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Egypt Riot Videos and Lessons – Are YOU Ready?

I generally try not to chase SHTF news in blog posts as it seems there are enough other sites doing that, but periodically it seems appropriate if the news can yield any preparedness lessons for readers. Egypt, naturally, is such an instance. Being that I like current events as much as I like coffee (long-term coffee storage); I’ve been watching the Egypt events with great interest. For the news crack addict such as myself, Al Jazeera and Russia Today have offered some of the best Egyptian news coverage.
What can the events in Egypt teach those in the prepper community? Well, for the more seasoned prepper, probably not much that you don’t already know, lessons like:

The more valuable lesson, I feel, is the smack of reality people might get from watching the events unfold. While we are fortunate in the U.S. to have a democracy that helps prevent political-based riots like those in Egypt, we know there are other events that could spur similar riots: an EMP strike, spread of a deadly virus, economic catastrophe, etc. Once someone’s food and water supplies are gone – social unrest is guaranteed.
The other valuable lesson that can be underscored by watching Egyptian unrest is the need for urban dwelling preppers to have a serious, realistic bug out plan – and know when to execute it! Need proof? Watch these few videos (email subscribers might need to visit this post directly) and imagine yourself holed up in your high rise apartment watching the events unfold as your friends, wife and/or kids sit by nervously waiting for calm.
First, from Russia Today, watch the anarchy in this vid:

Second, again from RT, watch evening unrest as people fight and loot:

Last, but not least, watch this diplomat’s van bug out through a crowd of protesters (warning: you’ll see people get run over):

Now I ask you urban dwellers – are YOU ready?
– Ranger Man
BTW: Unrelated to Egypt, but still in current events, if you’ve ever wanted an imported AK-47, Saiga 12 or something else, there’s no better time than the present. Senator Feinstein has written a letter to President Obama and others urging them to prohibit imported assault weapons (something that could be conceivably done without new legislation). Read Senator Feinstein’s letter here (thanks to Rockwood Armz for the link).

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30 thoughts on “Egypt Riot Videos and Lessons – Are YOU Ready?

  1. Definitely in those situations, urban dwellers have to make a choice on whether to stay and wait it out (Bug In) or leave (Bug Out). I don’t blame the van driver at all. If it were my family and our safety was jeopardized, I’d do whatever I had to to get them out, even if it meant running someone over. Would I be happy about it? Absolutely not, but I’d rather be alive.

  2. I have to say both in rational and experiance, when the chips are down people will do things they would normally not do. When I see the stuff going on in Egypt and try to fit it in my head in a context of why and how here at home, I have to say this looks like a good place for a SNIPER! Bug in, stay quiet and out of sight. If the situation degrades to the point that you have to engage, do so at long range, distance is your freind. Distance means less detection, saftey and distance =time. Time to change postitons, time to move to a fall back location time bought to let your people move and then leep frog to apoint where you can all bug out together. Use tactics and skills and stay calm, keep your head when things break down, that could be all you have left. I dont believe that if this happens here it will remain as calm as it has in Egypt. Here, everyone has a gun or three and when it gets ugly and people get impatient, they will resort to violence. In all reallity, you only have two choices. Either get out early when you first perceive the threat, or be prepared to do whatever it takes to get out when the situation degrades to the point that it is untenable. Im glad I dont live in an urban environment.

  3. I am a bit confused …. how do events in 3rd world countries with a 4th century mentality apply to the US?
    This has been going on for many decades & seems like now that the economy is in a bit of turmoil, some want to extrapolate the worst happening here. Even IF it happened here in the US, it would be extremely localized to inner city, low rent areas and very, very short lived.
    These videos are not proof of what could happen here, they are merely events happening in sh@#ty countries. I’ve been there & have seen the mentality and lack thereof.
    Prep? Yes because it is prudent as saving for retirement but panic? It’s a wasted, poison filled emotion and detrimental to survivalism.

    1. The factors leading up to the events in Egypt are less applicable to the U.S., but I thought I made it clear that other factors could yield to riots of some sort on U.S. soil – particularly if the food delivery system is interrupted. I never suggested the videos were proof of anything, nor am I suggesting anyone panic. The videos were posted as an example of what “could” happen if other factors lead to riots on U.S. soil and the importance of urban dwellers to have contingency plans.

