SHTFBlog Predictions for 2013

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Last year I wrote a post about predictions for 2012.  Only I wasn’t making predictions – I was asking for them and here’s how you responded.

If I were going to pick a winner or winners I’d have to go with Jason and Michael’s prognostications.

Here’s what Jason had to say:

1. Economy will not crash, it’s an election year.

The economy will never crash, we have lived with increasing debt since 1778 & it’s just the way it is. The US leads the world economy & will continue to do. There will be adjustments as we’ve done for years but so what, we will chug along. It is very complicated because of many new variable we have today but we are not too far off (in a relative way) from where we were economically when we severed the tie with England.

2. Oil – will remain relatively the same, once again it’s an election year.

Our dependence upon oil isn’t solely from Iran & if we decide that we want to bring them to their knees, we’ll do like we did in ’79 & ’80 & just embargo them. We carry a huge stick since we consume a billion barrels of oil everyday. We constantly make inroads with other nations to offset problems like this & now pumping our own grounds like North Dakota, bypassing the objections & actions of the environmentalists – funny how that worked eh?

However, if Iran decides to go into a real war with Israel (not trade a few missiles & planes), then you will see some very spooky times because it could escalate to nukes very quickly & if it does – hold on to your hats. Not to be preachy here but Armageddon is located in Israel (coming from the Hebrew – har megiddo or the modern area of Megiddo).

3. US Election – don’t know who will win but it will be different for sure – the best marketer will win the election.

If the mainstream continues down its same path, they will make Ron Paul look like a lunatic like they did with Ross Perot years ago. Our government is a closed system like a good old boys club & they will protect themselves by continuing to confuse us with distractions & manipulate outcomes.

My favorite saying is “believing is seeing” and that’s what “they” will continue to create & do. Remember, Obama had near ZERO experience in politics or law & he got elected & is probably not a true native born citizen. That proved the experiment that it is possible create something from nothing.

Our only hope for change is the popular vote.

4. The end of the world in December 2012? No but anyone of us could get hit by a bus making the above points moot so, only concern yourselves with that with which you can control & enjoy life because it’s all just an illusion!

And here’s what Michael predicted:

1. Things will improve moderately, but most people wont realize that lower personal debit levels, more savings in the bank, fewer people dying in car smashes, a slightly healthier population over all, and actually doing something productive with your time, are improvements (what, I can’t log into Face Book 20 times a day? My life is over!). Most people will still be pissed that they had to sell off their 46″ TV and SUV and that the can’t afford to eat fast food 5 times a week. Never mind that they’re now closer to debit free then they’ve ever been and they weight 15 pounds less than they used to.

2. Oil prices will go up a little, but a continued drop in the amount of gasoline that American’s use (down 6% in 2011) will offset the increased oil price so gasoline will stay about the same.

3. Food prices will go up and thanks to the increase in world wide funky weather and a globalized food market, we’ll see a few shortages (but nothing hard core) in America and a few riots in the third world.

4. This years trend of decreased levels of over all crime and violence, but increased levels of murder-suicides and police shootings will continue.

5. Police will respond to increased levels of police getting shot at with increased violence, even when it’s not warranted, and we’ll see a couple of inner-cities erupt in rioting.

6. Obama will win re-election and the federal government will continue its slide into irrelevancy.

7. Historically multi-generational households and extended families living close together were the norm. We’ll see the trends of people shifting back to multi-generational households and extended families moving closer together continue and we’ll see the media continue to treat this as an anomaly and a bad thing, not normal human behavior and an improvement.

8. The positive trends of eating less fast food and fixing and mending things instead of just throwing them out will continue and the media will continue to treat these as bad things and a side effect of the recession.

Michael January 2, 2012 [edit]
Guess I should note that I think what’s going on with Iran right now is just political theater. Having a boogie man serves both governments well.

Well done, guys!

Just about everybody who responded was right about Obama getting reelected and 2012 not being the end of the world.


Here’s what I’d like you to predict for this year:

1.  Economy – crash or no crash?  Slow steady decline?  Things will start to slowly get better? Will Europe drag us down?  Will we chug along at the same pace?  What do you think?

2.  Oil – will oil prices go up, down, or remain the same?  Why?

3.  Will gun laws tighten down because of the many shootings around the United States lately?  Newtown, Conn., the Firemen shot in Rochester, New York, a police officer and bystander shot and killed after a Houston car chase, and so forth.  Or will this eventually be swept under the rug?

