Review: Ceiner .22LR conversion kit

Howdy, folks! Calamity Jane is on vacation this week, so you get an extra helping of Jarhead and I to deal with. She’ll be back next week, all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!   This week, I thought I’d review something that I think is incredibly useful: a .22 Long Rifle conversion kit for a Glock pistol. My father has had one for a while, and we’ve really put it through the ringer over the past few years.   Ceiner Conversions made this particular unit, and before people start hullabalooing  over the fact that I’m reviewing a Glock, check out the other guns that Ciener makes conversions for: -Colt 1911 -Browning Hi-Power -Beretta 92/96 -AR-15 -Ruger Mini-14 -AK-47S …they even makes a conversion kit for the hallowed Thompson Submachine gun. I’m not gonna lie, I would REALLY love to try one of those!!!   There are many other companies (CMMG, SIG-Sauer, Wilson Combat, Advantage Arms, etc.) that make .22LR Conversion kits as well…and they are DEFINITELY worth looking into. Why? I’m glad you asked! The .22 Long Rifle cartridge is one every prepper should have available to them. It’s relatively inexpensive, even in these crazy ammo-hungry days. It’s incredibly accurate, and able to harvest small game to put on your table, and does so quietly. Ammunition types range from slow-moving target rounds, to hyper-velocity hollowpoint ammo, and everything in between. And, with a conversion kit, it lets you practice with your full-sized pistol or rifle at a fraction of the cost of practicing with full-caliber ammunition…plus it lets you keep your stockpile (if you have one) of “ready” ammo at home, not to be chewed-up with training. What’s not to like?   My father bought a Ceiner .22LR conversion kit for his Glock 22 in .40S&W some time ago, and it’s really quite nice. The conversion kit comes in a nice plastic fitted case, and consists of a machined aluminum slide assembly, a steel barrel, a recoil spring assembly, and a magazine. Price, through the website, is $199. ciener2     The Ceiner kit for a Glock 17 will fit the Glock models 17, 22, 31, 34, and 35, and the kit for a Glock 19 will fit models 19, 23, 25, and 32. I’ve read that they will fit on Glock 26/27 guns, but I haven’t tried it. Installing one of these kits is a snap: simply field strip your pistol, pull off the full-caliber slide, barrel, and recoil spring assembly, pull the magazine, then simply slide the Ciener kit on, and reassemble the pistol as you normally would. I’d say it’s about a 10-second procedure.   The sights are machined right into the slide, making them non-adjustable, but they are well-regulated to point of aim, and most brands of ammo will go into the same general spot at 50 feet or so. The matte black finish is handsome, and wears well…several years of healthy use and some holster time haven’t left a mark yet!   Functioning is excellent…once you find a brand of ammo it likes. Like most semi-auto .22s, it is brand-finicky. This kit seems to function at its best with the high-velocity and hyper-velocity ammo, with CCI Stingers providing fantastic accuracy (2″ groups at 50 feet with no problem, even with the terrible Glock trigger) and 100% functioning. It will shoot consistently in the 2-3″ group region with most brands of ammo, making it accurate enough for a most small game if you’re sneaky enough to get within effective range.   Though I haven’t tried any of the other Ceiner kits, they all look to be as top-notch as this Glock one. And for the $199 price, you really can’t beat it! Grab a couple extra magazines, and throw the whole kit right in your grab n go bag or by your prep stash.   I write this not just to review the Ciener kit, but to make you guys aware of the fact that these .22 kits are out there for a lot of types of guns. I have one on order for my AR-15, as well as my SIG P220. The SIG-Sauer kit that I’ve shot on a P226 was outstanding, and one hell of a lot of fun…soda cans at 25 yards stood no chance! The .22 conversion is just one of those items that makes so much sense for the prepper, allowing you to use two different and useful calibers on one gun. Also, for those of us financially challenged, it gives us, quite literally, that much more bang for the buck. Also, since it is NOT a serial-numbered part, you don’t have to do any paperwork to own one, and it can be shipped right to your door!   Do any of you guys have a kit for other platforms? I’d love to hear how they are…comment below!   Stay safe! -TRW
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  • riverrider June 11, 2013, 10:42 am

    cmmg’s for the ar’s. kimber conversion for the 45. the kimber is very tight and won’t work on anything else. very accurate and functional on the kimber though. the cmmg’s are the cat’s meow. more accurate with 1/12 rifling of the old a1 barrels but not bad with the 1/9 twist. black dog mags have worked flawlessly with the kits. one kit is packed in the bob at all times. nice post btw, love equipment reviews.

  • JL June 11, 2013, 1:29 pm

    I appreciate your posts, we are slowly but surely learning more about guns and we are going to take a class. We have a regular .22, and a 9mm. We will have a .38 pistol soon, thank-you grandpa. I honestly know nothing about conversion kits.


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