Book Review – The Prepper’s Pocket Guide

101 Easy Things You Can Do To Ready Your Home For A Disaster by Bernie Carr


This book should be a part of every prepper’s library.  It covers everything from buying staples in bulk (# 41), to how to distill water (#25), to how to navigate without a compass (#100).  51t3GLi3DsL._SL210_3

In the introduction she talks about that feeling we have all felt at one point or another.  The feeling that something is going to happen and we’re not ready for it.   Who hasn’t felt that before?  If you’ve spent any time prepping I’ll bet you got started because you looked at the world around you and thought, “Holy cow.  If TSHTF I can’t take of myself or my family!”

The Prepper’s Pocket Guide has lists, menus, and good advice for anyone interested in becoming a prepper, or it can be used as a good reminder for those who’ve been at it for awhile.  As I read it I’d think, “Oh yeah, I still have to do that,” (like when I read the part about tracking what you eat so that you can plan properly for your food storage.)

I’m pretty sure I’ve got over three months worth of food… but, I don’t know exactly because I haven’t done this simple step

The book covers a wide variety of topics as I allude to in the first paragraph.  She talks about why we should prep and also dispels a few myths about prepping and preppers in general.

It’s broken up into eight chapters with chapter one titled Getting Started and other chapters covering such topics as Financial Needs, Food Supplies, When the Power Is Out, and other items of interest.

As the title denotes, this is a pocket guide and not a book designed to be a tome of information about any one particular subject.  If you are someone new to prepping and are looking for a good starting point I would highly recommend this book for you.


-Jarhead Survivor

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  • Joe August 1, 2011, 8:24 am

    THANKS, Jarhead. I haven’t seen this book but will keep an eye out for it. Always looking to bolster the library with additional reference materials just in case bad days come.


  • Spook45 August 1, 2011, 8:57 am

    This is similer to a book Ive seen sold on some survival sites. I got mine from harbor freight tools, it is called the REF refrence manual and it has everything in it. I mean this thing is like a cross between a tech ref, an almanac and a encyclepedia all rolled into one! IT only cost about $8 and it is a huge amount of info in a very small book.

  • Odd Questioner August 1, 2011, 10:01 am

    If you want to meet the author, you can find her site right here:
    (for those who already know, she changed her URL recently)

    She’s pretty cool, and before Calamity came on board, was one of the few women I knew of that was serious about the whole prepping thing. :)

    • Jarhead Survivor August 1, 2011, 10:24 am

      Not to take away from our very own Calamity Jane, but another woman into the prepping scene that I enjoy reading is Laura (of Joe and Laura) over to

  • gat31 August 1, 2011, 1:51 pm

    This looks like a great book and if you use the amazon link and click on the book picture it gives you a pretty good overview and shows actual pages. Looks to be informative and a fun read. Might just have to get one :)

  • YukonBry August 2, 2011, 1:10 am

    Okay, I’ll be the bad guy and speak what’s on my mind.

    I checked out her blog. She is only now learning how to make powdered eggs, use powdered milk, and shoot a pistol. Based on that, I imagine her book would make a good primer for a novice, but wouldn’t offer much to someone who has been walking the walk for a few years.

    That being said, I hope her book sells a million copies, and wakes a lot of people up to the future we may be facing. But I would hope most of us have the ‘basics’ down. We should be stocking our libraries with more advanced materials.

    • Odd Questioner August 3, 2011, 1:35 am

      Everyone has to start somewhere… :)

      (and hell, I don’t know how to powder eggs!)

  • YukonBry August 3, 2011, 1:16 pm

    Lol. I misphrased that. She is just now learning how to reconstitute the powdered eggs that she buys at the grocery store. I know how to do that. But I still haven’t figured out how to eat them without gagging. ;)

    And I agree that everyone has to start somewhere. But my point was that someone who is just starting is probably not the best person to be writing books on the subject.

    Perhaps I was a bit too mean spirited. Blame Dr. Jack Daniels. When I write a post after two shots, it’s all peace and love. After four shots, it’s all piss and vinegar.


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