4.  Predict something I haven’t asked about.  Something important like a war, or a volcano, or something that really proves your psychic ability and makes me want to hire you here at SHTFBlog as the resident psychic!

-Jarhead Survivor

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  • CombatrockRock December 26, 2012, 9:33 am

    Just like 2012, our economy will not crash. The government won’t let that happen. They know if that happens, it will take money from there wallets.
    As far as oil goes, its after the election and we all know the prices will go up. How much? Who knows? But we do know that they won’t go down much, if at all.
    Unfortunatley we will have a firearms ban of some sort in 2013. Unless something like 9/11 happens where all eyes are focused on something completely different. And we all know that the ban will only make crime rise just as it did during the Clinton ban and just as it does in every other Country that has a ban.
    Obamacare will start to show its face. We will all be forced to go under one type of insurance for our specific age group or face a fine / no tax return / jail time. Crime will go up in hospitals due to people not being able to afford the insurance so they will take matters in there own hands and force medical personel to help them by any means necessary.
    Just like every new year we will see change some will be good some will be bad. As long as we prepare and live life to the fullest of our abilities we will be ok.

  • Novice December 26, 2012, 12:43 pm

    I know it’s not much of a “prediction” but in all areas (the economy, oil, gun control) we won’t see much of a change from this year. The stock market will have a substantial pull back but will probably end 2013 not to far from where it is now. Oil will dip some on the pull back but rise again on the next mid-east dictator sneeze. Gun control will be fiercely debated and a token law may be passed but we won’t see any real change. All in all I think it will just be one more year of kicking the can down the road toward Apocalypse.

  • Jason December 26, 2012, 1:06 pm

    Well, I feel honored & I am speechless ….

    Ok, that moment passed –

    1. The economy will not crash, the “fiscal cliff” is a scare tactic.

    Our entire media as it relates to anything about the government has become about selling perceptions, never complete facts & that will only get worse. The impact of bloggers will continue exacerbate that perception problem because people have lost the art of explaining the simple, base truth or asking questions without an agenda of attack to whatever answer.

    You must always consider the source & see if they have any financial gain behind their points of view. Look at Glen Beck, Gerald Celente, Bill Mahr, Bill O’Reilly etc, etc, etc – it is all about ratings/popularity which means, dollars.

    Maybe the economy crashed at the end of 2008 & we never knew about it & now are in the slow recovery mode since then – who the heck knows?

    2. Oil prices will remain relatively unchanged. However, the idea behind Peak Oil will dissipate like flatulence in the wind as it did with Global Warming.

    The newest oil discoveries in the US, along current productions will become a big stick financial for this country. It is well documented that the US will surpass the Middle East in oil production by 2018 & be the #1 oil producers in the world. Does that mean we will have cheaper prices at the pump? Ha! Never happen, profit is always relative to tolerance, nothing more.

    3. Increased gun laws …. this will SOLELY depend upon the marketing arm of the NRA which needs to be very careful during this moment on the timeline. I think voicing publicly the knee-jerk reactions like put an armed guard at every school is a poor response because it makes the NRA seem even more militant.

    What is clear is the 2nd Amendment – the right to bear arms, period. All government leaders needs to respect that like any other amendment and work much harder at educating gun safety & gun ownership responsibility because it is not a bad thing whatsoever. The people who to decide to do evil deeds will do them with or without guns, always have & always will.

    4. Hmmmm, I have one psychic prediction, one psycho prediction & one hopeful prediction.

    A. Obama will become a far better president & leader than any of the right expects. Because of this last election, I believe he realized how polarized America has become due to his presence alone. Even though he was touted as a great leader by the left media, won the Nobel Prize etc, Mitt Romney nearly had him beat – why? The American people started to speak. I did not vote for Obama but believe he will make a positive impact for the country.

    B. Psycho prediction …. John Brown.

    It is so obvious that this man has assumed the mantle of being a prophet of God & more general predictions of the the end of the world because of the inhabitants of Blue States, Obama uses a make-up artist to hide his devil horns, will surely be coming our way. One thing about prophets of God that John may not realize is, they are very specific & 100% correct, 100% of the time.

    One thing for sure is, I will call him on the carpet for his scriptural basis for his …. whatever & he will be unable to address them with any degree of rationale. A true profit of God would have no issue with it nor would stand on a soapbox admonishing everybody with such deep, personal hostility. He claims to be a follower of Jesus but acts more like a Pharisee.

    C. Hopeful prediction – people will begin to realize that a healthy/balanced diet sans fast food (sorry Gone With The Wind), exercise & removing oneself from the Internet input will increase a general feeling of well being. Pharmaceuticals will be replaced by more natural remedies which includes lifestyle.

