Survival Footwear – Prepare Like a Woman

Got TEOTWAWKI? If you do, the question you’ll eventually be faced with is – got footwear? When the horrific mushroom cloud goes up and everyone is dropping from a nasty combination of fallout and bird flu gone human-to-human, gasoline won’t be present – or in very limited supply. Grocery stores will be empty. Your job will be non-existent. You’ll be . . . on your own.

One need only read The Road to know the importance of footwear in a post-apocalyptic world. With no gas available you’ll be walking – a lot! You’ll wear your shoes out at a much faster rate than what you do now. You won’t be sitting your butt down at work or on the pc, you’ll be outside – working your butt OFF! Your shoes are gonna wear out real fast.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking, “I’ll just takes the boots off a dead man.” Uh huh, a lot of people will try that. It might work, but running around picking the goods off corpses, possibly INFECTED corpses, doesn’t rank high as a desirable goal in my mind.

I would instead suggest you prepare now, that you prepare . . . like a woman! By that I mean secure many pairs of shoes and boots. You can do this quite economically simply by NOT throwing out your OLD pairs of shoes. When you wear a pair of shoes out in today’s world, it’s probably a different level of “worn out” condition than what you’d consider “worn out” when the cloud goes up. For this reason just toss your old shoes into a box or milk crate and store it overhead in your shed or garage. They won’t go bad. There’s no shelf life on shoes. Take a lesson from folks that lived during the Great Depression – keep EVERYTHING!

Here are a few pairs of Ranger Man SHTF shoes:


Oh baby, can’t ya just picture me on the runway? “Strut that stuff, Ranger Man” all the models in need of a few pounds would yell. “We soooo want you!” Yeah . . . . anyway.

I bet many of you are quickly drawn to that sexy pair of pinkish, plastic boots. No, they’re not women’s shoes, and I don’t know why Koflach made them pinkish, but whatever. They’re mountaineering boots that would normally cost around $225.00, but I scored these babies years ago at Eastern Mountain Sports. They were purchased, quickly returned, and then placed on a clearance table during mid-summer. I lucked out – they fit! $90 bucks! Beauty. They’ll take a mad pair of crampons and you won’t find a warmer pair of boots with better ankle support. You don’t really need these unless you climb mountains in the winter, but like I said, there is nothing warmer.

Moving to the far right are old, erotic New Balance sneakers. Yummy! Don’t ya just wanna stick ’em in your face and breathe deep? They were getting old so I kept them for mowing the grass and other summer outdoor work. This saves on wear and tear on my other shoes, and there’s still plenty of life left in these sweeties.

The tall set of boots are my super sweet, insulated, run through a bog and don’t get wet hunting boots. I also use them to take the wood ash out in the winter, and when I go up the road to shovel horse poop for my compost pile. The tread on these are sweet. It’s a great boot, pricey, but I take care of my equipment. They’ll last for years. Here they are at $140. Yup, like I said, ain’t cheap, but they’ll last forever.

At the far left is my favorite pair of shoes I own – heavy weight Limmers! These things have a cult-like following for good reason. Expensive? Lol – yeah, try $279.00. I originally bought them, because I am somewhat flat-footed, and my previous hiking boots were doing a number on my soles. This pair has a steel shank which made all the difference. I bought these suckers way back in 1996 – TWELVE years ago! I’ve put countless mountain miles on them since then and by “mountain miles” (in New England) I mean climbing LOTS of rock. I’ve used them extensively off the mountain as well. No other boot would take the abuse these boots have taken, and there’s still plenty of life left in them. They’ll take a pair of crampons as well, and if price is not an option, you can even get a pair custom made for your foot in New Hampshire. I understand there’s quite a wait list, though.

The Limmers and the Koflach boots were purchased while I was still in college, back when dumping a bunch of cash on hiking boots seemed quite natural. It’s probably a good thing I did it then.

– Ranger Man

BTW: Guest post tomorrow from HOBOSTRIPPER! Yep, she’s kickin’ it SHTF style.

