Will Climate Change Attract More People to Prepping?

Climate change is all over the news. Let’s take a look at what this might mean for preppers and the prepping market as a whole, but first… Is Climate Change Real? Climate change is a political subject, and in today’s political climate, that means it’s a polarizing subject. Those on the right say it isn’t… Read More

Avoiding “The Purge”

“Reminder: All emergency services will be suspended.” The red cross on the poster has a big black “/” through it. The promo says the support services of the nation, state, city, community, and neighborhood will be out of service for a 12-hour period during “The Purge”. The motto is: “Survive the Night.” That was the… Read More

Lead: The Perilous Poison in Your Tap Water

Lead is a killer.  To that statement, nobody is surprised.  The shock may be perhaps just how silently lead slips into our systems, not only in terms of its delivery often by aging public utility works or other modes, but also how it becomes absorbed into our human bodily systems.  More often than not, the… Read More

Pandemic is an Inevitability

In the summer of 2014, the media and state actors panicked over the emergence of an ebola epidemic in Western Africa. The panic was understandable and entirely warranted. After all, ebola kills around 50% of those infected.  Moreover, a cursory examination of ebola’s symptoms are terrifying. Among other things, ebola can induce blood vomiting, severe… Read More

10 Best Outcomes of TEOTWAWKI

We all get so hung up on the negative aspects of TEOTWAWKI, so lets have a look at the other side.  Here is the scenario, grid down, reason unknown, no help coming.  Does it matter why the grid is down, maybe.  If aliens are storm trooping through the Midwest then the answer is yes, survival… Read More

Don’t Be Sheep, People Eat Sheep

Where’s Calamity been lately? I’ve gotten a few emails lately asking if I’m still going to write here.  Have no fear, I’m still around, and still writing. Things have been a little hectic in my real life.  Hectic in a good way though.  Certain things have reached a tipping point in my personal evaluations of… Read More

Ebola Is Predictable. Human Behavior Is The Wild Card.

The Ebola river is a tributary of the Congo river and runs for about 150 miles through the northern jungles of the Democratic Republic of Congo. In 1976 there were two simultaneous outbreaks of a new hemorrhagic fever. Forever after, Ebola, or more properly EVD (Ebola Virus Disease) is a single word that conjures up… Read More

6 Ways To Prepare for Ebola

Ebola.  Even the name is a bit creepy.  The disease itself, is horrifying.   First you get flu like symptoms, then vomiting and diarrhea, then your organs start shutting down and you bleed from all your orifices before dying. The death rate from this virulent disease is anywhere from 55-90%. Those are not good odds.  Basically, there… Read More

How do you prepare for THIS?

  You wanna know what scares the holy living bejeezus out of me? Tsunamis. I live about 25 miles inland from the Southern Maine coast, and it’s relatively flat land, with little terrain until you get immediately west of me. Worse yet, I work about a mile from the coast of the Atlantic ocean. If… Read More

Are You Prepared to Quarantine?

I’ve been seeing rumblings about the Bird Flu strains circulating in China right now. Apparently there are a couple of very fatal ones. Nothing new here folks, nothing to worry about, says the main stream media. I’m sure there are people out there prepping for it though. So let’s talk about what you’d need to… Read More

Ted Nugent, The Zimmerman/Martin Case, and SHTF

So I’ll admit, I hadn’t been playing very close heed to the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case, even though it conceivably could have a direct effect on certain firearms laws and how people view “Stand Your Ground” laws in the future. I believed that the case was an extreme example of media sensationalism and I really… Read More

Dealing With Death After The SHTF

Life and it’s counterpart Death have been on my mind lately. (When they can compete against the thoughts of food.) Death presents some interesting challenges, depending on the type of SHTF event that you’re dealing with. How prepared are you for death? Let’s look at a few scenarios. An epidemic, a large earthquake, and the… Read More

3M N95 1860 Surgical Respirator Masks for Future Pandemic Problems

Nothing beats steering clear of people, not touching your face and keeping your hands clean when a pandemic hits, but there’s one thing for sure, during the 2009 H1N1 pandemic pandemonium that rapidly ensued, quality respirators quickly became impossible to buy. I know, because I looked. EVERYONE was sold out. The few that were available… Read More