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Secure Wealth and Purchasing Power by Buying and Owning Physical Precious Metals

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Certainly the last decade has seen an explosion in precious metals investment and buying — so much so that the mainstream media even picked up the trend. Prior to that time, owning physical precious metals was the purview of a small segment of society, namely, those who realized how fragile the fabric of our economic and social systems had become.  We at are trying to reverse that trend, and waken everybody to the importance of precious metals ownership.

Our modern economic system, whether in times of boom or bust, is still fully-dependant on fiat currencies — meaning currencies that only derive value from government decree, or fiat. All modern major currencies are fiat currencies, possessing value only because they are decreed to have value. Savvy investors and those who prepare well for the future quickly saw the house of cards for what it is — a system based entirely on credit, where money is created and lent into existence by the very institutions that stand to profit by it. Requiring infinite growth, such an economic system cannot endure forever, sowing the seeds for what we all expect to come — financial and economic crises followed by social upheaval and, possibly, collapse.

People that excel at preparing for the worst have, in increasing numbers, been stocking up on the types of products and tools necessary for life. Realizing how fragile our system has become, they are ensuring that they are able to provide the bare minimums for themselves and the families. Specific goods and tools are, however, not fungible. That means they have little ability to be used interchangeably as a means of exchange. This role has been fulfilled by currencies, which works well enough when currencies are accepted by all as having sound and stable value. However, what happens if currencies are greatly devalued, or collapse entirely?

In such a scenario, this vacuum will be filled by precious metals. Gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium, and even copper *are* fungible. Throughout human history, they have been means of exchange – vehicles with which somebody can purchase goods and services. They are, in effect, the very embodiment of money.

Today, most precious metals are traded electronically without anybody taking physical possession of the actual metal — investors looking to make a quick buck. In this context, precious metals are no different from any other commodity. We know, however, how important it is to own physical precious metals. Physical ownership of precious metals has continued to grow, reaching new heights after the financial meltdown of 2008. Imagine how much they will skyrocket in value during the next major economic calamity.

Owning physical gold and silver is an important component of preparing for an uncertain future. In the entire history of human civilization, no other commodities have maintained their worth and purchasing power like gold and silver. Every piece of potentially-worthless fiat currency that is converted into physical precious metal is another brick added to your wall of financial security.

15 thoughts on “Secure Wealth and Purchasing Power by Buying and Owning Physical Precious Metals

  1. Like everything else, gold, silver and precious metals all depend a system of agreed values and trust – the very basis for which we assign value and trust to what you call “fiat” currencies. If things break down I would no sooner trust gold than I would a greenback. Both cannot be eaten. Only one of them can feed a fire and they both have little value in providing physical shelter. Precious metals have a very small and short term role to play. The duration of their importance will likely play out in days depending on the enormity of the crisis. Whether we assign value to dollar bills, clamp shells, iron ingots or bars of gold – to me they are all part of the same system.

    1. But, it would be great for when society comes back online, you could exchange it for whatever the currency is and the established value. Your $5 before SHTF might not be worth $5 afterward. But $20 in Gold might be worth $50 after SHTF

  2. PM’s are a good hedge if things are going to be somewhat OK. By that I mean that people are still trading/bartering in a stable society. When TSHTF only those with excess goods might take it and they will set the value. Think about one oz of gold for one cup of rice. If you are hungry and that is the only deal, you will take it rather than starve. That 50lb bag of rice could be worth its weight in gold, literally. Money was invented during times of excess so greedy people could accumulate perceived wealth and begin to exert control over those around them, IMHO. That might make a good debate post someday.

    1. I see this viewpoint put forward every so often.
      You will trade your $2,000.00 gold coin for .50 cents of rice (or some ridiculous amount)

      Or the ” you can’t eat gold or silver”

      Both of these are very shallow understanding of what PMs are for.

      Everyone here that has and is buying PMs also has a few buckets of rice and lots of other food. The gold coin verses a cup of rice is so wrong as it will not happen.

      As far as the “You can’t eat gold or silver” argument, you may want to look up FerFal’s videos of how things went in Argentina during the 2001 collapse and the following (still going on) turmoil as he points out that people were always able to turn PMs into the currency of the day and buy whatever they wanted, food included. And NO they did not trade a $1,800.00 gold coin for only a cup of rice. According to FerFal, yes you can eat PMs, just as much as right now you can eat US dollars in that you go and buy food.

      PMs are not really for use during the first stages of a collapse, they are for preserving your wealth (the labor you do today) for use at a later time. It is being bought because many of us don’t think the US dollar can keep going the way it is right now. We see an adjustment coming and we feel that any savings that are in US dollars could very well be worth much less post currency collapse. So we look to protect our hard-earned wealth is something that will come through this collapse with minimum loss of value. And PMs have shown that they have been the safest way to do this for over 5,000-years. Anarchy never last that long (as history proves again and again) as people don’t like or tolerate it. civilization always rebuilds, order is always restored, this is when PMs come into play.

      No one is saying to not have food, ammo & firearms to protect yourself, tools to repair things, or skills that can get you through the bad times. But PMs are a part of prepping almost as much as food is.

      Personally I have lots of food put away. lots of firearms and ammo, a really large supply of tools and supplies to fix almost anything you can think of. And I also have a lot of silver put away.

      I plan on making money post collapse just as I do now, by repairing things.

      But I also plan on having a good supply of silver (that I don’t need to trade for a cup of rice) that I can use for larger purchases if needed.

  3. physical PM’s I need more of first: lead, brass. (sorry)
    I also need a lifetime stock of lead free plumbing solder, silver brazing rod, and their associated fluxes.
    (plus I’ll need a chemistry set to test the PM’s with,
    so I know they’re real)

    1. Got all that, and buy only Silver Eagles , junk dimes , quarters and halves. They are recognized as real everywhere without a test kit.

        1. yeh, most of our coins over the last fifty years are actually tokens…
          can’t do much about the neighbors.

    1. SHTFBlog has one of the best “disclaimers” I’ve ever read.
      it’s as honest as it is funny.
      they have begged the readership over and over for content suggestions, and done a great job of keeping the site fresh. I sure know I couldn’t come up with five new topics a week, for years on end. I’d rather look at an Ad, than look at a tip jar…
      (especially since I have no spare cash to throw in)

      thanks to the whole crew for your efforts.

      1. “Today’s guest post comes from a new advertiser”

        I don’t mind this, most times people that work in a specific field are the most knowledgeable. It’s OK to be critical of any post as the poster almost always has different ideas, different experience, different needs and different prepping directions they are taking as they may have different ideas of what threats we are likely to face then we think may be coming ahead.

        But to dismiss their input is foolish just because they may choose to make money in a given field. And it was pointed out that this post was an advertiser in the very first line of the post so you can’t say there is any underhanded posting going on.

        I agree with many of the things in the post above, we differ only in that I choose to buy my silver locally with no paper trail by walking into my local coin shop and using cash to buy my metal. Never have and never will buy on-line and generate a paper or electronic trail.

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