    Ultimately how you feel as an individual is how you respond to the world coming at you so, if you want to change the world, start by first changing yourself.

    • Post Script December 29, 2012, 4:03 pm

      Another prediction & slight oversight to be added to category B –

      Yoda (pronounced Yo, Duh) may make another run at the readers of this blog with more of his pitiful, one line quasi complements – many times to the wrong author.

      His goal is to bring them over to his totally lame-ass sensationalist blog while he claims to have become one of the highest decorated civilians – ever, for being the lead negotiator of a hostage takeover of a airliner in Central America. Funny but extensive research reveals that it is pure fabrication.

      I often wondered what force he has been feeling ….

    • GoneWithTheWind December 29, 2012, 10:45 pm

      I am in total agreement with a balanced and diverse diet and avoiding the fad diets which decrease diversity based on pseudo-science concepts. I have never really understood the prejudice towards “fast foods”. I do understand that when you have food biases you believe you are right so therefore everyone else must be wrong. But seriously what is wrong with a Big Mac? Is it the bread? You don’t like bread? Is it the hamburger? You don’t eat hamburger? The lettuce? The cheese? What/which bias is it that is controlling your mind? I like hamburger. I make an awesum chili mac. I like bread, in fact my dinner tonight consisted of three slices of Dave’s killer bread (try it if you can find it in a store near you). I toasted it and put margarine on it (you, saturated fats) and I’m still alive. Most of what we think we know about food and most of what we hear and read about food is pure BS and someone else’s biases.

      Excercise! I’m in favor of it. Lifelong good excercise will help your health and mental well being.

      Pharmaceuticals: I avoid all medicine unless I need it. I take one pill every day and it keeps me out of the hospital with grim faced doctors and nurses hovering over me. Two trips to the emergency room followed by a stay in the hospital both times is no fun so I will take that little life saving pill everyday. Someday a pill (pharmaceutical) will save your life or improve your life. When that day happens you will change your tune. As for natural remedies… Pure BS, quackery and wishful thinking. Sure there have been some medicines derived from plants and other natural sources. But pretty much when something like this actually turned out to be useful it was produced in a purified form with exact dosages and available even out of season for the plant. So you can suck on willow bushes or pop echinacea flowers if you want to but not me. AND I would not listen to a doctor or nurse who suggested it; a quack is a quack!

      My prediction: The economy will crash. I don’t know if it will happen in 2013 but our debt and our easy and generous “welfare” is killing us. The question is how bad will it get? Like the great depression? Worse? Will it precipitate a war? Will it create massive riots in cities? Will people die from lack of food, shelter and medical care?

      As for your generous comments about Obama I disagree. I think Obama intends to destroy America so he can remake it as a socialist/communist country. You laugh! Can’t happen here you say. When people get desperate they are very susceptible to the worst kind of leader who promises a chicken in every pot or a “final solution”. We could even have a violent American spring like Libya, Egypt or Syria. Obama will destroy us if he can…

      • Jason December 30, 2012, 11:01 am

        One problem with your Obama statement – he is not a dictator & we still live in a democracy.

        As to the McDonald’s question, natural remedies duck walk …. we went down this path before & I provided you many, many, many links from well known & highly credible sources, none of which you could respond to but, you obviously know more, so I won’t waste anymore time.

        “The way of a fool seems right to him, but a wise man listens to advice.”
        Proverbs 12:15

        “Do you see a man wise in his own eyes? There is more hope for a fool than for him.”
        Proverbs 26:12

        “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”
        Albert Einstein

        “You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant.”
        Harlan Ellison

        “When you know better you do better.”
        Maya Angelou

        “The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function.”
        F. Scott Fitzgerald

        But heck, what would they know ….

        • PS December 30, 2012, 4:51 pm

          Have fun explaining this one:

          Though McDonald’s finally acknowledged & actually banned its use, it was in production for years & inoculated into their customers. MSNBC probably made just up the story to open themselves to a lawsuit …. yea, that’s it.

          This is probably just made up by some serious biased people as well except, they got their info from McDonald’s …. hmmmm, that’s a bit weird. But hey – eat up.

        • GoneWithTheWind January 2, 2013, 8:05 pm

          “pink slime” is just meat. The haters named it pink slime so it would be easier to dupe the useful idiots.

          Those “sources” you cited were the usual sources. Suspect faux-studies, people with weird food biases, and the usual round of crazy web sites like Dr Mercola.