      1. I disagree; The events that led up to the strife in Egypt are similer to those that led to the strife in not only all of the other Middle eastern countries, but also the european countries and the various other countries in which there is civil strife. The same issues are staring to unfold here and have been slowed by various govt interventions that can only prevent the degredation for so long. When the shoe drops here, it will be worse than it has been anywhere else in the world. Think what you want, but I must quote Gerald Celente”when people loose everything and have nothing left to loose, they loose it” well, we are approaching that end at a rapid rate, and gerald is almost always RIGHT!

        1. Exactly. The reason it’ll be worse here is because of the sense of entitlement TOO MANY people have that the government has to help them out. That false sense of security is dangerous. The entitlement set occur in the country as well as in more urban areas, BUT the difference is, is that many in the country will realize that the government won’t do jack, so they’ll hike up their Bean Boots, grow a pair, and do something worthwhile to help themselves, their families, and maybe even their community. Those in the cities will just rob, cheat, and steal. There won’t be nearly enough band-aids and KY for a fraction of the ills that will end up happening there. Contrary to what the writer of a very large and popular blog says, there are still several very good and reliable places in the Northeast to set up a survival retreat/homestead. The inter-mountain west, IMHO, is for tin-foil hats, Kazinski, and other similar types.

  4. Ranger,
    I guess it was an implication I picked up in your closing paragraph of the post:
    “The other valuable lesson that can be underscored by watching Egyptian unrest is the need for urban dwelling preppers to have a serious, realistic bug out plan – and know when to execute it! Need proof? Watch these few videos (email subscribers might need to visit this post directly) and imagine yourself holed up in your high rise apartment watching the events unfold as your friends, wife and/or kids sit by nervously waiting for calm.”
    Maybe when you say:
    “Need proof?”
    “imagine yourself holed up …. as your wife & kids sit nervously ….”
    that caused me to draw my conclusion of implied fear and creating anxiety thinking for urban dwellers.
    Add to it:
    “Unrelated to Egypt, but still in current events, if you’ve ever wanted an imported AK-47, Saiga 12 or something else, there’s no better time than the present …..” Seemed a bit coincidental.
    The interruption of the US food delivery system is incredibly complicated & difficult to stop on a widespread basis.
    Riots will be contained, as we have learned from the past, in areas equaling less than 1% of the urban populated areas. Search for riots in the US since 1960 & you’ll see what I mean.
    The Rodney King riots in L.A. were extremely well contained and the law enforcement units (FBI, ATF, National Guard etc) have been well trained in how to contain things and will be better and faster with civil unrest.
    The problem with relating events with 3rd world countries is their mentality is far different than that of US citizens as they already start from a position of disadvantage & have very little to lose.
    That’s my take on it ~

    1. Seems to me that the size of the riot depends on the circumstances. The LA riots were small because a small group of people were mad at the police, which was understandable.
      But when you bump it up a notch, Katrina for example, we start to see how people will act and it doesn’t matter what country we’re in. They were acting badly after only a few days of being without food and water – imagine if something big happened and it took weeks to get aid to a location? Maybe a big earthquake on the west coast or flood on the east?
      When I was in Gitmo, Cuba we were trained as “riot police” in how to quell a mob and I’ve got to tell you that not one of the marines in my unit liked going through the training because we all knew that we might have to use that training on our own people someday.
      I also think Spook makes a good point when he points out that many people here have guns and any situation could go to hell in real hurry.
      Honestly, I don’t think it’s so much about 3rd world countries as it is about the situation. We’ve been lucky so far here in America and I hope that we continue to be lucky, but to ignore the idea that some event could happen that pushes us over the edge strikes me as foolhardy. I can’t speak for Ranger Man, but part of my thinking about getting out of a situation if I’m trapped in town has to do with moving just like Spook states in his statement above.
      Do I think it’ll every happen? Hell, I don’t know. I hope not, but as a planner I have considered the possibility and planned for it accordingly.

      1. Exactly. Ever been to South Bronx, NY or Camden, NJ. The mentality with some people there is not much different that what we see in N. Africa. In some cases, it’s much worse because of entitlement. If you get the right leader in those groups, you’ll have one hell of a fight on your hands, properly trained riot police or not.

        1. NoMePreppy,
          I grew up in areas adjacent to South Central L.A., Compton, Inglewood, Boyle Heights and other charming places and if the SH’sTF, they residents band together and will protect themselves – they literally close off their areas, I’ve seen it – especially the Mexicans. I am a white guy who is fluent in Spanish & spent a bit of time in those areas knee deep.
          There are very few who can create a movement to overpower police and those guys can’t shoot for nothing especially under fire.

