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Pioneer Preps: Paracord Donut

Cordage is long stringy gold for us survivalists. It bundles items, lashes structures, creates the noose for the would be dinner, and so much more. As most survivalists do I went with the military spec paracord as my cordage of choice. Its strong, inexpensive, and versatile. I also wanted a good deal of it, at least a hundred feet if not more. Cordage can always be cut shorter but splicing or knotting two pieces of cordage will always create a weak point at that spot. Now I have over a hundred feet of paracord, but how do I store it?

By Grimm, a contributing author to SHTFBlog & Survival Cache

As a beginner I went with the traditional way of wrapping loop after loop from my thumb to my elbow and then wrapping the last bit in the middle to secure it. It worked but it took up room, the loops got caught on things and sometimes when unraveling it all it would knot up. Having this happen to me more than a few times and I was ready to find a new way to store my paracord. The paracord donut technique was the answer.

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In the video you will see that a paracord donut is nothing more than a loop of daisy chain loops. Going around itself until there is no more. This technique creates a very compact donut spool of your cordage. Unlike other spools though it doesn’t have a rigid structure in the center and the cordage will not continue to peel off if you drop it. It will not knot up on itself while it sits in your bag, I have never had it catch on anything and as a bonus the weight of the donut itself can be used to throw your cordage over a branch or to another person.

The process of making this will take some time and some getting use to, but its actually quite simple once you get the technique down and very hard to forget. You can even label multiple paracord donuts with what length they are for easy identification. Also although I am calling it a paracord donut this technique can be used with other cordage types as well. Take a moment and watch the Pioneer Prep so you can see how easily it is to wrangle in your wild cordage.

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1 thought on “Pioneer Preps: Paracord Donut

  1. i must have close to 1000 feet by now of all dark colors in the apartment in bugout bags as a everyday carry some cut up into smaller rolls and in my main pack

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