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Survival Scenario – Can You Survive a Zombie Plague?

Remember the book review I did about the Prepper’s Pocket Guide by Bernie Carr?  I’m putting this book up as a prize.  All you have to do is comment on the scenario below and I’ll choose the name of the lucky winner through a drawing, which I’ll announce next Friday.  Can you stand the suspense???
Ok, I’ve given you enough hard Survival Scenarios lately, so I thought it was time to give you a break and do something fun(?).  Use your imagination on this one.  Here we go…
It finally happened.  Scientists working on a nanotech and gene splicing combination to make the perfect soldier developed what they thought was the perfect drug.  At first volunteers injected with NGS-27 developed incredible strength and speed and were indeed the perfect warriors.  They could do amazing things the average “normal” soldier weren’t capable of such as:  running a five minute mile with full combat load, shooting a 1/2 mile accurately with an M-16, and forced marching 200 lb packs fifteen miles effortlessly.  These were some bad hombres and they were the pride of the special forces elite.
Those were the first special soldiers.
The next group of volunteers were injected with NGS-27c, the c being a small change to the formula that was supposed to increase their aggressiveness.  It worked, if you call becoming a demented super-soldier with a taste for human flesh a success.
The problem was compounded as this phase of the program injected 1000 volunteers.  Another part of the problem was that they didn’t “turn” right away.  It took about four days for the serum to work through their systems and cause the horrible changes to their psyche and their appearance.
The biggest part of the problem was the fact that any contact with their blood or saliva caused their victims to become like them.  The last nail in the coffin was the nanotech.  This was introduced to heal wounds through biological nanomachines.  The only sure way to kill these monsters is to remove the head from the body or a direct head shot with a high caliber weapon that will completely destroy the brain and the brain stem.
The “plague” has been sweeping your way over the last 72 hours and various states are dropping off the communications grid as it goes.
You have 24 hours before the horde reaches your area and things are looking pretty grim.  What do you do?
-Jarhead Survivor
Disclaimer – I don’t watch TV and the few zombie movies I’ve seen have had various origins.  If this appears to plagiarize something I apologize in advance – as far as I know this is original material.  (As original as zombies get anyway.)

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  1. WOW!l guess first would be to get neighbors together to get as much ammo power together as possible. then gather as many as l can get in the house with fire power. My house is completely fenced in including iron gating along the front. So l guess first thing is to attach batteries or the generator to the gating to electrify the fence. Hopefully that will somewhat short out the nanobots. Assuming they make it through that, the front door has a long hallway before reaching a main room.So l would have to rig up a system where once the front door opens it would automatically turn on the light and release the glass that l have sharpened on one edge to swing toward them. The light switch activates the electric plug in the hallway which l would have to put a wire from the plug to the water on the floor. Assuming the glass missed, the electric didn’t stop them, l do have a machete which in 24 hours will be as sharp as l can get it. Back that up with a good double barrel shot gun l can (hopefully) pick them off as they come through the hallway.
    Now the back door is accessible through an added on metal porch room. So l guess l will have it wired as well for electric through batteries and standing by with more shotguns. Of course we will all be wearing our plastic bag dresses and eye goggles to keep from bodily fluids getting on any of us to turn us. Hopefully we can stop enough of them til more help reaches our area. Unfortunately l don’t have a deep bunker to run and hide to so this will have to do.

    1. 1) gather up as many uninfected friends and firepower as possible.
      2) find an island (There are a ton of them near the mouth of the Columbia River)
      3) steal the biggest navigable boats we can find, and load them with supplies.
      4) head for island, and set up concealed defenses.
      5) keep as low a profile as possible, and hide the boats in case we have to bug out.

      1. 6). Don the bullet proof vests for those boat owners who will shoot you for stealing. They tend to protect their own.
        7). Don’t forget the un-nailed down laptops & Cisco mainframes you pilfered from work. Maybe some of the Zombie’s are propeller heads & may trade your safety for computer gear.

        1. Cute, but you forgot to lose the icon. Nice troll attempt, though you actually do bring up one good point:
          If you’ve ever been to a marina, you’d know that most boat owners aren’t ‘home’. Also, there’s no sense in letting something perfectly usable sit unused in a massive crisis such as Jarhead’s hypothetical. For those owners who are around, they can be pressed into service as well.

        2. The icon is attached to my email so, it was intentional – do you really think I’m that stupid?
          I grew up around a big marina & understand many boat owners aren’t around but who are you to determine whether an owner or his family will use it – by the first come, first served method? I was trying to subtly address your propensity for stealing in times of crisis.
          Being prepped for a SHTF situation means being prepped by your own means so, if you don’t have a boat, use your head and figure it out … like now. 
          Lazy thinkers is the great American tragedy yet, the boon for those who recognize that fact.    

