SHTF Blog is Looking to Hire Another Survival Writer

Jarhead and I need help … we also need writing help. We both enjoy writing for a growing prepper audience here, but like most everyone else, we’re exceptionally busy. Jarhead has a little one on the way and besides all of life’s demands, he’s also consistently writing 3 blog posts a week. I’ve got my hands in too many things as it is, and besides the 2 posts a week I write, I deal with all of the site maintenance, reader emails, etc.

We’re looking to expand the SHTF Blog team – we need another writer, preferably someone to write 2 posts a week. Are YOU that person? We’ve both tried reaching out to various people, but have had little luck doing so. Everyone seems busy. I’m writing this post in hopes of finding someone. If you’re not that person, maybe you know someone that could be? Help us out.


  • A basic understanding of survivalism/preparedness. You don’t need to be an expert by any means, but you need to know the basics. One of the best things I’ve found about writing here is that if there’s something I don’t know, I have an audience that I can ask.
  • Basic blogging skills. We can help show someone the WordPress ropes, but we don’t have time to modify posts all the time. We need someone that we can rely on to write/schedule the post on assigned days, someone that can sign in to the site and take care of it him or herself.
  • You need basic writing skills, know how to write in complete sentences, know the difference between there, their and they’re; to, two and too; etc.
  • Willingness to engage readers.

Ideal candidate would be:

  • A Female – that’s not being sexist, it’s me looking for a little gender diversity here. There are far fewer female survival bloggers, so this might be a bit much to ask.
  • New England based – I’m sure we’ll have a hard time finding someone, but it’d be nice to keep the Maine/New England feel we’ve come to establish here.
  • Someone with a good sense of humor – we’re easy to work with. You should be, too.

That’s about it – easy, huh? I know what you’re wondering, yes, the person would get paid; but don’t get your hopes up too high. Despite the number of advertisers on our site, we don’t make that much money (advertising rates are low). Pay is negotiable and would depend on quality of writing, interest in marketing the site, etc.

Contact me at shtfblog @ gmail if you or someone you know might be interested. I’ll want a few sample posts. Please help spread the word.

Thanks much.

– Ranger Man


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  • Odd Questioner June 23, 2011, 9:38 am

    I’d love to pitch in once in awhile, though it’ll be a couple weeks before I can be able to do so – starting the new job Monday, which means it’ll be insane.

    Definitely not the ideal candidate (I’m a guy, and look horrible in a dress. I do live near Portland – but not the one you’re close to :) ), OTOH, I’m not looking to get paid – I just do this for fun.

    I’ve been banging together an alt energy article series as per previous conversations (my soon-to-be-former employer is in the renewable energy industry – I’ve picked up a *lot* in the past 3 years from ’em). The $@!% thing keeps growing by leaps and bounds though, so it’ll take a bit of trimming before I can submit the thing for your perusal… I’ll likely have to break it up a bit.

    Would you be okay with me occasionally submitting bits and bobs, say, once a week for fun? I’d love to help out, though there’s no way my schedule will let me do it full-time. If I can edit VMWare .vmx files by hand, then I suspect that editing in wordpress can’t be all that hard…

    • Jarhead Survivor June 23, 2011, 10:15 am

      OQ – it is very possible to break your article up into various segments. You can send the first one on as soon as you have it ready so I can take a look.

      And don’t judge yourself too harshly about the dress. Maybe you should send a picture and let the readers decide.


      • Jason June 23, 2011, 8:16 pm

        +1 on OQ in the dress photo

  • PrimalCane June 23, 2011, 10:01 am

    Man, that sounds intriguing, but I fail almost all the prerequisites… I’m male, in the Midwest, and although I have a pretty good sense of humor, I’ve never worked with WordPress, and am pretty busy myself.There seemed to be a pretty good flow of guest posts for a while, would it be possible for each of you to write two posts a week and have guest post Friday or something along those lines.

    How about a gear review Friday, or Chefbear recipe Thursday. Member story Monday, now I’m just rambling and showing off my lack of writing skills… best of luck in the hunt.