          I defy you to “prove” that anything in McDonalds is bad for you. Remember the faux studies use words like “could” and “might” and “are believed to” in place of “proof”. And after you prove McDonalds fries (or whatever) are bad for us tell me how many orders of fries will it take to kill me or give me heart disease.

          Your problem is you are dabbling in voodoo, crazy, fakery, snake oil and don’t even know it. You have garlic
          hung around your neck and are taking 2000 IU of vitamin D every day and you won’t live a day longer or be any healthier then if you just ate regular food. We agree on one thing. You will never agree with me and that’s fine. Good luck!

          • Jason January 3, 2013, 3:11 am

            “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

            Abraham Lincoln

            Yes Gone With The Wind, you successfully removed ALL doubt.

  • Odd Questioner December 26, 2012, 1:08 pm

    Economy: things will start getting ugly this year, but not by too much. Most indicators will slump as Congress and WH continue to fuss about with taxation/spending battles. Businesses will get more skittish over the question, and upcoming Obamacare bits will retard any growth that does come. The only real saving grace here would be oil, so…

    Oil: The same, and perhaps go down a touch as domestic production continues ramping up.

    Gun Laws: A lot of bluster, but given short attention spans and (mercifully) gridlock in Congress over the issue, at most you’ll see a reinstatement of the 1994″Assault Weapons” ban.

    Unpredictables? Let’s say China’s economy will start to falter due to sluggishness elsewhere. I also somewhat predict a degradation of the Euro, with perhaps a few nations breaking off of it (or being kicked out of it, depending on how much debt the country in question carries).

    • Michael December 28, 2012, 2:15 am

      Every time the economy gets worse people start doing things like walking or riding their bike to the store instead of driving, going to the library instead of using Amazon or Netflix, planting a garden and eating less processed crap and fast food. In other words, every time the economy gets worse people do things to make their quality of life go up. Well, 70% of the people’s quality of life goes up, there are some people out there who are really hurting.

      It seems to me that we need to get past the idea the the econometrics that the media pump out and the average American’s quality of life are linked.

      • Odd Questioner December 28, 2012, 7:05 pm

        I agree to an extent, but there’s only so much buffer you can generate or reach into before something has to give.

        When your budget leaves you deciding whether or not to keep a fancy smartphone and expensive cell plan versus cable TV, no apocalypse yet. ( <–this is where we are now with most folks.)

        When you start having to decide between, say, keeping a second car and saving for the kids' college, things are starting to get uncomfortable ( <– this is where 12/31/2013 will leave most middle-class folks, I think. Lower down they'll be deciding between making the mortgage payment and feeding their 401k account.)

        When you're stuck between paying the power bill and buying food for the week, then we're talking hard times (<– no idea offhand if/when, but most who are at/below poverty line will likely start seeing this in 2013 or so. )

        I guess the point I'm making is that as things grind in harder, the typical (non-prepped) family starts running out of slack in the rope. Even if you're fully prepped, you don't want to start digging into the stores until you absolutely have to, lest you short yourself in the long-run.

  • Anne Ollamha December 26, 2012, 3:07 pm

    On the economic front, I think that things will continue to slump slowly and hard times will thicken over the globe (sort of like the icy compaction of snowfall on a glacier). At some point, the economic glacier will begin to slide down towards complete collapse, but what the tipping point will be and when it will happen is hard to predict. Meanwhile, the peeps who really are in the know will be prepping and retreating (and I refer not only to people like you and I, but also the engineers of this debacle).

    Weather-wise, drought seems likely again next summer. I’m thinking in terms of researching water-conserving desert gardening techniques. Last summer, my garden was so dry hardly anything grew well even with watering everything, and for the first time we had deer coming into the yard not only to eat, but to find something to drink. The little swamp behind the property had no standing water, just dryish mud. Lots of abandoned pets as well. I figure to see the same next summer. In the meantime, I’m laying in several years’ worth of seeds of the sort that can be stored for more than one year.

    Crime increases in difficult times, and its not just the “criminal” elements that will be breaking the law, and becoming violent due to frustration/rage. Opsec, my friends. Pay attention out there.

    Religious violence will probably increase. At some point, some government somewhere will decide that religion (or some particular religion) is the cause of all the problems and ban it. Maybe not in 2013, but at some point. And it will be a handy excuse to seize the assets of the believers, and their churches, temples, etc. to help pay down government debt, or line some dictator’s pockets.

    Gun laws will tighten in those places where tyranny seeks to reign, and those who value their freedom will have to choose what their response is going to be.

