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SHTFblog “I Am Legend” Movie Review


If you’d rather not hear details of the movie,
stop reading now.
I won’t reveal the end, but . . .


Woo-hoo! Someone invented a viral cure for cancer. Wow! Many, many lives will be saved . . . unless something goes wrong – and it does . . . .

Memorable quote:  “Did it jump? Is it airborne?”

This bad ass virus has a 90% kill ratio. Less than 1% of the global population is immune. The remaining 9% become . . . those that prowl at night . . . those that feed on the 1%.

Take your standard Night of the Living Dead zombie, inject brain cells, give them super human strength, and make them angry. THIS is what Will Smith has to contend with. Anybody looking to get a glimpse of what an urban SHTF keep should look like HAS to see this movie. Picture a sweet genny set up (generator), secure basement lab (doubles as safe room), a SHTF food stockpile that’s superb, large steel plates for all windows and doors, and a utility closet to die for.

I’m typically a harsh movie critic. I think most of the stuff out there today is junk. This, however, was good – real good. Call me biased, because I operate SHTFblog, but whatever – it was well done, Smith’s acting, the action, special effects, and story line.

The virus moved quickly and New York City was put under quarantine. The military blew the bridges and sealed off access and exit points letting only a few of those not yet infected pass through as everyone bum rushed the gates. One woman, clearly infected, screams to Smith, “Take my baby!” *crying* “Take my baby!” He doesn’t . . he can’t . . he has all he can do to get his own family out. This scene reminded me of the “take my baby” comment found in the SHTF classic book, Lucifer’s Hammer, as the post-asteroid / cataclysm madness sets in, and a woman throws her child into the main character’s car. The baby in that story . . . was already dead.

I am Legend starts 3 years post TEOTWAWKI onset. Smith sends out a radio signal on all a.m. radio stations daily in hopes of finding someone else, some other human, left alive. Three years without another soul around . . . I’m thankful they played up the crazed state-of-mind one would expect to set in living under such conditions. Smith fills this roll well as he continues his work to find a cure. His only connection to sanity is his faithful dog that his daughter handed to him as a puppy when she boarded the government chopper. Smith then goes nutso when his dog gets chewed up and he has to kill it himself . . . it became infected.

I’ll leave the rest for you to find out on your own, but check it out.

Are there any SHTF lessons we can learn from this movie? Yes, there are:

  • When staring an enemy zombie in the face, and you have a rifle in your hands, put the zombie down! Otherwise it’ll come back to haunt you.

  • When moving in the land of zombies, always, ALWAYS keep your sidearm on you. When it’s in your vehicle, it’s of no use to you.

  • Get a hand pump for removing gasoline from underground tanks.

Other memorable quotes:

  • “I like Shrek.”

  • “God didn’t do this, Anna. We did.”

  • “Daddy, look at the butterfly.”

 Ranger Man reporting for SHTF Entertainment News.

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