Bunkers are in Vogue – Doomsday is Cool – a Rant

“Doomsday shelters” are making a comeback, as reported in USA Today:

Jason Hodge, father of four children from Barstow, Calif., says he’s “not paranoid” but he is concerned, and that’s why he bought space in what might be labeled a doomsday shelter.

Hodge bought into the first of a proposed nationwide group of 20 fortified, underground shelters — the Vivos shelter network — that are intended to protect those inside for up to a year from catastrophes such as a nuclear attack, killer asteroids or tsunamis, according to the project’s developers.

Vicino, who launched the Vivos project last December, says he seeks buyers willing to pay $50,000 for adults and $25,000 for children.

I’m turning this post into a rant, in fact, I’ve added a new category, “Survival Rant”, because sometimes I just gotta go off; and this post is a two-part rant. First up Mr. Hodge ….

DUDE! What are you thinking!? Hell-o!

New flash, buddy – for a typical family of four you’re spending $150,000 for a “time share” in a communal bunker? What a terrible decision. Why? A few reasons:

  1. It’s not in your backyard. How far do you have to drive to this thing WTSHTF?
  2. What happens if you get there late and others brought their friends, because they thought you wouldn’t make it? Think they’ll open the blast doors for you?
  3. For that kind of money you could build/buy your own on a piece of junk land someplace no one ventures.

Now let spend a moment criticizing the critics, those in the article that state:

The shelters have their critics. Ken Rose, a history professor at California State University-Chico and author of One Nation Underground: The Fallout Shelter in American Culture, says underground shelters were a bad idea a half-century ago and they’re a bad idea now.

“A terrorist with a nuke in a suitcase pales in comparison to what the Cold War had to offer in the 1950s and ’60s, which was the potential annihilation of the human race,” he says.

Steve Davis, president of Maryland-based All Hands Global Emergency Management Consulting, also is skeptical.

The types of cataclysms envisioned by some shelter manufacturers “are highly unlikely compared to what we know is going to happen,” Davis says.

“We know there is going to be a major earthquake someday on the West Coast. We know a hurricane is going to hit Florida, the Gulf Coast, the East Coast,” he says. “We support reasonable preparedness. We don’t think it’s necessary to burrow into the desert.”

Yo, I may not be a doomsday brainiac (though I play one on the internet), but it doesn’t seem to take a SHTF master like my homeboy Bison Bro to understand the wisdom in having an underground hidey hole to disappear when the shit goes down (WTSGD). Yeah, I’ll give you the fact that an all out nuclear exchange with the Soviet Union isn’t a likely scenario anymore, but there are other system-collapse dangers. I know, to which you’d respond, “well those don’t require an underground bunker.”

Fools! Of course they do. When an EMP strikes and everyone is scrambling for generator gas and FOOD, do YOU want to be hiding under your bed with your cans of Dinty Moore, or do you want to be hidden underground with the family, kickin’ back, reading books and living the subterranean good life waiting for the dust to settle? E-X-A-C-T-L-Y.

In summary:
underground bunkers for SHTF hidey holes = cool
underground bunker timeshares for the rich = not so cool

– Ranger Man

BTW: Yo, so lemme give a tee-ought-wah-key shout out to the SHTFblog readers that dropped a SHTFblog link at places like HomeGunSmith.com and ArcheryTalk.com. You know I love that shiznit, biznitch – you represent!

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  • GeologJoe July 29, 2010, 9:47 am

    I’m not so sure I’d dive into a bunker. I think it’d be better to fight it out and maybe be killed than to live like a morlock in the darkness.

    As for the time-share bunkers. fuck that too. its hard enough traveling and visiting with my family members than to be enclosed in a giant egg with strangers during the initial days of teotwawki.

    • Anonymous March 10, 2011, 4:31 pm

      Could you please define “morlock”? Is it moron and warlock?

      • Anonymous June 13, 2011, 8:06 pm

        morlock-one of the underground weird ass animals in the book the time machine that lives underground

  • GoneWithTheWind July 29, 2010, 11:38 am

    I think there is a misconception about nukes that no one ever tries to correct. Simply stated nuclear war is very survivable. If you are killed outright or dosed with enough radiation in the fallout to kill or seriously harm you then you live. If Russia had attacked the U.S. with everything they had it is likely that 100-150 million would survive. This is without an underground shelter. The real threat for the early survivors in a nuclear attack would be finding a temporary minimal shelter to protect them from fallout and having food and water available so they didn’t need to go outside to hunt for supplies. If survivors could stay under cover for 7 weeks or so they would likely survive the attack and then need to survive TEOTWAWKI. Surviving the initial attack depends more on luck then anything else, i.e. where you are when the SHTF. If you are at ground zero you are dead. If you are in the shadow of a mountain or some distance from a target you live. But surviving the aftermath depends more on planning and attitude. Nuclear war will not kill everyone, not even close. Trying to survive the primative society in the aftermath will be the challenge.

  • Survivalchick July 29, 2010, 1:59 pm

    Hoo Lee Chit. I don’t see myself time sharing anything when SHTF.

  • SurvivalDude July 29, 2010, 4:24 pm

    SurvivalChick you are cracking me up!!! We should grind wheat together sometime : )

    • Survivalchick August 2, 2010, 3:40 pm

      Is that code for something else?!

  • No ME Preppy July 29, 2010, 10:28 pm

    If that dipwad wants to drop 200k on a yet to be built SHTF timeshare, I am more than willing to offer him some prime Appalacian oceanfront property in Northern Maine. LOL!!


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