    The Pacific Ring of Fire has been very active lately, so we’ll probably see more reports of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, and as corollary, the warming of the Arctic will go hand in hand with that.

    Here’s an end of the world scenario for fans of that sort of thing: the weight of the melting Arctic ice spreading out of the Arctic and into the more southly oceans will cause a dramatic polar shift accompanied by earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and the rim of the North American plate’s western edge being thrust up into the atmosphere by the subduction of the Juan de Fuca and Pacific Plates beneath it (this would make a great movie wouldn’t it?. My vote is to have Woody Harrelson reprise his role as Charlie Frost [2012] (resurrected with a new name) as the man who saw the whole picture).

  • Michael December 26, 2012, 4:38 pm

    Yay, I’m a winner!

    Wish I was wrong about the murder-suicides.

  • Michael December 26, 2012, 5:46 pm

    Economy: We’ll be going over the “fiscal cliff” and with that will come a short, sharp recession. The economy will continue to reorganize its self around a country with less money, which will mean fewer people in the workforce, but will also mean less personal debt, more parents at home taking care of kids, and more time for things like gardening and playing the piano. Less cash also means more bicycle commuters, healthier people, and less crap getting spewed in the air. The trend to “onshore” jobs from China will continue. In my book, we’ll be improving. According to 99% of the media we’ll be worse off than ever.

    Oil: Oil’s a tough nut to crack at this point. Fracking’s brought a lot of oil onto the market, but the companies doing the fracking are highly leveraged, the fall-off from a fracked field that’s peaked is really steep and demand for refined oil products will continue to go down. Not sure what all that’s going to mean.

    Guns: gun laws will tighten a bit. No more sales of ammo over the net. Background checks for ammo purchases that aren’t done at a range. No more 10+ round magazines without a special permit. It will be easier to get the mentally ill on a block list.

    Local prediction: Coal exports (to China) from Cherry Point Washington will get state and federal approval. The trains carrying the coal will be met by protestors all along the tracks in Spokane and in the Puget Sound region. Mile long trains stopped on tracks because of protestors will cause so many traffic problems that the coal trains will be halted shortly after they’ve started.

  • Vicky December 27, 2012, 1:53 am

    1. The economy will continue to slide slowly into the sunset without anyone noticing until it falls into the sewer then there will be multiple pointing of fingers and no resolution. Back to the 1920s, if we’re lucky, and riots in the streets if the government can’t print enough money to buy off the citizenry.

    2. Taxpayers will be unable to pay local taxes and tax foreclosures will become dangerous as the populations uses them to vent rage at the government.

    3. There will be wild and wicked weather, as usual, but over-hyped into the apocalypse until no one believes the hysteria.

    4. Obama will have several “rumors” proved against him but nothing will happen because to act on it is to be racist, the worst possible crime you can commit.

    5. The “flu” vaccine will prove to be hazardous to your health, all of which will be refuted by various heads of government. People will refuse to take them, irrespective of HHS, and the government will bail out the manufacturers.

    6. GM will lose all of the taxpayer money advanced to it and this will be covered up by the usual suspects. Proof will filter out and add one more straw to the public camel’s back.

    7. Obama will take his family on vacations, each more expensive than the last until the taxpayers revolt. He remains in office, but becomes more ineffective with each passing day.

    8. Hillary will blame Bill for her political misfortunes and present a lively sideshow, distracting from the ineptitude of Congress and the president. In order to maintain relevancy, she may even divorce him, demanding custody of everything, including Chelsea’s new baby, then marry Al Gore or Michael Moore.

    9. The New Madrid Fault will finally explode, leveling much of “flyover” country. This will be blamed on fracking.

    10. Gasoline prices will reach European levels, delighting the environmentalists until they find that they can’t afford to travel, either.

    11. AMTRAK or a variant will be resurrected with great graft and corruption. The initial runs will be celebrated until protesters wreck the tracks and there is great loss of life, not including, unfortunately, any member of congress.

    12. At least one congress member will go “home” to give another lying speech and will be hit in the face by a cream pie. The perp will be hanged at sunrise due to the new “Gabby Gifford ‘How Dare You Touch ME” laws which require that you not even look “meanly” at a government employee.

    13. Nancy Pelosi’s face will finally melt with her next shot of botox and she will wear a veil in alleged sympathy with the “persecuted Arab minority”.

    14. Two TSA members accidentally grope each other, fall in love and marry. Obama will be a special guest. Big Sis will give the bride away, irrespective of gender.