        3. So your plan is to boatjack people and take them hostage? If there’s a plague of super zombies sweeping the nation doesn’t it make sense to try to not make enemies out of people you meet?
          Couldn’t you pay for the boat and his services with food/ammo etc? If you did that I’d gladly work with you but if you “pressed” me into service I’d assume you were going to kill me anyway and not help you.

        4. @Rob – of course not. However, putting an otherwise empty boat or four to use does make sense, and convincing other owners to come along won’t take much effort (especially if they see a large group of people loading other boats up with a ton of supplies).
          Let me lay it out a bit better than the quick sentence that you keyed in on – if there’s a ginormous mob of infected, crazed people bearing down on town? I’m pretty sure the owners who are present aren’t going to worry too awful much about what’s happening to other boats – odds are perfect they’ll either be long gone anyway. Heaven knows if I already had a boat, I would be long, long gone the nanosecond that I finished loading it with supplies (don’t believe me? see for yourself: )
          For those still hanging around, they may not have a clear plan as to where they’re heading… it wouldn’t take a whole lot of convincing to get them to come along.

        5. @JAson…
          LOL! Didn’t mean to touch a nerve… must be sensitive. 😉
          As for my “propensity for stealing”, I figure it this way:
          Fact: There is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ crisis. What may work for a zombie apocalypse will most likely not work for a nuclear attack, a pandemic, a supervolcano, or an insurrection, or (insert random TEOTWAWKI crisis here). Furthermore, a single crisis can demand different solutions depending on its severity, what direction it is coming from physically, and how widespread said crisis is.
          Given the above facts (and yes, they are facts), a few things stand in the way of your ‘thou shalt not steal no matter what’ hypothesis:
          * Prepping for every single possible outcome is sheer idiocy, will certainly bankrupt anyone who tries, and in general is something that no sane human being can possibly accomplish. The best you can hope for is to have enough knowledge, supplies, initiative, and equipment to give yourself a fighting chance. Prayer helps as well, but until such time as you are dead, you also have to do some of the work yourself.
          * in TEOTWAWKI crises, a whole lot of useful property will be lying around, unused or abandoned by owners (be they human or corporate) who are either dead, or too far away physically to ever do anything with it. For example, down the road from me is a *huge* solar panel manufacturer – are you asserting that in a TEOTWAWKI situation, the massive stockpile of panels should be ignored and consigned to history? The typical marina is chock full of boats whose owners are out of town (and likely dead), or whose owners aren’t going to bother since they’re likely too busy hauling ass elsewhere.
          Now you can certainly argue that hey – maybe the owner(s) will need it later, etc. Certainly, and yes you might be correct. OTOH, if it comes to life or death and there’s a frickin’ army of crazed flesh-eating monsters bearing down, waiting around for a title search is going to be literally suicidal.
          As for your other assertions? Covered ’em already. At most, I suspect there will be one or two present owners who will whip out a gun… and if he’s dumb enough to pull the trigger? He’d be promptly mowed down by the dozen or so people firing back, and instead of being left alone, his boat ends up getting commandeered as well – assuming it isn’t taking on too much water from all the new holes in it. Long story short, only a flaming idiot would try and do more than say something like “…don’t take that one!” (which in my hypothetical, I would respect if it were followed by something logical, like “the guy is on his way back!”)
          Now I want to make one thing clear – I refuse to take anything that has clear and present ownership, even in a life/death situation. If it’s yours and you’re there to make that ownership obvious, the most you’ll get out of me is an offer to trade or a request for assistance. OTOH, if it’s open, the situation is dire (as in Jarhead’s hypothetical), and there is no clear or obvious claim? It belongs to my fellow travelers and myself. Feel free to take it up with City Hall your convenience.
          PS: Next time, maybe you can tone down the juvenile troll attempts, and instead just say it straight. Saves time, and doing so doesn’t make you look like a troll. You don’t have to take the advice, but I am asking.

