Jurisdictional Creep

Have the read the national newspapers today?  Did you watch Fox News, read Drudge, or get any of dozens survival_shtf_teotwawki_food_storageof news flash emails?  Are you planning to attend the next city council meeting where you live?  How about the school board meeting?  How do you know what is going on where you reside?  Do you care?  Did you take notice that the Massachusetts Attorney General just changed the state’s gun laws?  How about Magpul’s departure from Colorado to Wyoming and Texas?

By Dr. John J. Woods, a contributing author to SHTFBlog & Survival Cache

Winchester is expanding its ammunition manufacturing in Mississippi, when Illinois was once Olin’s stronghold.  Do you wonder why all of a sudden these companies have changed residencies?

Are You Awake?

How are you feeling about national health care these days?  Have you applied?  Were you amazed at the gun grabbers agree tyrantspersonal information you had to reveal?  Did your doctor ask you if you owned guns on your last visit?  It’s on the form.  Are you the least bit paranoid that the NSA is checking up on all your emails?  Maybe mobile phone calls, too?  If you belong to certain political factions in American like the Tea Party, do you fear the IRS is double checking your tax returns?

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Does it bother you in the least that illegal immigrants are pouring across the southern borders under the guise of being refugees fleeing oppressive Central American governments?  Are they poor kids, abandoned by their parents?  Does it matter that 90 percent of them have been shown to be teenagers?  Will they be carte blanche given citizenship with full entitlement benefits and voting rights in just a few years?

I just attended a local state university wildlife management course and was lectured by a state wildlife biologist that told us if we have a deer camera on our private property to take pictures of deer using corn as an attractant that we now have to have a state permit to do this.  Oh, and on the permit we are to provide the GPS location of the camera on our private land.  NOT!

Do you keep up at all with the numerous Executive Orders doled out on a regular basis?  Did you notice the one recently stopping the importation of foreign manufactured AK-47s?  Well, maybe Norinco will start making them here.  Where am I going with all this that impacts our prepping and survival planning?  Truth is I am not sure what the depths of the impacts are yet?  If product importations are restricted then supply and demand kicks in making that product immediately more expensive in the short term and eventually non-existent in the long term.  Is Tula or Wolf ammo next?  I don’t personally use it for my own reasons, but you might.  What if you can’t buy it any longer?  All of these events can be classified as jurisdictional creep.  You can just Google the term if you want to read more details and headlines.

Boil the Frog

You know the story.  A frog is put into a beaker and the flame is turned up ever so slightly.  The water warms taxation-is-theft-salesslowly.  The frog does not react to the water getting increasingly hot until it is too late.  Soon enough the water is boiling and the frog is cooked.  In terms of political fodder as the provisions of our American constitution are constantly diluted, we go on about our daily business of working, raising families, and paying out taxes not noticing we have suddenly lost some of our freedoms.   It’s all incremental like the boiling water.

One day you wake up and you have to pay an entry fee into the national parks we are supposed to own as Americans.  Didn’t our taxes paid on April 15th cover that?  Non-resident hunting and fishing licenses escalate in price every year somewhere, even though we pay the Pittman-Robinson tax on firearms and ammunition purchases for that federal money to be turned back to state wildlife agencies.  Are we not all Americans in one nation?

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Are your taxes raised incrementally all the time?  Federal tax brackets change, deductions are reduced or disappear, state taxes increase, sales taxes increase and municipalities can add their own little tag on percentages, local property taxes go up as the county tax collectors suddenly decide your home is arbitrarily more valuable today than it was last year.

To add further insult to injury, they have relabeled taxes to “enhancement fees” or surcharges, alternative payments, etc.  If nothing else, politicians that enact these taxes are certainly creative when it comes to repackaging the taking of money from our pockets.

Diligence and Awareness

Like it or not jurisdictional creep slips up on all of us all the time from all fronts around us.  It comes from the federal government down through the state houses, the county courts to our local city halls and community centers.  It comes from hordes of agencies with oversight control of everything we do from registering vehicles, building permits to add a garage onto the house, postal regulations, gun registrations, health permits to bury a septic tank or a body in a casket, permits to cut a tree in the yard, neighborhood restrictions on the types of roofs we can have or where we can park our cars and on and on and on.

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A big part of our on-going responsibility as preppers is to stay on top of these things.   You can plan, scrounge, buy gear, store food and water, buy guns and learn to shoot, locate a Bug Out option site, learn to light a fire in the rain, or put up a tent in the pitch black, or lock down your Bug In home, but if you pay no attention to what is going on around you outside of your little world, then how prepared for a SHTF are you really?  As a prep friend of mine says, “When to pull the trigger?” is the most critical aspect of prepping for survival.  We have to stay current on world events, national news, local stuff and other critical communications such as catastrophic weather on the horizon from hurricanes, tornadoes, to polar blasts.  Don’t get stuck somewhere on a bridge when it hits.