    15. Michelle will choke to death on a piece of broccoli and everyone celebrates. Broccoli becomes the official vegetable of the remnants of the U.S.A.

    • Jason December 28, 2012, 3:17 am


      Regarding #11 …. will John Galt step forward?

      #13 …. Pelosi eventually wears a full burqa to which Obama publicly applauds the effort to save the American people from seeing her face & the respect shown towards the Muslim brother & sisterhood.

      • Vicky December 29, 2012, 12:15 am

        John Galt is fictional, but someone with his character may arise. Nancy isn’t going to wear a burqa because it will cover up her designer clothing, Christian LaBoutin shoes and her diamond rings. Wonder if her skin is too far gone for another massive facelift, which she can design to look like either Oprah Winfrey or the Virgin Mary, or Hillary, which means she may get a chance to sleep with Bill, much to his surprise, or with lights on, distress.

        • Jason December 29, 2012, 1:50 am

          If she has another facelift she may end up with a goatee.

          • Vicky December 29, 2012, 6:32 pm

            Makes a bikini wax easier… (Sorry)

          • Jason December 29, 2012, 7:15 pm

            That made me laugh out loud! You are a very funny girl Vickey.

  • riverrider December 27, 2012, 11:04 am

    1) depends on number 3. if the dragon lady is successful, it will spur a new revolt beginning with states opting out of the regs and .gov moving to reassert its power, which will bring about the shooting part. if the dragon is slain, figuratively of course, we’ll just continue the slow slide into the european model until it can no longer be sustained by any amount of taxation.
    2)oil will stay roughly the same, but gas will continue to go up. when oil was 85.00 in the 90’s gas was 1.79. now 85.00 equals 3.00+. the suv addicted sheeple will continue to drive prices up slowly, bolstered by proxy wars in the mideast.
    3) this is the wildcard. if the dragon lady is successful it will be over the will of the vast majority of the people. the follow on actions of the feds will precipitate a constutional crisis and eventually civil war. if cooler heads/ typical dc gridlock prevail, osama will move by executive order to do same, refer to second line. if in the usual fashion something much watered down comes out, the sheeple will grumble as will the rest but life will slog on until the next manufactured crisis.
    4) one thru three don’t matter because a huge asteriod comes out of nowhere and slams earth destroying life as we know it. the end.

  • SunnyD December 28, 2012, 12:45 pm

    Most people think that since we have had debt all these years and so far so good then what difference does more debt make? But this ignores some simple and common sense concepts. For everyone and every institution there is a limit how much debt you can have, service, and suffer under the weight of before it crushes you. This idea that we can skate on thin ice a few times with no problem so therefore we can skate on even thinner ice and ignore reality is stupendously stupid. Think about the math involved and it will help you understand the magnitude of the problem. Our total federal revenues are about $2.3 trillion a year. We spend an additional $1.5 trillion a year which we have to borrow. If tomorrow we decided to simply stop the bleeding, not even fix anything or try to pay off any debt we would have to set our budget at $2.3 trillion which would mean a cut of $1.5 trillion. And remember that doesn’t do a thing to pay off our existing $16.4 trillion debt. Just that single essential step is impossible. We can not and will not do it. Congress won’t pass a balanced budget and the president wouldn’t sign one. So instead we will borrow more money this year and next year and every year into the distant future UNTIL that day when no one will lend us any more money anymore. That day is near. When our debt was about $10 trillion or so in 2008 no one was talking about our AAA rating being downgraded. Today it is on the table and likely to happen in 2013. We have crossed an “event horizon” in our debt and we are no longer in control. We MUST increase our debt limit every year because we cannot stop the spiral into bankruptcy. We passed the point where we could ever again balance our budget and we are no longer in control. Now it is all dependent on chance and how long politicians can kick the can down the road. What they all want to do is keep kicking the can until they are out of office but with each passing year our debt gets heavier and heavier and the can is harder and harder to kick. So at some point regardless of how much the politicians want to stave off the inevitable it will happen. The ONLY question is when? It could be 2013, in fact that is likely. It could be 2014 or 2015 … The simple fact is we don’t know what resourceful and devious politicians will come up with to keep the collapse from happening on their watch. Probably what will happen is some outside event, similar to the mortgage debacle, will precipitate the collapse of the economy and events will no longer be under the control of any politicians.

    Waych out for this because when the dominoes begin to fall you may have hours or days to take action to protect yourself. The primary thing working against you is your preconceived notion that nothing bad will happen because we have had bad times before and no collapse. Rid yourself of that bias. You are going to be sitting in front of your TV with your mouth open unable to act out of disbelief because in your mind it can’t happen here. It can, it will and soon…

    • Jarhead Survivor December 28, 2012, 1:36 pm

      Great comment, SunnyD. I think along the same lines.

