Kelly Kettle Review

Our newest piece of gear has been eagerly anticipated. I have been meaning to address our rocket stove need for awhile now. Like most projects though I was only in the drafting/planning/number crunching stage of things when hubby ran out of patience (and we got our tax return) and he ordered us a lovely Kelly Kettle.

50 oz Kelly Kettle.

50 oz Kelly Kettle.

We took it with us camping this past weekend. We like oatmeal and coffee in the mornings, and that seemed a perfect match for a little rocket stove with a built in water bottle.

Kelly Kettle Pour

Kelly Kettle Pour

The 50 oz size makes it the largest kettle that they sell. On the plus side, it was sturdy, well constructed, and easy to use. There was no fumbling around with tricky latches or finicky bits. Just filling the top with water, and setting it on the base full of fuel. My father is a wood worker, so he had bags of wood shavings available for fire fuel.  This had the benefit of burning well and fitting easily, but it did burn fast.  The down side of this size Kelly Kettle and the fuel choice meant that to boil each kettle full of water, we needed to fill the chamber with fuel a few times. As this was a family vacation, the time wasn’t critical, and the elongated breakfast prep was taken in stride. We would boil one kettle and get coffee brewing in our french press.  Then a second kettle would be boiled for a round of oatmeal.

Our next upgrade will be the Pot-Support and Cook Set so we can cook small amounts of food (Noodles, Rice, Oatmeal, Re-hydrated food, Soup, etc.) over the Kelly Kettle while our water boils.

Overall though, I highly recommend this little piece of equipment. It’s light and compact enough for backpackers, especially in the smaller sizes.  Works great to boil water for a variety of purposes.

And, here’s a shot of Calamity on Vacation.  Just because I know y’all have been wanting more swim suit shots on this blog.

Calamity Vacation

– Calamity Jane

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  • Roseman June 13, 2013, 7:39 am

    Hope you had an enjoyable vacation.

  • slhaynes June 13, 2013, 9:46 am

    Thanks for the review.

  • Leon June 13, 2013, 9:59 am

    Love the Kelly Kettle. I have the Trekker and the Base Camp and both are great. Here’s my reviews:
    I view a Kelly Kettle as a great survival/preparedness tool.

  • bwright1553 June 13, 2013, 10:02 am

    A kelly kettle is a must have!!

  • Michael June 13, 2013, 12:19 pm

    I have their smallest version of the KK in stainless steel and really like mine.

  • Pineslayer June 14, 2013, 12:13 am

    I have been looking these for awhile, need to pull the trigger. Is that the Basecamp unit?

  • Graystone June 14, 2013, 1:22 am

    Calamity Jane’s review of the Kelly Kettle was disappointing. Although I agree that the Kelly Kettle is a great piece of equipment, in my opinion, unless you are built like Paul Bunyon, and only take day hikes where weight and bulk are not important, even the small kettle is too big and heavy for the average backpacker. She also failed to mention the Kelly Kettle’s primary attribute, which is its ability to use nearly any type of fuel encountered while camping – twigs, sticks, pine cones, tree bark, etc. No need to haul along woodchips, or any other type fuel when everything needed to heat water is provided by nature. Our Kelly Kettle stays in the van for impromptu forays off the beaten path, or any other occasion where water needs to be heated quickly. If you’re an outdoors person, by all means get a Kelly Kettle. You’ll love it! But as a piece of backpacking equipment, I think there are more suitable pieces of equipment available. Just one old man’s opinion here, based on his experiences with the Kelly Kettle.

  • Chuck Findlay June 24, 2013, 12:34 pm

    I looked at the Kelly Kettle several years ago and instead settled on getting a Thermette. The Thermette holds more water ½ gallon and is made out of copper not aluminum. Also it has a handle on the side, not a chain that has you putting your hand over the top (getting your hands hair burnt off) so it’s much safer. It also comes with an insert to use it as a wood cook stove. This insert comes at no extra cost.
    A note to anyone thinking the Kelly Kettle or the Thermette is a bug out item. They are not, they are not real heavy, but they are bulky. My Thermette takes up a lot of space. But it is a very good survival item as it can boil ½ gallon of water in 5-min from mfuel found out in nature. I have used it numerous times over the last 4-years and am very happy with it.


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