Also, gold dropped again yesterday by $32.80. Ka-chow! Yowzer!

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  • Harmony Hermit March 21, 2008, 6:13 am

    Picked up a pair of those tall hunting boots for $50 three years ago. Waited untill after hunting season and checked all the outdoor stores for closeouts/ after season clearance.

    This year I got a twofer of gauntlet style shooting gloves for shoveling snow and …uh…shooting. Have also scored insulated coveralls and jackets. Who cares that they are Mossy Oak or Realtree.

    Buy stuff out of season when the stores have sales!

  • ryan March 21, 2008, 7:14 am

    I happpen to be in an organization which seems to keep throwing boots at me so I am g2g. I’ve got a couple duffel bags full of them, summer boots and winter ones.

    For running shoes I have a 3 shoe rotation. The new runners which are just for running. I have the second pair which used to be the new ones and are too worn out to run in without hurting stuff but are just fine to wear with sweats when I kick it white trash or go to the weight room but do not run. The pair older then that are used to mow the lawn, paint, etc. After that the shoes are trashed and without value. Each time I get new running shoes the new pair becomes the casual pair and the casual pair becomes the junk pair. Junk pair goes to the garbage.

  • noisynick March 21, 2008, 7:18 am

    shoe leather is a great topic………
    Often neglected your feet are on e of the most overworked under appreciated parts of the body right up untill they hurt.
    I might add one more things good socks will make poor foot wear work better there also cheap to store and easy to rotate. and will be hard to get when TSHTF Those old chinese textile mills just won’t be shipping via wal-mart quite as easily……………………

  • March 21, 2008, 8:09 am

    Hey RangerMan, I’ve had 4-pair of custom made Limmers in my life, still have two.

    A good boot is the foundation from which you go out into the world. Without good footwear, your screwed.

    My newest pair of limmers were made last spring – $500. But they are worth it. Perfect fit (I am a size 6E so there is no other way), you can get about four resolings, maybe more, before they wear out so the longterm price is not as high as it first seems. And rugged as hell.

  • Rushman March 21, 2008, 9:47 am

    I always have one pair of new tennis shoes in the box. When I buy a new pair I rotate the old out. They work the way down the line down to the mowing shoe level. When I am finially done with them they are ready for the trash. Got a couple of pairs of boots too. I buy when stuff is on sale and always have extra. Socks are important too. When you buy a new pack buy too and put one up. When the first pack wears out buy two more. Socks can be used for so much. Just ask a vet…….

  • William Atkin March 21, 2008, 12:20 pm

    Something that is so easily over looked; shoes.

  • dccdmom March 21, 2008, 4:29 pm

    This topic keeps me awake some nights. I have 5 kids from 1-11. That is a LOT of shoes to store, especially since they refuse to stay the same size for any significant amount of time.

  • HOPEAK March 21, 2008, 6:02 pm

    The PINKISH boots so you are easier to find in a avalanche, or you fall when climbing. It is easier to find the body.

  • DW March 21, 2008, 6:15 pm

    Better put some desiccant in with the footwear or they will get a mold. Been there.

  • Panhandle Tex March 21, 2008, 7:37 pm

    Heck man, I’ve been stocking up on boots for years. I have 5 pair of Redwings. When you wear a size 15 you don’t figure on tripping across shoes that will fit in a “situation”.

  • Pooper March 22, 2008, 12:21 am

    I figure durring the next version of the LA Riots I will just head on out, find a nearby tall building and me and the misses will snipe looters as they come out of the Payless show store and collect all the mens 12’s and the womens 7’s.
    KAABoom goes the lowlife scum looters!

  • The Urban Survivalist March 23, 2008, 11:12 am

    I haven’t thrown away a pair of shoes in over a decade. My wife tries to get me to donate them and old clothes all the time so I’m always looking for new, creative places to store the crap. The only time anything gets tossed is when it’s totally ruined.


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