    • Jason December 28, 2012, 4:29 pm

      Well thought out Sunny D but I disagree on several points.

      The attitude of kicking the can down the road really doesn’t make sense, although it may appear that way. You are assuming that ALL of our elected leaders are simply biding time, getting fat & smoking cigars while waiting for some bulletproof pension. This is a deep error. Many & I will suggest that the vast majority, are completely the opposite, they want to resolve the problem.

      This is not a new issue but the amount of debt is. Also, it isn’t a simple equation of 1 – 3 = collapse. It is extremely complex with many, many variables & given that, we cannot “collapse” in the purest sense of the word – a sudden occurrence. Many, many safeguards were put in place from the Black Friday of 1929, even so, the effects of Black Friday were not felt for a full 30 months.

      There is now a complete global economic ebb & flow whereas in the past (1929), it was primarily America. Point being it is now forcing many hands (countries) into the solution process.

      America is still the #1 economy in the world & like it or not other countries, it is not in their best interest to let in implode. If America goes down so does China, Europe, India, Pakistan, Russia, Central & South America, Japan, Korea, the Middle East then the ripple effect rather, tsunami, is unleashed.

      The politicians are smarter than most give credit to & they absolutely realize this fact. What they know is no amount of prepping will save them if the US melts down – and since they are in the know, far better than us all, they will solve the problem because they have no choice.

      There is an old adage/question regarding risk evaluation in business – what comes first, income or expense?

      Expense 100% of the time.

      Ford SPENDS millions upon millions of dollars & several years developing the Mustang before one is even put on the production line then sold. The result was massive profit. The solution lies in the profit opportunity NOT trying to radically slash spend. It is about responsibility & economic stewardship.

      Currently, WE citizens have totally F’ed up this economy. We all got fat, lazy & spent way more than we were earning, betting on the come. I hate to say it, but the US government is a reflection of its citizens not the other way around.

      While they (government) remain polarized, we as citizens created that exact mindset. A large part of that stupidity was everybody whining like 5 year olds how the bank screwed me with my mortgage or whatever the flavor of the day happens to be.

      Most everybody wants to blame someone else for our lot in life but that is terribly childish & shortsighted.

      What we need to do is support the current leadership AND keep them accountable – that is our only choice. Stomping the feet only makes noise & produces nothing.

      Trends ALWAYS starts small but can go viral overnight. I say to hell with the problem, focus on & be a part of the solution.

      • Odd Questioner December 28, 2012, 7:33 pm

        ” …they will solve the problem because they have no choice.”

        And, what if they cannot?

        I get the whole song-and-dance, coupled with the media’s addiction to fall into hyper-dramatics over every little thing.

        However, unlike 100 years ago, the big boys in money cannot simply sit down together over whisky and cigars, then ‘make sausage’ so as to keep the engine humming. They can come close to it, but sheer size, momentum, and not a few regulations will make it impossible to do any such thing with any agility.

        • Jason December 28, 2012, 11:18 pm

          No choice is no choice & void of any option. Like jumping out of an airplane, you are committed & you cannot un-jump.

      • Jarhead Survivor December 30, 2012, 8:36 pm

        I don’t disagree that we as citizens are at least partly responsible for the economy – among many other problems in the country right now.

        But it seems there have been market crashes and other types of crashes in the past that weren’t – and couldn’t – be controlled by the government(s.) Not necessarily the U.S., but I would presume that what holds true for us would hold true for other governments as well.

        It’s been shown time and time again that you can’t inflate your way out of debt and yet that’s exactly what we’re trying to do. At some point the money is going to come due and no one is going to trust us to be good for it, because obviously we’re not.

        We can’t or won’t balance our budget and with a deficit of a trillion dollars a year (or whatever it is) we’re only going to keep getting in deeper and deeper.

        Maybe there’s no profit in a collapse, but I’ll bet if (when) the economy starts to collapse the top 1% have plans in place to bail out. No profit in it, but no sense in going down with a sinking ship either!

        • Jason December 30, 2012, 11:18 pm

          America has too much equity in many senses of the word & way too much opportunity for the elite to bail out. Besides, IF IF IF IF it did sink, the world would go too & it would be like the Stone Age with technology.

          I was drawing a correlation between the citizens, the government & the direction of the economy. Because we are a democracy, the government is a reflection of its citizens whereas, you take a dictatorship or communism, the people are a reflection of the government.

