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Gear Review – Sawvivor Backpack Saw

Over the past few weeks I’ve been revamping my bug-out bag with new gear and getting rid of some old stuff.  One of the things I’ve missed in my kit is a saw.
In the past I’ve used a Sven Saw and really liked it a lot.  It folds down really thin and doesn’t take up much room in a pack, but it’s too long to fit in my current bag.  Bummer!
Enter the Sawvivor Collapsible Saw.  This little rig is exactly what I’ve been looking for.  2012-08-05 14.06.57 Using lightweight aluminum and weighing in at 9.5 oz it’s a smart little saw.  I got the 15” version and it nestles in my current bug-out bag (in the picture) quite comfortably.
When I first held it I thought, “Uh 0h, it’s way too light.”   But as soon as I opened it up and pulled the blade out of the body of the saw I knew I had a quality product.  It’s tight and very easy to assemble – even easier than the Sven Saw I like so much.  Below is a picture of it after I took it out of the package.
2012-08-05 14.07.28
The blade stores in the body of the saw, but for some reason it’s listed like this:

Trail Blazer SSW-15 15-Inch Sawvivor Collapsible Saw – Saw only

I guess they’re advertising it like that so you don’t think there’s more than one blade, but it’s a little confusing at first.
2012-08-05 14.08.04
The handles turn all the way around when you first open it and the saw blade connects to a couple of steel pegs on either side.  Use the little red button to tighten the saw blade and there you have it.  An effect little bush saw.
2012-08-05 19.50.18 2012-08-05 19.51.26
It’s a tad over 15” when open and it’s 6” in height giving the ability to cut a 5” log comfortably.  The triangular Sven Saw didn’t have that luxury:  at least not as easily as the Sawvivor Trail Saw.
2012-08-05 19.51.02
The first thing I did was take it out to my camp and cut up a few eight foot logs for firewood – between four and six inches in diameter- and I’m happy to report it buzzed right through them.  There were a couple of pine logs and one oak and it was no problem at all cutting them up.  As a matter of fact, it being a new saw it was actually a pleasure!
I haven’t given up on the Sven Saw as I still think it’s a great saw, but now that I’ve tried the Sawvivor Trailblazer I know I’ll always have one in my pack or kicking around in the toolbox in my truck.
If you’re looking for a good light-weight, but durable saw, I’d definitely recommend this one.
If you’ve got experience with one of these saws or have a question sound off below!
-Jarhead Survivor

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