Connie Rodd Shows Joe Dope How to Clean an M1 Rifle

I thought some of you might enjoy this older comic strip of Connie Rodd showing Joe Dope how to correctly clean and care for the M1 rifle. It’s an informative comic for someone new to rifle maintenance, but it’s also entertaining. In the days before political correctness, before women were so prevalent in the US military, tax dollars were used to publish comics like this for distribution to soldiers. Connie Rodd was a hit …. I mean …. why wouldn’t she be? Just look how she breaks that rifle down.

– Ranger Man

BTW: As a follow-up to the eat bugs blog post, here’s a news article on a Maine college that offered bug treats to eat. Clearly they must have been reading SHTF Blog to get the idea for their event …..

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  • UK Mike October 25, 2010, 12:51 pm

    You’d be surprised at how many people don’t keep their weapon clean!! *ahem* whether it be rifle, shotgun or pistol etc…
    I’ve had the opportunity to have had access to many various types of firearm in my life, and am still totally amazed at how many “professional” people, or even just regular folk, for whom one day may depend on that gun for their life and those who should know better such as fellow soldiers failed abysmally to even basically clean there weapon, just a quick wipe on the outside etc… and wondered on range day, why there full auto machine gun wasn’t full auto anymore, and had to be cocked every shot… (gas ports blocked). Still amazes me to this day, I used to know folk that’d buy a gun shoot it till it wouldn’t cycle anymore then sell it before they’d clean it!!


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