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You will notice that we run SHTFBlog a little different.  Our site is clean and contains almost no advertising.  If you enjoy SHTFBlog & Survival Cache and would like to support us, you can do so in two ways.  The 1st way is to shop at our Survival Store – Forge Survival Supply.  Why Forge Survival Supply?  Since we started SHTFBlog & Survival Cache, we have receive a lot of inquires about Survival Gear, what to buy, where to buy, etc.  Finally we decided that you had to go to 20 different websites (camping, tactical, knife stores, long term food, emergency preparedness, gardening, fishing, etc) to find decent survival gear.  We thought why not bring everything to one website with all of the gear we have reviewed and tested.  You will also notice that we do not sell cheap China-Mart stuff on our site.  That is because that stuff is not in our kit and we only sell stuff that we use.  If you can’t stand by a product, why sell it?

The 2nd way you can support is by shopping at Amazon by clicking on links throughout the site.  This means if you read about a piece of gear on our site, click through to a site like Amazon and buy the gear, we get a small commission.  We would rather do it this way than have 20 advertisements up and down the right and left side of our blog flashing in your face, telling you to buy a water filter.

All that we ask is you think about us when shopping for Survival Gear and click one of the links below to buy your gear.

-You buy the gear you want from the stores you know and trust.

-You help support our site at the same time. It’s a win-win.

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