  5. Jarhead,
    Love the name BTW, I live a mortar shot away from Camp Pendleton & there are a quite a few high & tights around here – Marines are great & have many friends both active & retired. They are all the same – loyal, great integrity, friendly & don’t take any shit.
    I was living in L.A. during the Rodney King riots and it was pretty widespread compared to the Watts riots of ’65. It was amazing watching the people doing their voodoo but was primarily against the stores not individual homes. The police cordoned off a pretty big area and started squeezing in and eventually snuffed out the unrest.
    The most amazing feature & could relate to all of this TEOTWAWKI & SHTF fantasies is what happened in Korea Town in the heart of L.A.
    The Koreans were full armed, some positioned themselves on rooftops and shot at anything that didn’t belong in the area, namely looters. The police were secretly very happy and NOBODY looted that area & it remained amazingly calm. It was very cool to see.
    As you well know, being armed is one thing and is very spooky if you are on the receiving end BUT if you know how to aim & shoot dead on, you need not worry & your opponents will go elsewhere.
    My main point is getting to a point like the videos and assuming that will happen in the major metropolitan areas in the US is about as likely as being struck by lightening while sitting on the back of an alligator with Britney Spears sitting on your lap.

  6. I have to agree with Ranger Man here, the point isn’t that this is what WILL happen, but is an example of what COULD happen. It’s proven through history that any civilization is only a few meals away from chaos. Honestly I think it would have to be REAL bad before we see stuff like whats going on in Egypt here in the US, but it’s not impossible! The whole idea of prepping is to be prepared for the possibility of serious stuff going wrong, therefore I think that RM has a good point bringing this to everyone’s attention. As prepper’s we shouldn’t be looking at this and saying “This is America, it will never happen”; We should look at this and say “This is America, but it COULD happen, no how do we get ready in case it does?”. I have lived in Central America, when we were down there we lived on a military base, but when supply lines were compromised we went hungry for what seemed like forever (at the time). As I mentioned we were on a military base, all military families not even DOD civilians on our base, and I think that if it hadn’t been for the mortar shells and bullets flying all over the place, there might have been food riots. This was in an area where folks wouldn’t think twice about lending each other aid (money, food, labor, ect.), we were all military families, we were all in a foreign land and had followed our loved ones there. There was a sense of kinship that I think most Americans do not share with their neighbors. I would like to think that these types of problems could never happen here in the US, but to totally deny the possibility is to ignore history and reality.

        1. The operative words were widespread & anarchy but good one. I forgot but was that a battle over a collapsed economy, food shortages & was there rioting & mass looting in all metropolitan areas? Refresh my memory, but wasn’t it one army against another?
          I apologize, math & physics was my interest in college and my history is rusty.

        2. Especially with Sherman’s march to Savannah GA, he left a path of destruction basically waging war against the civilians of the South. Because he destroyed railways, burned entire fields of crops, raped every woman they found and even went as far as to kill old men and boys who might “possibly” raise arms against him, there were riots over what little food was left. There were even plantations where his “soldiers” went in and killed every living thing, from people to livestock… even the dogs! You have to look at it like this, most of the history books will tell you that about 80% of the food being grown in the south was going towards supporting their troops, so what Sherman did was basically take the food out of the mouths of innocent civilians (mostly women and children). Sherman’s army did loot every chance they got! They completely burned a few large towns/cities to the ground! So after that, not only do you have people homeless, but the farming system that had kept them fed was now destroyed, remember back then you ate what was grown locally, what he did was a death sentence to many people who didn’t even want a war, most of them just wanted their loved ones home. Part of my family around that time was unfortunate enough to live near his path of destruction, their entire corn crop was burned and all of their cattle, chickens and hogs were slaughtered and most of it was left to rot or tossed into the burning fields, they even burned down all the buildings on the plantation, a few of which were set aside as a refuge for soldiers who had come home with lost limbs while they waited for trains to take them home. If that’s not pure EVIL I don’t know what is!
          And as most history books will tell you, the Civil war was fought over states rights, inequality (not only slavery but also the fact that the North was perpetuating the plantation economy that they supposedly wanted to destroy), and because many Southerners felt the federal government was becoming to strong… Which is something George Washington warned against, and in fact the founding fathers wanted state regulated militias to help prevent this, that’s how the Confederate Army got started, by using state militia.