        6. Wow OQ, you are a lot of work. Let’s start off with being direct & not mincing thoughts – first you.
          You have no problem stealing things so just come right out and say it. The company shorts you a paycheck or 10, steal that value is computers – simple. I don’t agree or condone it, so what do you care – it is your choice. You justify it how you want. People like me comment, who give a rat’s backside, that’s their problem.
          The Zombies invade & you bolt down to the marina & eenie, meenie, miney, mo your boat & away you go. Who gives a hoot what anybody thinks, you’re safe and they are a bunch of fools for waiting on the dock trying to thumb a ride – really, what a bunch of morons.
          You can sit and try to eloquently come up with some “intelligent” rationalizations above but why waste the keystrokes?
          Me on the other hand, enjoys a challenge – the more extreme the better. Granted I may appear to be sitting on the moral high horse, I’m actually not, some things are black & white to me & when I hit a dead end, I change direction very quickly with a completely open (to possibility) mind. Is my way better? No, it’s just my way & my mind works best when when in a pressure cooker.
          Preparing for every implosion may logistically be impossible but mentally it is all basically the same & quite finite.
          As for the “troll” original comment – use your brain for a moment. First, my logo shows up – ding, the light goes on, more Jason malarky. Next, notice the construction of the sentences … things were obviously (to me) pointed back to you & my “moral high horse” ribbing – not written as a check list of things to do as you did. I know, pretty clever of me.
          And as to this beauty – “Now I want to make one thing clear – I refuse to take anything that has clear and present ownership, even in a life/death situation.” Can we say – contradiction?
          You further say “Now you can certainly argue that they – maybe the owner(s) will need it later, etc. Certainly, and yes you might be correct. OTOH, if it comes to life or death and there’s a frickin’ army of crazed flesh-eating monsters bearing down, waiting around for a title search is going to be literally suicidal.”
          Let me be clear, I don’t steal! Unless it is suicidal of course.
          BTW, if the boat owners died, who is paying the slip fees, hmmmm? Probably some stupid heir being eaten by Zombies but you’ll recognize their boat – they have painted on the rear “If Under Zombie Attack Please Steal Me”
          And to your last comment of toning down my juvenile troll attempts, all I can say is -…. I’m taking my ball and going home – so there! Stick my tongue out & let out a hardy raspberry.

        7. Wow – nice try, but I hardly know where to begin with the sheer number of logical fallacies you commit. Strawmen stand out aplenty, a few red herrings, begging the question, and well… seriously. You need to let that hatred go, man.
          First off, as per the wee dice icon, face it – you got busted. Just admit it and move on, mm’kay? 😉
          As for the rest, I’ll let the masses decide (no, not sock-puppet accounts, but the average reader).

        8. Was it Penn or Teller? Maybe David Blaine ….. How about David Copperfield? No, it must be Lance Burton!
          …. any way you slice it, somehow my last comment to OQ disappeared like magic – now you see it, now you d ‘t ~

        9. Give it time – if there’s a URL involved, it likely got held for moderation. Otherwise, gat32 has been having some problems with posts not making it. Jarhead’s looking into it.

  2. 24 hours and my current situation. i would instruct my wife to get our daughters home while i called the neighbors and topped off the food supply. We live in a spread out subdivision that has one main avenue of approach and good fields of fire. Conduct a “town hall” meeting with the neighbors to discuss security, fire distribution, food, fuel, bullets, LP/OPs, and security patrols of the “hood”. Z rest cycle, improve secutriy, set up an operations center, and medical treatment facility(daughter interned as an RN), conduct daily health checks. Z day+8 and on. Test communications, conduct resupply convoys, establish and conduct training.
    First and foremost is to PRAY.
    If all else fails, Go to Fiddler’s Green

    1. Mac, I must say that the military training is evident throughout your post. I wish there were more high-speed individuals such as yourself in my very rural environment.

  3. What an ugly scenario, Jarhead. Not that you posed it, but to be caught in it.
    This is one case where I think discretion is the better part of valor. We would be facing a far superior force both in terms of physical attributes and numbers. We’d have little chance of surviving a confrontation without significant casualties, if not complete destruction.
    So, I’d bug out.
    If out running them or evading them is not possible, I’d leave and find a much more defensible position. And hopefully add to our numbers along the way. I wouldn’t look for a long term bug out place but a place to defend to the death of one of us.

  4. Are they organized or are they merely individual super soldiers? If they are organized, not much to do but bug out and try and wait it out. If they are individual, then bugging in may be an option. Unfortunately, in your scenario you have made them deadly as well as nearly invincible.

