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How to Build the M4 / AR-15 Rifle Used in I Am Legend

So you want to clone the M4 in I Am Legend?
Let’s do a little online window shopping, shall we?
(note: this post follows up on yesterday’s post on this subject)

Let’s build it from scratch. If I’m missing something here, or if you have insight that I may have missed, by all means comment away.

Sabre Defense Upper Receiver with necessary additions (bolt group, charging handle, and M4 receiver) – $595.00

Yankee Hill Machine Quad Rail – $105.00

Command Arms Accessories Rail Covers – $27.95

Sabre Defense Complete Lower with 6-position Stock – $265.00

Trijicon ACOG TA31A – $1,015.00

Pentagon Light/Laser Combo – $339.24

Total Cost (not including magazines, sling, tax, FFL transfer fee, and shipping) = $2,347.19

Ranger Man would also suggest adding Low-Profile Back Up Iron Sights (BUIS) just in case your expensive Trijicon fails during combat (unlikely given they’re extremely rugged, but always possible) – $109.00

Max out the Visa and you’ve got a suh-weet zombie popper!

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