      1. Maybe not necessarily widespread anarchy, and not as many incidents in the 20th century as previous ones. However there were several situations in the 20th century where the military was called in to restore order, Philadelphia in WWII, the 60’s with civil rights and Vietnam, the 90’s with several riots on the west coast, along with natural disasters. More recently we see LA, as a result of Katrina. Now imagine several of these situations happening at one time… How would the government, local, state or federal deal with something like that. Couple in the fact that the average American relies on food being transported an average of 1500 miles, oil prices rising, other energy prices rising, infrastructure failure and potential terrorism (including nuclear), and it seems like there is the potential for riots and civil unrest in some form in the near future. This is just my opinion, however I would rather prep for the worst I can imagine, than be caught “with my pants down”! Like my family has instilled in me “Hope for the best… but prepare for the worst!”
        By the way anarchy in the US, Sherman’s march through the south (killed, raped, pillaged and burned a swath through the southern states); Draft riots in NYC (some violence continued for a month! Hundreds died); The Mexican incursion into the southwest; War of Independence, several riots revolving around food availability and oppression; The whiskey rebellion; Chicago 1920’s; New York in the 1940-90’s (Italian and Irish Mafia)…. Those are just examples off the top of my head!

        1. I guess I need to clarify once again ….
          We live in a day and age where the world – for good & bad, is brought right into the privacy of our homes. Hand held cams, smart phones & other devices can deliver uncensored information through the magic of the Internet 24/7/365. We get a micro view of events but most times do not get the all important contextual point of view.
          Some take these pieces info & extrapolate possibilities, create news & worse, deliver fear & anxiety to their respective audiences. Then most perspective is lost & can create a psychosomatic condition I call “believing is seeing”. First you believe it, then you see it.
          We have become a society that seems to thrive upon sensationalism & catastrophic events for sick entertainment or reasons to live a xenophobic life.
          I sometimes wonder if some are trying to justify their reasons to prep & need to create an urgency in order to have a sense of purpose.
          I choose to be prepped (which I have been for years) and live a survivalist lifestyle and will not sit in my home with an AK under my pillow, a mora knife strapped to my leg & the perimeter of my property wired with C4 & Punji pits in a state of anxiety or fear regarding the near zero possibilities of EMP, Zombies, China attacking us, Koran book burning wars etc.
          It is a complete waste of mental energy.
          That’s my thought …….
          NYC Draft riots lasted nearly a month?

        2. IF you read what I posted….
          “Draft riots in NYC (some violence continued for a month! Hundreds died)”
          Yes the majority of the issue was dealt with within about a week. HOWEVER, there was continuing violence which lasted up to 28 days after it started. I had to get REAL in depth with this subject for a 12 page term paper, which I had to write for “the Evolution of Modern Policing in America” class.
          I can give you a personal example of indication that these types of riots COULD happen in the US… Our instructors are trying to mentally prepare us for the them in my Police Science classes! We haven’t even got into uniforms yet and they are teaching verbal commands to groups, negotiation techniques, and watching training videos about crowd control overseas and how it contrasts to crowd control here in the US. Last week we even had a written project where we had to develop and maintain a secure perimeter around the Governor’s house, we were given a list of assets, TOPO maps and satellite photo’s of the area surrounding the building even floor plans for the building, nearby residences and businesses, along with minor intelligence about the incoming “force”/mob including estimated numbers, direction of travel, possible motive and possible weapons. We were required to draw up plans of how to properly defend the area, by establishing defensive positions, designating fields of fire, establishing fall back positions and centuries to guard the VIP , we then had to figure out how to repel the attackers long enough to get said VIP out of the area and immediate danger, so that we could safely deliver him/her to an extraction point. Apparently the police departments in VA ARE taking this seriously, because even though this was on paper, most of the class is 1st year students, and the answers are getting plugged into a computer program and we will get a mid-term exam score based on our results.
          My Uncle works for the FBI, another Uncle works for the Justice Department, and Cousin works as a DOD Security Contractor (former SEAL), I called all of them and asked what they thought of it… My Uncle in the FBI says “I can’t tell you, but I can say it will be important in years to come”. My Cousin with DOD said “I can’t tell you anything about why they would be doing it… BUT PAY ATTENTION because it will probably be important sooner, rather than later” My Uncle in the JD said “I can think of a few reasons that they would be teaching you young guys that stuff, none of which I can talk about.” I am not one to panic about anything, but that kinda creeped me out!

