics must be abandoned.
    This is where thinking like a doctor comes in. Which infections are serious? Which are potentially curable? Should you exhaust your antibiotic supply on a (likely fatal) case of appendicitis? Should every urinary infection be treated? How can you tell normal staph from MRSA? Is the patient’s diarrhea caused by a virus, cholera, or perhaps C. diff? Will the person die without antibiotics? Will the antibiotics kill the patient?
    It doesn’t take a medical degree to acquire this information, but it does require a fair degree of study.

  7. My husband and I are both preppers and we also have no health insurance. My husband has diverticulitis which requires antibiotics from time to time. A doctor visit to receive a prescription every time he needs antibiotics (just enough to address the current bout of diverticulitis) is ridiculous. So, we looked into fishcillins which are actual human antibiotics. Honestly, what fish needs Cipro? These antibiotics are very safe. We check dosage with our pharmacy pill book and we have no problems at all. If you don’t know where to buy these affordable non-prescription “pet antibiotics” check out Patriot Nurse on You Tube.

  8. I just ordered and received Metronidazole 250mg and Amoxicillin 250mg from two different aquatic antibiotics vendors. Both products were readily identifiable on any number of drug identification web sites (ie or The Metronidazole 250mg were small white round tablets (like original aspirin) with “PLIVA 333” imprinted. The Amoxicillin 250mg were pink/dk blue capsules with “A44” imprinted. The pharmaceutical manufacturers have committed to package medications in pre-defined colors/imprints/shapes to facilitate identification. IMHO -> it’s infeasible that a pharmaceutical manufacturer is selling an antibiotic product into the aquatic community that is different in composition from product intended for human consumption, while maintaining the exact identification for product destined for human consumption. In a nutshell: these products are identical (at least the two I purchased)…

  9. I have stated on here before that fish antibiotics are not pure. they may be the same exact pill as pharmacy but the difference is they are usually epxired. they set in warehouses and may be 4 or 5 years expired and thrown in a bottle with a label that says good for 2 years. I tried to put it on this blog but the person who runs this website keeps deleteing my comment

  10. I had recently bought cephalexin online yes they were the real deal matched pill identifier as klx 141 and the day said good till 2012 . I took some and ended up so sick to my stomach i ended up throwing up everywhere and it gave me bad diarrhea. And yes I have taken cephalexin many times in the past with an actual precirption and have never had one side affect in my entire life to cephalexin.
    I have posted this at least 4 times before but Ranger Man or whoever owns this website keeps deleting anyone who does not agree with him.Guy probably sells old expired fish antibiotics out of the back of his pick up truck for a living

    1. An “anonymous” comment that mentions various Rx drugs by name almost certainly got tossed into the Spam folder and I probably missed them as being legitimate. I could really care if anyone disagrees with me.

    2. Hello all! Lately I have been battling with a lot of personal issues. Friends and doctors keep telling me I should consider taking meds, so I may as well here and see how it goes. Problem is, I haven’t taken it for a while, and don’t wanna get back to it, we’ll see how it goes.

    3. Hello everybody! Recently I have been battling with a lot of challenges. Friends and doctors keep telling me I should consider taking medicine, so I may as well link and see how it goes. Problem is, I haven’t taken it for a while, and don’t wanna get back to it, we’ll see how it goes.

  11. THAT’s because you’re an anonymous troll – anonymous trolls should not have input into anything but anonymous troll business.
    You’re not a liar, you’re just a troll – HUGE difference!
    last I heard Rangerman was consorting with the Illuminati into having a couple of Templar Knights remove you from the equation…

  12. Fish antibiotics are the same as used for humans as long as they are USP. I was told this by a friend who is a doctor. He further stated he has stock piled them in case of SHTF scenario. The cost for fish botics is much cheaper so is why he buys them. Thanks

    1. A friend of mine is a pharmaceutical chemist.When I had acute bronchitis he told me to get fish meds….they cleared me up

      1. Just want to thank everyone for their honest opinions and referring the bioticscare website. My father is an old man and has a diminishing immune system as well as diminishing healthcare. He often needs antibiotics that will cost him $75+ just for the doctors visit, just for the doctor to tell him to get something over the counter because he doesn’t want him to build a resistance to antibiotics. SO FRUSTRASTING and ridiculous!!! I was at the point of tears when I came across this site. Thank you so much April and Britney, I would hug your neck if I could. Now helping my only parent I have left is a website order away. First time I ordered the shipping was a little slow and I got worried but just ordered for the second time and order shipped out next day. Products are quality, no side effects and I appreciate my order is coming from within the U.S (which was a BIG concern for me)If it helps anyone, here is a coupon the company emailed me for 10% off of your order. I’m pretty sure that anyone can use it. Coupon Code: Valuedcustomer If I receive future coupons I will post here again. <3 Thanks again ladies

        1. Can you post a link to the website you are speaking about please?? The one with the good antibiotics and coupon

    1. Oh Lord. I don’t know what to do as I have a lot of of work to do next week semester. Plus the university exams are approaching, it will be a disaster. I am already being anxious maybe I should interaction to calm down a little bit. Hopefully it will all go well. Wish me luck.

    2. My friend and I went camping the other day. It was a very bad experience, as he wouldn’t let me sleep all night. He kept talking about random subjects and cried about his wakefulness. I totally told him to here and deal with it.

  13. For anyone that still monitors this page, The fish antibiotics have the same manufacturer coding on the pill, same size, shape and coloring as one from the Pharmacy.
    It is in my opinion, when these are produced, they do not change the “recipe” for fish just bottling.
    All the fish antibiotics I have bought match color size shape and coding on the pill.
    I have suffered no side effects and the antibiotics worked for what I took them for.
    This applies for Amoxicillin, Azithromicyn, Keflex, Cephalexin, etc.

    1. Oh Lord. I don’t know what to do as I have a lot of of work to do next week month. Plus the university exams are coming, it will be a disaster. I am already being anxious maybe I should this to calm down a little bit. Hopefully it will all go well. Wish me luck.

  14. I’ve been using fish antibiotics in place of pharmacy grade prescriptions for several years now’ I’ve had nothing but success and can tell you I’ve never had any ill affects’ I’ve also gotten more medication at a better price than what was prescribed. Cipro is the best to store as it has a 10 year shelf life and has a wide spectrum of infections that it can treat.

    1. Oh Heavens. I don’t know what to do as I have tons of work to do next week summer. Plus the university exams are nearing, it will be a torture. I am already freaking out maybe I should site to calm down a little bit. Hopefully it will all go well. Wish me luck.

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