New Technology is Bringing Us Closer to Nuclear War

minuteman_launchDr. Theodore Postol, an MIT Professor, published an insightful report on the increasing likelihood of accidental nuclear war with Russia. The report, How the US Nuclear Weapons Modernization Program is Increasing the Chances of Accidental Nuclear War With Russiadetails how the increasingly potent preemptive strike abilities of the US paradoxically increases the likelihood of war. Russia’s inability to modernize their nuclear weapons program at a similar pace with the US forces Russia to compensate with streamlined launch authority protocols. These streamlined launch authority protocols increase the chances that Russia will misconstrue events as grounds to launch nuclear forces.

By D-Ray, a contributing author to SHTFBlog & Survival Cache

stanislav_petrovWhile considering Dr. Postol’s report, it is important to recall the incident of Stanislav Petrov. In 1983, Petrov, an officer of the Soviet Air Defense Forces, received an early warning report that five American ICBMs were headed to strike the Soviet Union. The report was, of course, delivered in error. Petrov was suspicious of the report and refused to inform his superiors of the ‘incoming ICBMs’. Had Petrov acted on the false report, the Soviet Union would have likely sent a ‘retaliatory’ strike leading to large scale nuclear war. In today’s climate, Petrov would have been under increased pressure to act quickly and decisively. This pressure might lead Russia to accidentally set off nuclear warheads.

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Although the Cold War is over, it may be more important now to foster amicable relations with Russia. As Dr. Postol notes, nuclear war has no winners. The best way to “win” a nuclear war is by not getting in one. At this point, America’s best bet is to begin clear, decisive communication with Russia. If the US can avoid antagonisms with Russia and mitigate concerns of potential aggression, we can reduce the likelihood of an ‘accidental’ nuclear strike.

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  • Roger February 23, 2017, 7:09 pm

    It’s true that a full nuclear war would have no winners only survivors (hopefully)! Neither the US or Russia could afford to target only each other, China, for example is a large threat to both. I’m more concerned about terrorists using nuclear weapons, since they’re unlikely to have large quantities of warheads, their most effective use might be to attack indirectly. What would be the effect of the detonation of nukes in say the ice fields of Greenland and Antartica simultaneously? Wouldn’t the tidal waves and 10-20 feet raise of sea level be devastating to coastal cities around the world? Crazy ideal, maybe, but there are lots of crazy people! The US is pretty much unprepared for a nuclear war, except for a few old paranoid fools (like me), the only real preps made are for COG (Continuance Of Government) so the existing fools in power can stay in power (they hope)! Hopefully, Trump seeming willingness to work with Russia will help push back the hands of the Doomsday Clock! GLAHP! (and don’t forget the potassium iodine)


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