        3. ChefScareBare,
          If only you understood what you wrote ….
          Thank you for illustrating my point – Believing is seeing. You are predisposed to a belief that the world we live in is going to collapse so you huddle in a corner waiting for the sky to fall based upon skewed information & a very specific, narrow viewpoint.
          In the late 80’s there was an extreme panic, not known to the public, regarding the Russian Akula Class sub – with its many armed nuclear warheads, coming within striking distance of the US. Were we attacked? Obviously not but a similar (to the VA governor) “save the US leaders exit strategies” was employed. So, what happened, why did the threat magically disappear?
          Bottom line – its only about the bottom line, no ultimate profit in it for a world war. Before you spin off into accusations of moi being a conspiracy theorist, think it through and do the math.
          Why are we in Iraq? Is it for the protection of our right to their oil or is it the more noble action to establish democracy to a culture that is 90% illiterate & could give 2 poops about their right to vote for a leader?
          I suppose Vietnam was a war to stop the flow of communism throughout IndoChina, right? That turned out well – at least the airliner call Air America was profitable.
          Look at every country we have gone in and either physically enforced our way or severely influenced by creating trade embargo’s, boycotts etc and you’ll find the money trail brightly illuminated.
          Will the US economy fail? Never, it is completely impossible because there is no worldwide benefit in it & there is no profit for the demise of the US. Think about it like a world leader – if the US completely imploded, what is the ripple effect upon the entire world? Significant & life altering – even massively profitable China cannot let that happen because of the inter-connective dependence.
          So what is the choice? The US economy get bumped & bruised on the rough ride, let the serfs like us suffer & live in fear thinking all will fail while those sitting on the metaphorical thrones decide how to divide the gold while keeping us relatively happy. It is a process as old as human history.
          Will we have some riots? Sure, there is a distinct possibility of sporadic breaches of peace as your examples showed but will it be widespread? No, it to is impossible because the resilience of Americans, the excessively vast majority of people will not participate, our cultural make up, media influence just to name a few. People by in large greatly fear rebellious actions.
          Back to the math … why does the survivalist community represent less than 1% of the population when the so called & overwhelming facts are so clear that the US is sliding into the abyss? Maybe they are skewed & or misinterpreted.
          Yet, almost every associated website portrays a dismal, fatalist point of view based upon a sophomoric, limited scope of selected current events which leads me back to my earlier point about xenophobia, paranoia as the motivation points for prepping. Why not just do it because it is fun & an interesting way to save money and disconnect from our distraction based world?
          Why am I a survivalist? Because, to me, it is a complete rush of ultimate freedom with the reliance based upon wit, awareness & an ability to live on available resources with the final goal of 90% self-suffiency.
          The rest of the speculative, paranoia, fear based talk is for the foolish in my opinion because our input is meaningless in the grand scheme of things.

  7. I think it could happen here, we’re dangerously close it seems to hitting a magical combination that could push us over the edge. If its a balance act we’re teetering more dangerously than we think we are. While troubled times can bring people together they can also push them apart.
    Having a minimal bug out bag is not a bad idea, especially these days. For 20 bucks and a good water filter you can have a minimal BOB. The only things my BOB is missing is maps and compass (and the water filter but I’m working on that). I have already contacted a friend who lives in the plains. Hes skeptical of everything as always, but he actually agrees with me on having a bug out plan. He knows I’m headed his way if things goes south here at school because if its south here I’ll almost definitely not be heading home to nashville.
    If I have any advance warning at all I’ll have my BOB and anything else I can throw in to my army duffel packed and ready to go. I’ll be out the door in less than three minutes. I pray that I won’t need to use this plan and that when I’m old I can say I was foolish to think I would need it. Better safe than sorry. 20 bucks is a small price to pay to ensure that if things go down I can make it out safely. Bugging in in a dorm is most likely not an option.

  8. I think “Anonymous” is of the mindset that if there is a mob, causing havoc in his neighborhood, that the local PD will be there in time to save the day and every good resident. NO economy is immune from failure. Just because the US hasn’t had total socio-political collapse in the past, doesn’t mean it won’t happen in the future. It’s his kind of hubris and shortsightedness that is the problem.

