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Knot Tying for Profit, Fun and Preparedness

Hubby has recently taken up knotting as a hobby.  I love it, because it produces something useful and he loves it because it uses skills he already has. He knew a lot of knots from his Guard experience, and knew even more from the stage rigging he’s done since. It’s been fascinating learning the names and histories of these knots, even as a bystander.
A visit to the surplus store and 100 feet of paracord later, and we’ve got a nice crop of bracelets and key rings and kitty toys.  Hubby is already clamoring for more cord in better colors, which I’m thinking we may indulge with the tax return.  I’ll be home all summer with baby, so we’re contemplating selling some of the bracelets and key rings and such at the farmers market. (It helps that our market is so small they don’t charge vendors a registration fee.)

He highly recommends the Ashley Book of Knots for anyone needing to round out their SHTF library. With over 3900 knots, ranging from all sorts of professions, it’s a very complete book.
Other sources he found helpful are as follows:
Besides the potential for making some spending money, (or barter items) keeping up on knots is a great skill for any prepper.  Knowing the best knot for hanging clothesline is useful, but knowing the best knot to aid in the removal of rubble trapping neighbors under their house could be lifesaving.  Having survival bracelets for everyone in the house is comforting, I know we’ll be far less likely to get stuck in a situation without any cord available to help make shelter/food happen.  Plus, all of our tools are becoming a lot more useful.  Handles and lanyards for the flashlights, fire-steels attached to key rings, carrying pouches for water bottles, etc. Knot to mention the watches that are seeing new life with a custom-made, tougher-than-dirt band. (Hahaha so punny, I just couldn’t write a whole post on knots without slipping one in somewhere!) He gifted me a beautiful bracelet for Valentine’s day, and restrung one of my pendents that Boy #1 had broken the chain to a year ago.  I love home-made Valentine’s presents, they always end up being so much more meaningful than anything out of a catalog.   If you have some cordage laying around, why not try making your sweetie a survival bracelet instead of giving money to the glossiest lingerie catalog.  If you’ve got the right life partner, paracord could be the way to her heart.
– Calamity Jane

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