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Free Download: Post-Apocalyptic Personal & Family Security Book

Today’s post is short and survival sexy. Remember the guest post on Growing Organic Tobacco as a Survival Barter Item? The author of that post, Bill Drake, also the author of The Cultivator’s Handbook of Natural Tobacco, has published a new “book” for free download. It’s a 76 page Word document published under the Creative Commons license. You are free to share it with others subject to the parameters outlined at the beginning of the document.
The book is titled Post-Apocalyptic Personal and Family Security and covers topics such as:

  • Creating a Secure Residential Interior and Exterior
  • Alarm Systems
  • Foot Surveillance
  • Options for Targeted Individuals
  • Handling Stress During Crisis
  • Home Evaluation
  • Security on The Move – In Transit
  • and much, much more

Ready to download this bad boy?

Download Post-Apocalyptic Personal and Family Security

– Ranger Man
BTW: Thanks for writing this and making it available for free, Bill.

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6 thoughts on “Free Download: Post-Apocalyptic Personal & Family Security Book

  1. I think I will turn it into a .pdf and send it back to him to post if he wishes to . That way its universal and folks wont have to deal with Microsoft Turd , , I mean Word .

    1. Hi TR – thanks for the kind thought. I’m not handy with Adobe so if you get around to doing this I’m sure that people would rather read a pdf than a word doc, and I’ll certainly send it out to the sites that have posted the original. Also please keep in mind that with the CC license you are free to distribute the word or pdf doc free to anyone. Thanks again – Bill

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