    1. “Anonymous” is Jason, who has also gone as “Wally” before. This is what he wrote about me on Creekmore’s site:
      “Further, I do not like Ranger Man’s blog because he is immature and too cavalier about the current state of affairs – most things seem to be a joke to him therefore, I do not value his opinions or prep ideas.” Link:
      I like having the guy around, because he is witty and he can add a different perspective, but I wonder if he has returned just to push buttons.

      1. I figured he was one and the same. I don’t mind him either. It allows us a direction to vent frustration, regardless how inane or theoretical it might seem to some. Every villiage needs an idiot.

      2. Well, let’s see if you all can keep up! I was kind of hoping ChefCareBear would join in.
        If you are going to engage in a game of verbal warfare, please come armed with something more than a foolish statements. Try thinking something through & outside your limited box. It is so easy to do the hit & run routine in a blog but appreciate intelligent, well thought out discourse. Think you are up for it? By the way, you may want to take a closer look at what is actually theoretical …
        Next, I agree no economy is impervious to failure EXCEPT, for the first time ever in history, the world has become economically flat & if the US goes down, it all goes down. We support China, Korea, India, most of Europe, North Africa, Mexico and more. Don’t believe me? There plenty books on the subject, and look at how everything is being outsourced.
        This is not as simple as it appears – the unemployment is running at 20% & bank defaults (non performing assets) are hitting 22%. We will see a rough time until mid to later 2012 and things will level for a few years. I have substantial knowledge in the banking world with a speciality in loss mitigation. Conditions have become very fluid which begins the solution process.
        Secondly, how on earth did you extrapolate that I would be sitting waiting for the local PD? I am constantly amused at how so many, with so little practical knowledge as to how the modern world works, assumes that we will end up with riots in the streets. Do you know how incredibly complicated & difficult that is to do?
        The real problem isn’t my presumed myopia, it is misinformation – as stated prior, what makes you think that the less than 1% in the survivalism world is right? The information is the same, the way it gets spun that is worrisome. Do you remember when many were carrying on about Zombies? That was embarrassing that some actually thought that would happen!
        Lastly, if in the extreme unlikely event that someone chooses to break into my home, he/she will be met with 00 buck shot, questions to be asked later. I am mentally prepped & have no issue pulling a trigger.
        Ranger, my friend –
        Yes, I am all of the above & need I say more? Ha, ha, I stand by my opinion I wrote many months back & believe it was on the tail end of the infamous “max out the credit card” war.
        Creekmore’s site is getting hijacked by a couple of narrow minded morons. One went so far as to say his very modest home (probably valuedat $200K) went down $40K in value in one month. That is absolutely impossible unless it burned down. I call it for what it is & the boo birds decide to take me to task with MD. I was appropriate but some don’t like the truth. So, I decided to drift away.
        I am not here to push buttons, I simply do not like information getting twisted to fit a point of view. I do enjoy the articles you have been placing on the site, especially the mini cooktop, I love ingenious devices like that.
        Thanks for having me back ~

  9. @ Whatever you feel like calling yourself (Jason, Anonymous, ect)
    #1 I honestly think from what you have written, you are attempting to “push buttons”… Whatever, I don’t care, if that’s how you get your kicks, more power to you!
    #2 You are correct that many people only get their news through a limited scope, 1 news source that is there to sell advertising space more than report news is not an objective and concise source.
    #3 I don’t care what ANYONE says, it’s a little thing called “Murphy’s Law” i.e. If it can go wrong, it likely will. Again I will reference history, almost every “empire” has been able to last without major problems about 200-300 years, we are in the middle of that range, problems are bound to disrupt our way of life, man-made or otherwise.
    FOR ME- Prepping became a necessity for the security of my family! Try living in a war zone for a couple years and you will more than likely develop the same mentality. Do I worry about REALLY rough shit happening??? Hell yeah I do, but unlike most folks my age, I have had to clean pieces of my best friends skull out of my hair at one time, that week my 2nd grade teacher was also killed right in front of me as a result of a mortar attack! I have had to huddle in a room the size of a small closet with my little brother and mother while my father went out to secure “safe” transport for us to be evacuated back to the US. Try being woke in the middle of the night to explosions all around your house at age 8, being handed your fathers 9mm semi-auto pistol with 6 full mags and being told “You know how to use this… If anyone comes to the door and they don’t know our code-word, empty the magazine!”, as he closes the door to said tiny closet. Now try sitting in there for 2 WEEKS with almost no food and little water, while listening to constant small arms fire hitting your house EVERYWHERE, add in 81mm mortars and RPG7 rounds coming in at all hours of the night so you cannot sleep. Then try having the US Army evacuate you and your family under HEAVY fire, in an unarmored vehicle while those rescuing you return fire across a 15 mile drive which takes 4.5 hrs! I have had to live with the constant thoughts of what happened there, with the fact that 3 soldiers gave their lives to defend mine, and another lost his left leg. DON’T TELL ME “IT CAN’T HAPPEN HERE”! CAUSE THAT’S WHAT THEY SAID ABOUT PANAMA!
    I am not saying that IT WILL HAPPEN, but to deny the fact that IT COULD HAPPEN will be a “sophomoric” mistake… one that you are free to make, I WILL NOT!
    Now if you are done with the childish attempts to flare up an argument, I think we can put the sticks down and quit beating this DEAD HORSE!

