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If You Only Had Four Pieces of Gear…

1018131827aHere’s one of my favorite “What if…” games to play with other outdoorsmen.

The scenario:

You’re canoeing down a river on a solo camping trip and you get caught in some rapids you didn’t know were there.  Boom!  Your canoe tips over and most of your gear and your canoe is gone.  Swept away and destroyed.

You’re 25 miles from civilization and you neglected to tell anybody you were going on a canoe trip and now it looks like you’ve got to walk out.  Luckily you were able to salvage four pieces of gear before it all got lost.

Here’s the fun part.  You get to choose what four pieces of gear that would be.   Let’s say it’s spring in your area.  Here in Maine it’s early April as I write this and the temps outside at night can get down to the low 20’s and during the day it can into the 50’s.  That’s in Fahrenheit by the way.

Armed with this information what would you salvage?

Personally I’d get a Kleen Kanteen, my Becker survival knife, a poncho, and a fire steel.

What are your choices?  How about it outdoorsmen?

Questions?  Comments?

Sound off below!

-Jarhead Survivor

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