National PrepareAthon!

National PrepareAthon! FEMA’s Feeble Effort to Help You Help Yourself.  Did you miss it?  September 30th was “National PrepareAthon! Day.”  What was it? FEMA’s effort to cap National Preparedness Month with a call to action, a call to “improve your family’s emergency preparedness and resilience to potential disasters” (source). By DG, founder of Prepper Press I can hear the yawns now, in fact…. *yawwwwwn* – I’m right with you.  FEMA, giving disaster preparedness advice – ha! We all Doomsday Preppersremember Katrina, right?  Have they changed so much since then that now they’re in a position to not only meet their own taxpayer-funded mandate but to also dispense advice to folks like you and me?  I doubt it.  Of course, we’re not really their target audience, are we?  No, because while we wouldn’t necessarily argue with their advice: •    Sign up for local alerts and warnings •    Develop & test emergency communication plans •    Collect and safeguard critical documents •    Document property & obtain insurance •    Download the FEMA app to your smart phone •    Assemble emergency supplies, including: – Drinking water – First-aid kit – Canned food – Radio, Flashlights, and Blankets It’s not exactly “advice” by our standards.  It’s more like dumbed-down, obligatory suggestions for lazy sheep.  I mean, is the FEMA app really going to help you much?  I’m not going to download it, and I wonder, if we were in charge of re-writing those points, to give them more value, and have the read less… governmental and rose-colored, would they look something more like this: •    Maintain situational awareness – wake up! •    Make sure your entire family knows where to go and what to do WTSHTF. •    Have a circle of like-minded survival friends. •    Safeguard precious documents needed for any emergency •    Have cash, silver, gold and anything to barter with. •    Insurance: home owners, automobile, and life. •    Beans, Bullets, and Band-aids •    Fuel (You can never have enough) •    Don’t depend on anything powered •    Stock nonfiction paperback books.  They’re EMP-proof! •    Three is two, two is one, and one is none – assemble supplies! – Water is life – Build a medical kitFoodRadioFlashlightsStay warm Call me a cynic, but FEMA’s points of suggestion read like glossed over text published just so they can say they’re doing Preppers Survivalistssomething. There’s NO advice on what to do in the event of race riots.  NO advice on what to do when FEMA fails for weeks on end.  NO advice on extended grid down events.   NO advice on preparing for economic collapse.  I don’t want to end on a Debbie Downer note, though. Let’s face it, something is better than nothing, and while they’re messaging to sheep, a message to the sheep is better than no message at all. The best of what they have to offer us super preppers is perhaps this tool: (click here)  It’s a map of various preparedness activities located around the country so you can connect with locals for more information. Some of them are even labeled “Private Preparedness Activity.” Things that make you go hmmmmm…. Photos by: FEMA – Derrick Grant is the founder of Prepper Press, a publisher of post-apocalyptic fiction and survival nonfiction. Follow his Facebook writer page for all things apocalyptic. Support by shopping @ Amazon (Click Here) Visit Sponsors of
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  • irishdutchuncle November 11, 2015, 12:56 pm

    back in 1999 it would have been adequate for me.
    the advice from the Red Cross ahead of Y2K, was better:
    Prepare as You would, for a Winter Storm. I added on a firearm, because the Wife and I wanted them, and hadn’t gotten a
    “round TUIT” before then.
    that was before 9/11/01, before “duct tape and plastic”.

    suffocation in a closet, waiting for government employees to come
    “make it all better” is not an acceptable situation.

  • Novice November 11, 2015, 8:37 pm

    I wouldn’t download Anything from FEMA to anything I own much less a phone. Just saying from under my tin foil hat.

  • Dave from San Antonio November 11, 2015, 10:50 pm

    Personally…I think FEMA…is preparing for “something else”.

    • Anonymous November 12, 2015, 4:47 pm

      Camp life maybe for those that disagree???

  • chilicook November 12, 2015, 8:42 am

    Look, you can criticize FEMA but the fact is, “local”, temporary disasters happen all the time; how local and how temporary varies, but earthquakes, hurricanes, riots, tornadoes, blizzards, and all other sorts of localized disasters happen, and that’s what FEMA is designed to deal with; TEOTWAKI, not so much. I don’t doubt that the government has contingency plans for widespread disasters but you know the saying about man making plans and God laughs. The advice is fine so far as it goes. And, really, none of us know precisely if, when, how, or what TEOTWAKI is or could be. You can make general plans but as I said, God laughs.


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