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Let’s Have Victories Again

A coalition of mutinous Republicans have emerged from their elitist holes to join Democrats in a whining Trump for Presidentchorus of: “Never Trump!”. Quite frankly, I’d like to know where these Republicans have been during eight years of a disastrous Obama Administration. Where was the contrived moral outrage during Attorney General Eric Holder’s botched mishandling of the Fast and Furious scandal? When Obama insisted on a wasteful, poorly managed stimulus package, where was Senator Lindsey Graham? I’ll tell you where they were: quietly sniveling in the shadows of Capitol Hill. Suddenly, when GOP Leaders face a historically flawed opposition, Republican leaders speak up in order to sabotage their own candidate.  John McCain, Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, and Lindsey Graham have all co-opted a mendacious, liberal narrative because their god is cowardice.

By D-Ray a contributing author to SHTFBlog & Survival Cache

CNN Would Hate Reagan

These false conservatives insist on referencing Ronald Reagan. “How did Reagan’s party end up in the hands of Trump,” they wail. Here’s a newsflash: if Reagan ran in 2016, CNN would characterize him as an unhinged racist and misogynist. The only reason the media is having this infantile fit over Trump is because they are scared. For the first time since Reagan, a conservative with a spine has made a bid for the Presidency. Trump possesses the audacity to do what McCain and Romney never could: challenge the left’s cancerous, politically correct culture. Trump and a resurgent GOP threaten the fragile existence of a deeply flawed, social marxist narrative.trump_thumbs_up_low_res

As a millennial, let me tell you what my generation thinks of Republicans. We think they’re losers. For my entire life, Republican incumbents have acquiesced to the hyper-left agenda of the Democratic Party. They have allowed Democrats to push this country towards the precipice of socialism. American constituents, not just conservative millennials, are sick and tired of leaders paralyzed by fear. Our leaders would rather avoid controversy than stand up for the interests of their constituents. This is disgusting and wrong.

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If Donald Trump doesn’t win in 2016, it is proof that the GOP’s soul has been sold to the timid and stupid. Reagan would have difficulty weathering the libelous reporting Trump has endured. For those who believe Trump is a racist, where is the evidence? The media’s arguments against Trump are more dishonest than Bill Clinton perjuring himself under oath. Americans are erroneously conflating conservative confidence with immorality because we’re not used to this. We’re not used to rallying behind a winner. When we’ve got Paul Ryan as the Speaker of the House, how could we be familiar with a winner? We haven’t had a winner since Reagan left office in 1989.

Vote To Win

If you don’t vote for Trump this election, you are giving this country over to Crooked Hillary and a league of spineless, Republican worms. The Supreme Court will assume a leftist majority, unvetted refugees will come to this country by the millions, our foreign policy will be compromised, second amendment rights will be curtailed, and the middle-class will grow weaker. But hey, if Trump loses, at least Paul Ryan will be able to smirk on MSNBC and pat himself on the back for his self-destructive, puritanical stand. More importantly, Ryan’s donors, the same lecherous lot that fund Hillary Clinton, will be ecstatic. Ecstatic because they convinced Republican voters to turn their backs on a great candidate and surrender this country to the loathsome hands of globalism and political correctness.fullsizerender_1

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Trump’s message resonates with so many because he’s right. We don’t have victories anymore. I do not and will not accept this status quo of decline. The United States has never shied away from adversity. Paul Ryan, Hillary Clinton, and their contemptible ilk are gross deviations from a rich history of perseverance, bravery, and success. Let me be totally clear, they are failures. With Trump in the White House, the United States will win again. Paul Ryan can make flawed decisions premised on a perverted conscience; I will vote to win.

About D-Ray:
D-Ray is a recent graduate of CU Boulder and currently enrolled in a law school on the East Coast. By day, he is a mild mannered content writer; by night, he banishes unruly drunks into the black purgatory of night as a bouncer. He is passionate about the Constitution and First Amendment Rights. 

Disclaimer: These opinions are not necessarily representative of SHTFBlog or its affiliates.

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9 thoughts on “Let’s Have Victories Again

  1. Clap, clap, clap, I applaud you sir, you are 100% correct! Nice to hear (err read) from someone with a functional spine! Bill committed perjury (wait, it wasn’t sex, they were just fooling around!) and Hillary lied and allowed our country’s enemies easy access to national secrets! I don’t think Russia will give her a safe harbor! In American politics, the biggest liar and most successful thieves are given the reigns of power by those with short-span attentions and lack of intelligence to realize that there are consequences to both actions and lack of actions! Perhaps we are all doomed, but I’m still going to keep my powder dry and stored in large quantities. Better to die with a smoking barrel than a violated posterior! GLAHP!

  2. I prefer to think of the GOP as the party of Lincoln, as opposed to the party of Reagan. conservatism is great, if we are conserving Right over PC. Truth over popularity…

      1. No more than knowing when you are going to die, weather a year from now, aliens in space, and when Jesus is coming. Get a grip

  3. Holder didn’t “botch” fast and furious.

    the weapons were sent to Mexico so they would show up at crime scenes.


    because the Congress put a sunset clause into the ban on “personal defense” rifles, which is what EBR’s are called, when the government buys them for government agencies. “they” sent over 2000 EBR’s to criminals, so they would be used in crimes.
    “they”, she, mean to disarm us, and demonize the so called “gun lobby”. “they” mean to slander good FFL’s, and hound them all out of business.

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