    1. Another question or three (but one that would have to wait for later in the scenario):
      * If they run out of victims, do they then start going after each other? If so, a lot of the problem will begin to take care of itself, provided you can hide/barricade yourself sufficiently.
      * Do they ignore everything else over attacking, so that they’d eventually die of exposure/heat-stroke/whatever (e.g. ’28 days later’)? If so, then things aren’t as bad – so long as one can keep out of their way for 2-3 months. If the temperature is hovering at 110 degrees in the shade? Anyone who isn’t used to running full-tilt in it already is going to get killed from heat stroke and dehydration. Winter means the reverse – hypothermia.
      * How intelligent are they in that state? Can they drive a car, figure out how to use a boat, etc?
      * Do they rest? If not, then they die off sooner, and as fatigue sets in, they’ll start getting clumsy and dumb within 2-3 weeks. See, it doesn’t matter how badassed you are, after about a week of no sleep you’ll start seeing unbidden hallucinations, your body will become slow and unresponsive, and your dexterity goes right down the toilet. By week 2-3, it doesn’t matter if your bloodstream was half meth, your body is going to come to a solid, crashing halt.

      1. OQ – Answers to your questions:
        1. They will not go after each other.
        2. Yes, they ignore everything else. After 2 months they are nearly ineffective, but can you last that long?
        3. They are not intelligent enough to use equipment.
        4. Lack of sleep does not disturb them. They may enter a dormant state after a period of inactivity, but don’t be fooled. Best to shoot first and ask questions later.

    2. wsc1963 – answers to your questions:
      1. Individual super soliders. They are not intelligent or organzied. They do tend to stick together, but there is no single leader. And yes, they are nearly indestructible.

  5. Okay, it starts out with 1000 infected. These 1000 have already been rolling through several states for the past 3 days and are do to be in my area withing another 24 hours, which means we have went from 1000 to 10’s of 1000’s possibly. The majority of my neighborhood is elderly, so the thought of taking on these high speed, super strength, trained soldiers with the help of my neighbors doesn’t really seem realistic to me. Plus I know my own abilities, not even 5′ tall, minimal athletic abilities, and I am more apt to get shot or stabbed by one of my neighbors as they start freaking out because they aren’t sure of who is infected. I’m not sticking around.
    I grab my B.O.B., every bit of food, water, medical, weapons, ect. supplies that I can fit into my vehicle. Hand my husband a can of old milwaukee’s best and tell him to enjoy it now because it may be last one for a good long while and usher him into the car. I’m driving because mister man (love him dearly) thought I was full of S for prepping all this time, and he hasn’t a clue as to what to do. I check out my maps to see which back roads I will be taking to get us to the mountains. Mountains are on both sides of me within an 8 to 12 hour drive pending on which direction I’m going. I’m heading out. I stop off at the local gas station and wait a bit to top off my gas tank-there’s a bit of a line because I’m not the only one around thinking about getting the hell out of dodge. So I top off and am back to rolling in hopefully what is the opposite direction of where our supper troops and add ons are supposed to be coming from. 15 hours later I reach the mountains and the cave system that I am familiar with. Been here several times over the years and a lot of these caves most people don’t even know about. It takes 15 hours because I’m not the only one using the back roads either apparently. But we’re at the cave and we unload everything as fast as we possibly can. I tell hubby to take the supplies even deeper into the system and give him a map so he doesn’t get lost while doing so. I take the car about 5 miles away to a brush cubby hole that I remember from our last trip up here, and hide the car there, covering it with as much brush as I can, as quickly as I can. Hike back to the cave and grab hubby to gather as much wood as he can to bring into the cave. I take the empty 4gal. water jug that I thought was a good idea to bring and head down to the stream about 150 yards away. Oh wait, whoops. All you wanted was a quick what would I do in this senario script and here I started to do a whole story. Sorry.
    We would hold up in a cave for as long as possible and hope and pray for the best.

  6. First, I would try and find some of that original NGS-27 to put myself and my “team” on a more level playing field! Reguardless, I would load up with weapons and plenty of ammo and go hunting for the zombies! Take the fight to them so to speak! Hopefully we could catch them in an ambush and do some major damage to their numbers!

  7. It’s time to bugout. I call up my brother, grab my gear, and load up my truck with food, water and my solar panel battery charger. After doing so I would meet my brother at the marina and hit the high seas. Using the radio I would determine which areas in the Carribean are safe and find a port and load up on any other essentials. Let’s see the zombies reach me in the water!! Hopefully I can wait it out until the plague is controlled or the zombies die out from other complications.

  8. OK – first I would add to my BOB to allow for total off the grid stuff, because I know I am going off the map for this one. Staying in place would be suicide. I would take what I need and drive deeeeep into the Smoky Mountains to a cave I know of. Then I would plant granades around the perimeter and booby traps, just in case they get that far, highly unlikely. I would cover the cave entrance behind me so you cannot spot it -even if you tried. I would then prepare in the cave as if the zombies would be able to find it. I would have the entrance set up with all my weapons and granades and fire torches. I am an expert shot and expert granade thrower. If they did find me, the the whole world is gone to hell, and no one will survive!

