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The Prepper Learning Curve

Often in the process of reading and studying prepper and survival information the terminology can often seem to get confusing.  It is part of the prepper learning process.  For the newbie prepper this can be very confusing until enough knowledge is acquired to sort it all out.  It would be great if somebody would develop… Read More

The Stranger In the Woods

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you had to bug out by yourself and live alone? Or what it would be like after TEOTWAWKI living by yourself? I approached Michael Finkel’s book, “The Stranger In The Woods,” with curiosity on several levels.  First, the events described take place less than forty-five minutes… Read More

The Best of Survival Fiction

Hey, even survivalists have to unwind every once in a while. Take a look at some of these fictional stories of survival, hand-picked by us for your entertainment pleasure from movies, TV and books. What’s your favourite fictional survivalist story? By Alex Coyne, a contributing author of SurvivalCache and #1: The Road (2006) The… Read More

5 Survival Reality Show Screw Ups

Reality TV shows generally tend to go two ways: Either they turn out to be partial or complete fakeries behind the scenes, or in some cases things veer a little too close to reality and people get hurt – in 2011, a contestant was involved in a massive crash on the set of Fear Factor… Read More

Survival Books for Your Bunker

Be honest, you probably own somewhere between a handful and a shelf-full of various survival and prepping oriented books. And you have the intention of reading them, but know that you probably won’t unless you absolutely must. My personal survival oriented book collection occupies about eleven linear feet of shelf space. While the books address many… Read More

Mad Max: Fury Road Review

Painted-white War Boys spraying their mouths with chrome paint and riding the Highway of Valhalla.  Oh what a day.  What a lovely day.  Note there are a few spoilers in this review, but nothing significant; there’s little in this film to spoil.  The plot is nil.  But with the action, the post-apocalyptic richness, and utter… Read More

The Katrina Rifle

Almost overnight Katrina turned from a woman’s elegant name, to a tragic hurricane, to an adjective for a tangible survival situation.  So when the word Katrina is used to qualify a rifle, it should be clear that the intended use of the rifle will not be for anything fun.  This particular Katrina Rifle (KR) project… Read More

SWATTING – Send a SWAT Team To A Friend Near You

If you’ve been reading here for awhile you know I’m no big fan of SWAT teams in many small towns.  Now hackers are using SWAT teams to get revenge on competitors or prank others. Ever heard of SWATTING? It works like this: Let’s say I have beef with you. In this day and age it’s… Read More

Survival Shows

I’m not a big TV watcher.  We don’t have cable TV at our house and don’t watch any live TV shows, but I do like to pick up the out of season survival shows they put on Amazon and Netflix. My favorite is Dual Survival, but it hasn’t been the same since Dave Canterbury left… Read More

SHTF Musings From The Past

I love books about real people surviving some serious shit. Usually, these are historical accounts, or fiction because let’s be honest here, modern day man doesn’t have much to survive right now. The one I just finished reading is a bit of both, fiction gleaned from many historical accounts and interviews. The gal survived a… Read More

Coming Back From the Dead – An SHTF Change of Pace

Here’s a subject that’s a little (ok, a lot) off topic, but since we’re all friends here I thought I’d throw it out there and see if anybody bites. I read an interesting story recently about three people who died and then come back from the dead. All of them reported “out of body” experiences… Read More

Indivisible: With Justice for Some – a Book Review

First of all Happy Veteran’s day to all who served.  We love you gals and guys. Second – I want to welcome back Ranger Man!  He’s coming at us today with a review of a kick-ass book about some cool post-collapse fiction. He’s doing good folks.  I run into him occasionally and we talk via… Read More

The Effects of Media on Prepping

Recently, we here at were contacted by the folks at National Geographic regarding a “Blog Carnival” they were hosting to promote their new two hour movie “American Blackout” and the new season of “Doomsday Preppers“. The question they submitted for us to run with was this: “Judging from recent apocalyptic films This is the End and World… Read More