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It’s Hard To Have Good Morals With The Media In This Country Running The Show

Do you think that the decline of morals in a society is one of its harbingers of doom?  One of the symptoms of a dying civilization?  I hope that the majority of citizens in this great nation of ours still have morals, even though it doesn’t seem that way after reading the news.
Ok, here’s one for you.  A 27 year old Bengals cheerleader named Sarah Jones that had sex with a 17 year while she was his teacher is going to get… what?  Jail time?  A huge fine?  Nope, she’s getting her own reality tv show.
That’s right.  Why?  I imagine it’s because she’s an attractive young woman and sex sells, baby.  Who among America’s tele-holics wouldn’t want to tune into this show?
Unfortunately, it’s just another sign that the country’s morals continue to decline at roughly the same rate as a climbing ratings sweep for the television networks.  I stopped watching tv back around the time of the very first reality tv show that aired on MTV.  I think it was called the “The Real World” or something like that.  I simply couldn’t stomach it.  Regardless, these shows seem to be less and less real as time marches on.
Here’s a question for you:  do these kinds of programs cause the lack of morals and good sense in Americans?  Or does the growing lack of morals and good sense in Americans provide the networks with an opportunity to air this kind of garbage knowing that people will tune in?  It’s kind of a chicken and the egg question.
Or is it something else all together?
Honestly, I get so disgusted by this kind of thing I just want to move to Antarctica sometimes.  I know there are still a lot of good people out there… I just wish they’d get the same airtime as the dirtbags.
What do you think?  Sound off below!
-Jarhead Survivor

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