    • Jarhead Survivor June 23, 2011, 10:11 am

      PrimalCane – at this point we’re willing to entertain all ideas.

      And to everybody out there reading please don’t be dissuaded by the fact that you’re not a woman living in Maine. We like the “New Englandy” feeling of the blog here for sure, but like RM says above, the ability to write is the most important thing.

    • Odd Questioner June 23, 2011, 10:18 am

      I like the recipe idea… how to make primitive eats that are nutritious and taste good? That’s something you rarely see among the prep community.

    • ChefBear58 June 23, 2011, 2:33 pm

      I have no objections to writing food-related posts, as the archives of the site prove! My problem is getting wordpress/livewriter to work for me (I am MUCH better with a knife than I am with a computer!).

      Jarhead- I sent you an email a couple minutes ago… before I read the comments on this post.

  • Jason June 23, 2011, 11:14 am

    PrimalCane has a pretty good idea in that if you dedicate a couple of days to specific items – book review, economy update, meal planning, gear review or other types of items may relieve some of the pressure.

    It sounds like Guest Posts would not be a good option because you all would have to do nearly the same amount of work to post, edit etc.

    I agree with the woman’s touch to soften the edges a bit and keep on the lighter side via a sense humor. Aside from the fact that it will expand your reader base by increasing the feminine population, most guys like a woman’s voice …. albeit from a distance – ha, ha.

    I do like the fact you are stimulating the economy by creating a job!

    You guys have a pretty good gig here and nice foundation set and wish you success finding an appropriate fit.

  • Odd Questioner June 23, 2011, 11:33 am

    Odd thought – why not ask the dear lady who runs ApartmentPrepper to pitch in on the side?

  • Prepared N.D. June 23, 2011, 1:16 pm

    Just my opinion, but the “What would you do?” type posts are a winner. It gives your readers a chance to flex their mental muscles and they’re easier to write than a how-to type post.

    I’m drowning in work just like everyone else, but if you guys happen to need an extra hand with some of the behind the scenes work I’d be willing to help. I’m pretty familiar with the Wordpress platform and can do that easier than I can write a guest post.

  • Granite Prepper June 23, 2011, 2:33 pm

    Hi guys,

    My name is Jay, live in Keene, NH., am former military, am an avid outdoorsman/hunter, a dedicated prepper, not in any way female(at least not that I can notice!!), am a former instructor at Air Force Officer Training School so I’m actually a trained writer/teacher and would be very interested in your opening for a fellow blogger. I’d be happy to provide you a writing sample if you have a topic. Let me know what you think……..

  • gat31 June 23, 2011, 3:00 pm

    Hey guys, l have to agree with the guest post idea. l know wordpress has an option to set a time for posts, so l’m thinking you could get a group of guests posts on the calander once a month or something and that could help a bit.
    Since this is a survival as well as prepper blog, to see a way a woman does it can be interesting as well, however, as a woman, l wouldn’t stop reading if you didn’t add one.
    l remember reading once in the comments (unfortunately can’t remember which posts which frustrates me DARN SOMETIMERS)
    a woman talking about hiding things in plain site which was very good advice to me. Anyway, hope you get a solution to help yall out.

  • Rebel June 23, 2011, 4:26 pm

    Always happy to help out.

  • Jamie June 23, 2011, 7:31 pm

    I’m female, former Army, disabled but I’m in Idaho and not the NE. But you are welcome to look at my blog and see if you can find something to use and repost it until you can find a guest writer.
    I think I’m a bit a niche writer on preping and survival on the cheap plus a 100% disabled. Hell if I can do it anyone can! But my writing skills are a work in progress.

    • Jarhead Survivor June 23, 2011, 10:43 pm

      Jamie – I checked out your blog and I like it. Tried to leave a comment, but for some reason me and Blogger just don’t get along. Grrrrrr!

  • Jamie July 9, 2011, 11:48 pm

    I had a little flare and I’m just getting up and going again myself so no worries.
    Go ahead and copy and paste any article you want to use. The whole point of my Blog is to share what works for me and show folks that even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend or are disabled you can still prepare. Nothing is ever perfect, you just do the best you can with what you got right now.


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