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Pioneer Preps: Tinder Tubes

There are many fire tinder products out there. I am sure some of them are awesome and there are some that fall short. I honestly can’t say which ones are good or bad because I best way to make fire tinder have never purchased one. Not because I didn’t want to give them a try, but because I figured I could make my own. I am sure most of us are familiar with the cotton balls saturated with petroleum jelly. These work, but are messy to store. I also thought to myself what if I don’t have a spark? What if I only have the sun to make fire? So I set out to design my own pre-made tinder.

By Grimm, a contributing author to SHTFblog & Prepper Press

I wanted my own pre-made tinder, which I call a Tinder Tube; to be waterproof, burn for awhile, not messy, flexible, and inexpensive to make. Cost was a bit of a driving factor because if each tinder tube costs 5 dollars to make you are not going to want to make them or burn them. So as with most of my projects I started looking around the house and seeing what was being thrown away. Dryer lint came to mind. Most of us clean off that lint trap and throw it away. That’s a mistake. Its free fire starter. Some old used up candles were about to be tossed and I snagged those. Wax is a great fire extender and candles are very cheap.

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I didn’t want a solid block of wax with lint in it so I knew I needed a flammable yet waterproof container. Why not make one? Paper towels are inexpensive and one sheet could make many tinder tubes. A wax saturated paper towel could be formed into a container. This container could be any size I like within the confines of the paper towel sheet and once the wax solidifies I can then put whatever tinder I want inside and seal it up. The wax isn’t messy and being able to put my choice of tinder in the tube I have some flexibility.

Since this Pioneer Prep first aired I have had people send me pictures of their tinder tubes with their preferred tinder. Some have even sealed in a strike anywhere match. It might not be the greatest thing since sliced bread, but it is a very nice prep one can do to have a little bit of insurance to get a fire started when the weather isn’t cooperating. Check out the video for the full tutorial on how you can make your very own Tinder Tube.

Please watch my video below on how to make Tinder Tubes.

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