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Chad Person Recess Blog – Revisited

Schatzie Ohio won the knife from the Feasting on Small Game post via random comment selection. Congratulations.
Brief post today, I’m revisiting the Chad Person saga. Remember Chad? Remember my post about his swimming pool bunker? Remember his neighbor targeting ways? Then there was the time his homemade shotgun got seized by the ATF.
LOL – Chad.
I still get entertainment out of that guy. He’s a button pushing, self-proclaimed artist. Whatever. The world needs people like Chad, too. I guess that’s why I don’t mind sending traffic his way once in a while. He offers conversation material.
His latest escapades with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms offered an interesting read. From his post on whether his “shotgun” was legal to make:

Last week, the lengthy (and undoubtedly expensive) investigation was closed. While I held my breath, ATF engineers spent months – or maybe just a day – attempting to fire a standard 12 gauge round through my improvised shotgun sculpture. In the end, they met with success.
While I have yet to see any evidence that the sculpture was successfully weaponized, the BATFE has informed me that they have classified my sculpture as a firearm, placing it within jurisdiction of the infamous Gun Control Act (GCA). Hence it would appear that, the act of making the sculpture and my transference of said sculpture to art gallery in Los Angeles was illegal.

You can read the letter the BATFE sent him on his post describing the situation. His story is entertaining if nothing else.
Then in his very next blog post he writes:

Perhaps the most interesting outcome was that the Cease and Desist letter had to be issued in person, signed and witnessed.

That post describes the encounter, meeting an agent (that turned out to be agents), outside a gas station. Not sure I’d want to be conducting Chad’s button pushing ways, but the post is an interesting read. No?
– RM

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