          Mortgage default & foreclosure is the #1 thing that damaged the banks & economy & was the reason for the largest bailouts in history. Those are citizens who defaulted & caused the government to respond. That is a fundamental problem withy today’s freedom – near zero accountability.

          You can look at almost any sector of the economy where difficulty has happened & it began with the individual’s mismanagement. What makes matters worse is we has a nation & society have become fat, lazy & act like a bunch of entitled children.

          If you analyze half of the comments here or any other survivalist blog, you will see what I mean. People stamping their feet about keeping guns, gas prices, food prices, Japan’s nuclear fallout, border crossing aliens, Big Mac’s are not harmful – the list is endless & yet, the “problem(s)” remain fully intact. It’s like a self-filfulled prophecy & everybody seems willing to accept a martyr’s death.

          It is so absurd it is almost hysterical because of the dichotomy – on one hand people are upset because rights are being taken away, on the other hand they quietly watch as it happens to them. That is the most disgusting & demeaning thing a person could do in this country.

          So we sit on the edge of a fiscal cliff – that term btw, amuses the hell out of me because it reminds me of Y2K & we stare at the headlights of the parked car at freeze. Nobody becomes or moves towards the solution because it is too damn easy & acceptable to bitch about all that’s wrong.

          I have made a ton of money in my life & always during a bad economy. You want to know the secret? Work diligently, exercise focus & use your brain – that’s it. Everybody is looking up waiting for the sky to fall & that clears the road for opportunity. This is exactly what the elite do.

          Quite frankly, I am glad everybody is wringing their hands, hunkering down & in panic mode because the opportunities that will become available will be incredible & with little competition – it is the perfect storm.

          On the other hand, D’ja’c below may be right …. !

          • Update January 1, 2013, 12:33 pm

            The very first few sentences sums up my thoughts exactly – “ain’t no big deal”


            It finally came to me this morning …. if you want to be a successful prognosticator, find the most sensationalized MSM news events & bet the opposite will occur.

            There is always a build-up, massive energy poured in with ALWAYS the scare tactic or words like Fiscal Cliff, Y2K or Economic Collapse then …. the crescendo where everybody freezes & becomes glued to the news to get the final outcome and …. whew, wipe the eyebrow because we just averted another disaster. My question is, was it really a disaster or just a distraction to get a different agenda completed?

            In the Korean War the Chinese blew horns & clanged cymbals – loudly, as they attacked because it confounded the US Soldiers AND they would freeze in place in an effective use of Psyop’s. This wasn’t new technology, this action dated back to the Battle of Jericho in 1400 BC.

            Today, what we have with the MSM is the same sort psyop’s thing excepts with words & graphics/illustrations. Disturbing how they can be so effective but it’s actually quite brilliant to be able to influence so many without firing a bullet.

            Sometimes I think Shakespeare was right when he wrote the words “much ado about nothing”.

  • D'ja'c December 30, 2012, 8:40 pm

    Wrong, wrong, wrong, you’re all wrong! Except for Vicky #7;-D. Here is what will happen. A comet (stop me if you’ve heard this) is heading this way. But it is not really a comet. It has been hollowed out by aliens and they are using it to travel here from a distant star system. It is mostly made of gold, copper, lead, lithium and arthurium. They are benevolent aliens. They will pay off all this world’s debts and back all the currency with a gold standard. They will use the lithium, copper, and lead to arm every one with light sabers so we won’t need to worry about “fire arm violence”. As anyone can tell you arthurium will give us all unlimited power sources. We won’t
    need to depend on oil anymore and we can drive “Jetson air cars” like all the popular science magazines when I was growing up. Oh I forgot about the titanium. We all get titanium sporks and camp stoves so we can go hiking and keep up with Jarhead and ThatguyinCA. Also all the aliens want in return for all this are 1.) the mushrooms growing in Calamity Jane’s doomstead basement. 2.) Some one to teach them counter terrorism. 3.) A lifetime supply of Hostess Twinkies (for the return trip) 4.) The KFC secret recipe. 5.) Surfing lessons and 6.) An honorable, self-less politician.

    • Jarhead Survivor December 30, 2012, 8:52 pm

      Whoa! What if I already have a titanium spork??? Are they offering anything else?

      Not that I worry with number 6 being a requirement!

      (Although I wouldn’t want to go after anything in CJ’s basement without her permission.)

    • Jason December 30, 2012, 10:14 pm

      D’ja’c – that was funny!


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