Bug Out Boys: All Alone

This wasn’t my first time going out on a Bug Out, but this was the first time I went out alone. If you are unfamiliar with the term Bug Out or what I do on my YouTube channel that’s perfectly fine. Bug Out as it is defined by Webster’s is “To depart especially in a hurry.” I along with many others would agree that we define it more as “To leave your current location quickly because it has been compromised.” This then leads to the building of a bug out bag which will carry the essentials for you to bug out and survive for at least 72 hours. I decided to make a bag years ago but realized I had no way of testing it or the skills I was trying to learn. Enter the creation of Bug Out Boys TV and these episodes.

By Grimm, a contributing author to SHTFBlog & Survival Cache

I had gone out many times in different seasons and different gear, each time honing my skills and my equipment. The one thing I had not done yet was to go out alone. Having another person out in the wild is a comfort. Conversations uplift or distract. Two minds for problem solving as well as for skills. Someone to lend a hand in need. These are all gone when you are alone. No one to talk to. No one to rely on. No one to help. Its just you, your gear, and your wits and I felt that this was a valuable experience to have.

Why you might ask, would anyone choose to go out alone, especially if their plan is to meet up with others? Well plans change and more than likely you will find yourself alone. You also might be surprised at how much you rely on someone and not know it. Perhaps someone always gets the fire started or navigates. Now its your turn and those skills are a bit rusty. Or maybe your skills are honed to a razors edge but what about your mind. What does the psychological impact of no human contact for days entail? I know some people that can’t go ten minutes without texting. Will depression set in, which is a big killer in survival situations. Can you focus? I can’t answer for you but I certainly wanted to find out what would happen to me.

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Alone and hungry is a terrible combination and one that I set myself up for in this episode. I didn’t eat before the trip and I only brought along some sparse food. If my mind was going to falter, my will to live, then I was going to find out on this trip. Do I encourage others to create their own scenarios in groups or alone? Yes, as long as you are taking the proper safety precautions and not abusing the wilderness. If we don’t test ourselves how do we know how we will react or do when that actual emergency happens? This is why we Bug Out. So join us on another Bug Out Adventure.

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    Just a hint. Go forward with your opener instead of back. Quicker and easier.


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