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Black Friday Stupidity

If there was ever one time of the year that I actually wish our civilization would crash and start over again it’s Christmas time.  A holiday that has such meaningful origins is now a gimmick to market toys and trinkets to the masses.  These days they even skip Thanksgiving and go straight to Christmas after Halloween.

Are you kidding me?

The amount of greed I see this time of year is amazing.  Here’s a story about a guy shopping at a Target store in West Virginia who died.  Amazingly, other shoppers walked around and even over his body without stopping to render aid.
In this story a charming woman pepper sprayed a bunch of fellow shoppers – including children – for an Xbox 360.  Merry Christmas to you too, Lady.
There were other acts of violence as well around this great country of ours resulting in a couple of deaths and other assorted injuries.  I watched the news the other day and just shook my head.  Have we become so greedy and uncaring as a nation that we now step over the bodies of dead men in the aisle as we run after the cheap xbox or the $1.88 towels?  How pathetic is that?
Who can we blame for this blatant display of reckless consumerism?  The evil companies who keep opening their doors earlier and earlier to entice crowds of early shoppers?  Greedy bankers and Wall Street folk who only live for the bottom line?  An inept government trying to push a dying economy another mile down the road by encouraging you to buy buy buy?
Nah.  The blame for all this lies square in the mirror folks.  You and I and a million others make it possible for this to happen.  I think the other factors I mention above have a part to play, but ultimately you and I have to step up and take some responsibility here.  Not for going out and joining the Black Friday shopping frenzy, because I didn’t, but as Mrs Jarhead likes to say, “We vote with our dollar,” meaning that if we buy something we tell the person on the other end that we either want it or need it badly enough to spend our hard earned dough on it.
I know there’s a recession going on right now with lots of people out of work and you need the deals that only Black Friday brings.  But do you really?  This year I voted with my dollar by not going out and buying something on Black Friday.  I went to my parent’s house with my family and we had a good time visiting and letting them play with the kids.  I’m not trying to be holier than though, either.  Not only can’t I stand the naked consumerism out there I really hate the crowds of people.  The last thing I want is to get caught in a huge mob of people fighting over some trinkets.  That stuff isn’t worth dying for!
Here’s a quick video showing a typical reaction to a sale at a Walmart.  I watched about a dozen trying to pick out a good representation of the dumbness and they’re about all the same.
Am I way off track here?  Am I overreacting?  Hey Jarhead!  This is the new norm, so you’d better get used to it!
What do you think?
-Jarhead Survivor

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