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Earthmaster Blog Review

First off, thanks to one of my SHTFblog SHTF Air Force homies serving in Kuwait who just ordered 3 books through the mighty SHTFblog Amazon store and search bar in the left sidebar. That would register as the first Amazon sale since I started re-posting. Also, during my break someone went through SHTFblog to order a Berkey Filter at Amazon. The Amazon commission on that one gave me like . . . enough to buy 2 gallons of gas! *thumbs up*

Now then – on to the post!

If any of you read the comments section over at Bison Bro’s blog, you’re probably already familiar with “Earthmaster.” For the rest of you . . . . let’s just say this dude, dudette, or androgynous alien is totally whacked! Is this review of the blog SHTF / survival related? Only in that Earthmaster comments on survival topics, advises TEOTWAWKI ninjas to abandon their ways and seek harmony with the Earth . . . and stuff. Here, read:

If you are truly interested in survival you will prep your mind and heart. You must be true to your nature and let the inner light being emerge. The shift into the fourth dimension will bring fear to those that dwell in the darkness. If you rely on weapons or hatred of souls you will not last on the Other Earth.

Earthmaster then goes on to describe his/her/its role:

My training includes assisting those that are brought onto the hovering ships. The fear grips them when they realize their belief system has been shattered. Unity consciousness is the greatest power. Harboring love for the planet will get you through. Life in the third dimensional was a needed step. But that exercise is over.

That’s . . . . . deep. Kinda reminds me of that religious cult, Heaven’s Gate, back in 1997 when 38 followers committed suicide, because the comet “Hale Bopp” was nearing Earth and behind it was a spaceship. Remember that shit? By committing suicide their souls would be able to board the ship . . . . . . yeah . . . . . . . now that I think about it, did anyone disprove their theory? WAS their a spaceship behind the comet? Good heavens! Were they . . . . . right? Is Earthmaster . . . . . . right? Lol!

Earthmaster also kind of reminds of that religious cult in the classic SHTF book, Lucifer’s Hammer, that went around after the asteroid hit telling everyone God CHOSE them to survive . . . . and then they started eating people.

Don’t take my assessment on all of this, though. Scope the action for yourself and visit Earthmaster’s blog. Don’t cling too tightly to your MREs and M1As or you won’t make it to the 4th dimension.

– Ranger Man

BTW: Earthmaster’s more violent cousin goes by – Beastmaster! Remember that movie? I friggin loved it, watched it many times as a kid. You totally want this guy on your side in the post-apocalyptic world.


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