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SHTF Home Brew Equipment? CHECK! Beer Self-Reliance

This post is written as one big THANK YOU to all the readers that have supported SHTFblog since the first post back on November 19th, 2007 (National Ammo Day). It’s been 10 months. My intent has always been to use the “SHTF money” toward SHTF “stuff”. I have by no means gotten rich off this blog, and figuring the time and effort involved, the value of my time (financially speaking) would’ve been far better spent somewhere else. BUT – this blog also servers a self-entertainment role.

In any case, I’m cashing out the total I’ve saved and spending it. Nearly 2/3’s of it has been spent on THIS:


Wow! No THAT’S what I’m talking about! Aren’t you all just wicked happy that you’ve supported my drinking habit? LOL!

Seriously, check that action – holy home brew heaven! I say “home brew heaven”, because it all rests on my dining room church pew (where I pray for forgiveness every other hour). On the far left is a 10 gallon, stainless steel sweet ass brew pot with lid, spigot, and connection for a thermometer. 2nd from the left is a prime wort chiller with garden hose nozzle. Then the fermenting bucket that’s holding various other equipment like the hydrometer, bottle washer, etc. Then we’ve got the carboy, and a basic home brew kit to get me started on the learning curve. Across the bottom is enough “Grolsch” style bottles to hold a standard 5-gallon batch. Yum!

Missing somewhere is my thermometer . . . . I think the kids were playing with it. *grumble grumble* I also figured that 10-gallon brew pot will help me make some stone soup after the apocalypse.

I’ll chart my first brew session for you, have no fears, but first I gotta score something to sanitize the equipment. Now, if you’ve ever had a home brew, don’t be turned off if it didn’t taste good. There are those that make good home brews, and those that make shitty home brews. I’ve had both, and I’ve been conducting brewing research so that I know what makes one brew good and another lousy. I expect failures along the way, but hey – failures can still help you tie one on!

– Ranger Man

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9 thoughts on “SHTF Home Brew Equipment? CHECK! Beer Self-Reliance

  1. I need to get off my ass and finish my all grain setup. Just fyi bleach works fine for sanitizing equipment as long as you thoroughly rinse it. The brew snobs will tell you that bleach will screw up your brew and that nothing is better than expensive sanitizers but I use bleach every time and it works great.

  2. Thanks, too, for the Stone Soup link. I back-linked that story and found the Beowulf computer group information. It’s beautiful what people can do when they want something and have the skills to make it happen.

    Now you get some of that good rat satay grilled up, a few home brews, and life is good. 😉

  3. Hell yeah! I agree with Urban Survivalist. Bleach is fine. Never had a bad batch while using it. Go homebrew! Good luck with the brewing and have fun!

  4. NICE! Home brewing is on the list of stuff to do when I have more space. Good luck. Those less good batches could be saved for the end of the night when the quality of the brew is less important.

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