    1. It sounds like the events you experienced in Panama is the main motivating factor to prepping, is that correct?
      Although I did not live in a war zone, I did live in a hell – for many years that most don’t survive without becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol, beating upon others, in prison or ending up dead.
      I was abandoned as a child and mentally abused for years, became homeless & a welfare recipient, disabled from a severe accident all while scratching my head wondering how on earth did this happened to me. I HAD a victim’s mentality & convinced at the time there was no God.
      You were extremely lucky – you had someone to guide & protect you & look out for your best interests in a horrible, extreme situation.
      I endured 6 major surgeries – one of which I nearly died from, succeeded quite well only to have everything stripped away from me from a partner and these events were nothing compared to extensive hell I had experienced. The very few who know the story of my life are amazed how I turned out.
      I became well educated, a highly successful business owner (again) and contributed to the greater good in my community. I was even listed in the “Who’s Who” of business owners in America but so what? It was meaningless to me and was unsolicited & something I supposedly earned.
      I became a survivalist at a young age and realized later that the events of my life were just that – events & history. I learned to compartmentalize the memories and turn it all into life shaping experiences to not fear. I had to deal with the PTSD in order to move past it & the then effect in had on my daily life. We cannot change our past but we can change how we view it & its residual effects in a healthy ways.
      I understand that at times it would seem like I push buttons that creates reactions, but I think it is the fact that I live with little fear or regret and speak from that viewpoint that may be the real culprit. I refuse to let conditions that are completely out of my control run me. Speculation is a waste of time in my book because the speculative reasons do not exist.
      Do I think the US economy will tank and we will be living like the metaphorical stone-age people in a kill or be killed society – never, nothing even close to it. As stated prior, I have an educated understanding & decent inside connections in the banking industry that feeds my belief.
      The institutions have significant, significant problems but it is not crippling. EMP is a near impossibility because of the level of stealthy sophistication it takes to pull it off. Natural disasters will happen, obviously so, keep perspective & understand that probability.
      Back to the motivating factors of the survivalist …..
      Why do people hate to fly? It is an irrational fear. They have to put their trust in a vehicle we know little about & in the hands of a couple of strangers called pilots. It is statistically light years safer than driving, but many would rather spend the extra hours driving & risk the many factors involved in order to side step that fear.
      Fear is the enemy and is the single greatest reason, far and away; one will ultimately fail in a SHTF situation – bar no other, exceeding lack of food and water. Fear causes everyone to stop thinking, reasoning, planning and acting to the existing conditions. Instead, we become highly constricted and move into a fight & flight patterns.
      I was a martial arts instructor with a specialty in defending against multiple opponents. There are several strategies to be implemented but controlling yourself at every moment was the key ingredient & if you are really good, you never have to engage. My mentor drilled into me the greatest lesson in self-defense “you cannot control others until you first control yourself ”.
      The military knows this very well, which is why they train over & over & over & over ad nauseam to create a more controllable point of view in dealing with wartime stresses.
      My pet peeve is the fear based & irrational reasons to prep. I get the motivation but choose to act instead of react.
      I prep for my family & me with the same emotion as saving for retirement – it’s wise, fun & prudent. When I come across information that leads to, what I consider unsavory conclusions in the attempt to sell me on the urgency to prep, I question it, challenge it & apologize if you don’t like my direct, unabashed method.
      If you read carefully what I wrote, nearly all of it I challenged the contextual, motivating beliefs and not the individual unless it is a thoughtless, hit and run dig like NoMePrepper.
      I’d rather be the village idiot than a member of the Village People.

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