As preppers we have to be a lot more sensitive to the water getting warmer.  Ideally your plan is in place, and you can Bug Out at a moment’s notice.  I don’t know how realistic that is for most of us.  We may be at work, wife at a job on the opposite end of town, and two kids in two different schools.  Work out the contingencies and know what to do.  Monitor the jurisdictional creep and how it slowly but surely alters your lifestyle. Remain ever vigilant.  – John

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  • yancey Waddington July 23, 2016, 8:56 pm

    Learn to live with the Leviathan, while planning your escape. Teach you children quietly. Our hope lies on the other side, my friend.

  • Ray July 24, 2016, 7:15 am

    So… Buy a bunch of crap you’ll never use. Live in fear and paranoia. Have a plan to abandon all that freeze dried food and two tons of guns, ammo and “other” crap, that you spent YEARS and half your income stockpiling . OR actually get off your dead paranoid A** and DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE GOVERNMENT YOU DON’T LIKE. But almost no one will. Because it is so much easier to have a “wagons west” bug out fantasy, and throw money down a hole, than it is to WORK (or G_D forbid risk your life) for a solution. That is THE #1 problem with “prepping”. It is an internet meme. Based on “doom porn” fantasy , whish fulfillment, and escapist fantasy’s. It has become an internet industry catering to fear , and dedicated to reinforcing the worst paranoid fantasy’s humans can come up with, for profit. So much of what is now “the wisdom of the internet meme” is stupid to suicidal. So much has become insanely paranoid. That I no longer put much stock in any of it. “Every man for himself” and “bug out” isn’t a survival plan. It’s a suicide plan.

    • Eugene the Stoner July 24, 2016, 10:24 am

      History seems to tell a different story Ray. Agreed that there’s not much “West” to wagon towards but the meme is survival of the fittest in the off chance that history repeats herself.

      Some prepare by gearing up. Others collect skills. Fitness is determined in hindsight so arm chairing the future is little more than a psychological strategy to deal with the unthinkable. But yes, democracy first.

      Stoner out.

      • irishdutchuncle July 28, 2016, 1:52 am

        it all depends on where you live now, doesn’t it?
        Ray is in Tennessee. that’s one of the last places “they” will defeat…
        (they call it “fly over country” for a reason). Marylanders and Massachusetts residents are not on the same timeline as Mainer’s, for example. there are pockets of people that will never accept PC. if the cost of killing us all is too high, they will first spend their resources where feeble minds can most easily be swayed in their favor.
        devide, and conquer…

  • Roger August 2, 2016, 8:40 pm

    Hey Ray, please don’t take this as a personal attack, it isn’t! Everyone needs to vent on occasion, even the tea kettle! What exactly do you recommend the average person do about the **** government that none of us seem to like (and all too many fear)! They have the individual vastly outnumbered, outgunned, outfinanced, out.. well, you name it! IMHO, the best a person can do is the best a person can do! We all have limited resources! History is full of examples of people who stuck their heads in the sand and did nothing while their posterior was violated again and again! Ever hear the term ‘sheeple’. Maybe prepping is a fantasy for most, but a few of us may well be the only survivors of the next ‘Holocaust’. One of the problem IMHO with this society is the scapegoating of the adult male (white or otherwise), this need to blame someone (anyone) for their own perceived short comings is due to a lack of maturity as well as the poor potty training American children receive from both their parents and society as a whole. Individual responsibility is seen as a liability not a requirement! The only true ‘God’ in this country is GREED!!! What is the sign of a successful man? How much money does he make! Money is a substitute for goods and services, but the US dollar only has the word of the government (yea, them again) to back it up! Forget Fort Knox! I try to buy only things that can and will use anyway, long-term food is the best example for me. Yes, I have purchased things that I’ll probably never use (like the riot shield that has many years of dust on it) as well as things that I pray I’ll never use (like the potassium iodide tablets that I keep a fresh stock of) but I’m trying my best. I’m (like everyone else) only human and I do engage in fantasy because I vote in every national election and I’m sure that it does no good what-so-ever! So cut us poor average fools a break, please! GLAHP! (Good Luck and Happy Prepping!)

  • Brickman78 August 12, 2016, 12:46 pm

    The borders, north and south are wide open. Do not be fooled, this is all about bringing in democratic voters. The problem is everyone on this website realizes this, it’s the other 90% that blindly watch the kardashians and pull the lever for the dimocrats.

  • Curtisjord April 1, 2017, 8:54 am



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