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Covering A Prepper’s Blind Spot

I have no idea if an electromagnetic pulse is coming.  I can’t speak to the odds of a major Ebola outbreak, nuclear war, hyperinflation, solar storms or a herd of pissed off sasquatches auditing the fed.  No one does, and that’s the point.

By Professor Liberty Mize

We can’t speak to the timing or likelihood of any of this, so we build nursing home for prepperscontingencies, deal in the known, plan, pray and hope we are ready.  They call us preppers, survivalist and nutjobs but we don’t care because we are all about managing risk.  Despite this, in terms of protecting our families many of us are still dropping the ball.

Contingencies For Contingencies

We may have stockpiles of freeze dried food, generators and bug out plans.  Some of us have 1000s of rounds of ammo, 40 cases of ass-wipe and mattresses stuffed with gold doubloons.  Yet with all of this focus on planning; several obvious scenarios are still being ignored.

First, there is a chance you could die prior to the apocalypse.  Sounds improbable I know, yet it could happen, and a full 55% of us will do so without a will or estate plan in place.  This means upon your passing not only will your wife suddenly be open for business; but your heirs will be forced into the lengthy, expensive and public process known as probate.  I assure you this is not a legacy you want to leave.  Worse yet, if your spouse isn’t around and you happen to have minor children, you’ll be leaving their care and futures in the hands of the courts to decide.

Survivalists do what they do to leave themselves options and outs.  It is all about planning, preparing and readiness.  We must also apply this to our finances.  Without a will you leave your family no outs.  Worse yet, you end up ceding control of your affairs to some of the very institutions you despise most.  Are they going to endanger your kids?  Not knowingly, but if you don’t state your intentions, you are leaving a lot up in the air.

Nursing Home Blues

Secondly, consider the very real possibility you end up with a nursingliving will for preppers home stay or long term care event where you are licking windows while wearing a rubber helmet.  If you believe the stats, roughly two-thirds of us can expect one at some time or another.  The cost of this stay will likely run in the $50-90k a year range.   If you haven’t already experienced this with a family member, count yourself lucky.  It is an intensely unpleasant experience.

Even the best run facilities are soul-crushingly depressing.  They bleed families dry both emotionally and financially and once the patient runs out of money, they are left a virtual ward of the state.  Medicare and other programs provide some level of care, but with that care also comes control.    Do you really want to dump your life savings in healthcare costs then suckle up to the crowded government teat?

Starve the Beast

With baby boomers dropping out of the workforce every day and Darth Vader Doomsday PrepperBarak Hussein’s overhaul of healthcare I assure you costs are going nowhere but up and level of care is going nowhere but down.  The warehousing of our elderly is real and is only going to get worse.

I for one want to starve the beast known as the federal government, not sit by and let it subjugate me.  Nor do I long to be a contributor to the immoral debt we are leaving to our heirs.  So despite being just over 40 I carry long term care insurance.  It’s unlikely I’ll have a claim, but it’s cheap and it’s peace of mind that I won’t end up part of the problem.

So now is the time where I tell you that it’s national “make a will month” and I am a financial planner and invite you into my office.  Only I’m not.  I’m just a guy like you who knows the government can’t solve my problems and isn’t counting on them to.  And I’m inviting you to join me and put first things first.  If you fancy yourself a planner, get off your ass and plan.  The zombie apocalypse is a maybe; some version of death and old age are an absolute.

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Derrick Tyson

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7 thoughts on “Covering A Prepper’s Blind Spot

  1. You can put together a will really cheap online. Or you can spend a little bit of money with a lawyer. Either way, it is a good idea. Otherwise that jackass nephew of yours might get your good guns.

  2. Very good post, points out one of the critques about most preppers. I don’t have kids yet, so the wife gets everything if anything happens, guess I better do the dishes for her more often then! 😉

    1. good point about the map.

      probably a good idea to upgrade that tin box on the floor of the closet to a fireproof one, so that all the important papers will survive. (to be stolen sometime while the family is out)

      1. … and now while you’re still young and healthy,
        cache some CASH, too. divvy it up, to improve your chances of not having it all stolen all at once.

        it’s incredible how much stuff, each of us accumulates over a lifetime. I’ve dragged it along with me, with each move. it’s very expensive to warehouse it all. now I’ll be adding more… in lieu of a will at least leave some notes. execute a power of attorney, while you can still speak for yourself.

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