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Iranians Suck at Photoshop – Missile Test Photo is a Fake!

Saturday, 7/19 update: experiencing a nice surge in traffic from stumbleupon.
I love you people!

You’ve probably heard about Iran stepping up their show of force in response to Israel’s threatening gestures and suggestions. The “successful” Iranian missile test photo quickly circulated the web. Here it is:


Hmmmm, something look strange about the photo? Of course! Aaaaah, the wonders of Photoshop. You’d think they’d have pulled the inserted missile from a completely different photo if they really wanted to pull the fake off, but noooooo – not that bright.


Here is the ORIGINAL photo:


Charming, huh? Idiots!
I have Photoshop – this is my version:


Share the pics with your friends, distribute via e-mail, send people back to the blog, make me . . . . a star!

– Ranger Man

BTW: If you want a wicked cheap ad placed on the blog, I’ll use Photoshop to build it for you. Now THAT is raging cool!

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20 thoughts on “Iranians Suck at Photoshop – Missile Test Photo is a Fake!

  1. Not only does Iran suck at making missles that work, it also has no photoshop talent. now iran is the laughingstock of the world and will be forced to launch arms due to humiliation.

  2. Incredible, why is 4 so much better than 3? They just make themselves seem like the joke they really are! I agree with a post above, go buy them from Russia, buy 10 get 1 free..

  3. “Incredible, why is 4 so much better than 3?”

    The fourth failed to fire.
    Now, that could have simply been a fluke, a once-in-a-lifetime event that happened at an inopportune moment for them, but more realistically, it screams that there is at least a 25% failure rate, possibly higher (since there have only been a few of the missiles fired, it is impossible to know for certain what the failure rates are, but having one of the four misfire during a big photo-op moment speaks volumes about failure rates).

  4. well i think you have a point there about the photo being a fake but that isnt the official photo. i have seen the original movie of those missiles being launch and i can tell you that there is no fake in it. of course the photo that you have here is a fake (that one missile) but thats not the official. where did you get the image?

  5. Neat, they’re so outclassed by western funded imperialism that they have to fake photos to try and keep from being slaughtered like your common Iraqi child.

    That will make killing them for being Muslim all the more LOLZ friendly.

    Israel, fuck yeah!

  6. Here’s another one. Check out Stands for muslim Americans FOR obama 2008. How does nobama get so much political donations? How about Iran and Saudi!! Vote PRO American for McCain/Palin or ANTI American !! Simple as that!!

  7. Most of those images you see on the Web are usually fakes and you can’t really trust them. To get rid of such confusion, a handy and useful tool called Photoshopped Image Killer will tell you whether an image has been edited by some software, or it’s real. As indicated by it’s name, the tool has best performance for Photoshop. However other image editors are covered as well.

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