  9. Heh, NOT MUCH OF A ZOMBIE GUy, but there are a few rear diseases that mimic some of the behaviors that one would see in the A typical zombie. One of them is Marburg, Marburg is filo-virus that is highly comutable and it is a hemeragien(sort of, stark similarities between the two) One of the most horrable symptons of marburg is that unlike some of its cohorts, with Marburg the victim is totally aware of the horific things that are happening to them right up to the end. IT causes massive bleeding interanally and from all of the orifaces of the body. Eventually the stomach lining seperates and is usally puked out with gouts of blood, the eyes fill with blood until blindness occurs and then eventually you die. One of Marburgs cousins is Ebola, Ebola has similer symptoms but the fever makes people act deranged and crazy and unpredictable. The list goes on and there are a few more of these types of diseases that show up once in a while. The actions of folks that have them look remarkably like the activities you see in the zombie fliks. Most of these diseases are transfered through direct contact or a water source and a few are or mutate and become airborn. The way to survive is to STAY AWAY and seal yourself into your home , bunker whatever etc. let the virus run its coarse until its telemetry plays out and it weakens and goes back where it came from. Isolation and seperation is the key! For more on Filo viruses read Richard Preston’s HOT ZONE or Ken Alibek’s BIOHAZARD. Great reading and all factual based info.

  10. I would surround my house with loudspeakers and put it on a 24/7 loop of “Stayin’ Alive” by the BeeGees. If they get within listening range, it should cause enough brain damage to stop them dead in their tracks.
    Hopefully our hearing protection will be good enough to protect us from the friendly fire.

  11. i think you could probably overcome the “biological nanomachines” with sufficient quantities of “NAPALM”.

    1. …and even if “we” manage to kill all of “them”, the cleanup will be horrendous. the places where each zombie (or piece thereof) “fell”, will all need to be dug out, down several inches, and the soil incinerated as well.

  12. I’d go find frostheev and join up with him, he stole my idea.
    other than that, grab the 7.62 by 54s, shotguns, and maybe an AR and speed off in the BOV.

  13. Grab the pump action, food, and ammo and get the hell out of California before all the sheeple clog the roads.

  14. Wow…I’m ready for the North Koreans, or ChiComs to pour over the boarder…but freaking Zombies….sigh. Reminds me of a great line from Bob Hope:
    Anyhow… I’d load the family in the bunker and seal it off from the outside; worse comes to worse they have enough supplies in there for 6 months and by then the zombie hord will have moved off to feast elsewhere.
    First off, call a few neighbors to give them a heads up and see if the husbands want to join my recon pland. Then, I’d load up the truck with the BOG, extra ammo, and all my naplam ieds and drive off to meet the invasion to take out as many as we could. At the engagement, above all else, we’d lead them away from our families towards a “killing zone” type area.

  15. Since I don’t have an actual bunker, I would have to say Bug Out. Not mindless zombies, but thinking, planning, intelligent super-soldiers? No way my group could defend against that in a bug-in situation. Even a platoon of experienced infantry would have their hands full with a hoard like that. Gotta leave and go to BOL, gather information and plan next step, which would likely involve moving again.
    Bad scenario!

  16. Jarhead, you’ve outdone yourself once again!
    I guess for my first line of defense I’d bug out to The Northern California town of Gilroy because it is known as the garlic capital of the world (the minute you enter the city limits you are overcome by that lovely fragrance.)
    Next, I’d have the residents load up the weapons with silver bullets & blast over the town’s PA system the Talking Heads song – Life During Wartime because …. this ain’t no party, this ain’t no disco, this ain’t no foolin’ around. No time for dancing or lovey dovey, ain’t got time fo it now ~

      1. Either one doesn’t exist so any solution can apply. Sit back & enjoy the music for awhile.
        Jeez, some people are so serious ….

  17. The first thing I would do would be to get out of town. With zombies (or another superior force), they are going to stick close to what they know and where the food is. In this case, the food is us, and there are lots of us in cities. Then I would gather as many supplies as possible, food and water, shelter, and most important in a zombie apocalypse, weapons. High powered rifles and pistols for sure. My favorite for the zombie horde is a shotgun/machete combo though. The shotgun will cleanly take off the head or totally damage the brain easily. And if you run out of ammo, you should always, ALWAYS, have a large blade of some kind that is very sharp. You need it to go through bone. Most survivor/prep guys are going to have a side arm of some kind as well, and this is always a good idea. Another thing to worry about besides the zombies in a zombie apocalypse, is other people. You need to worry about them in any survival/SHTF situation for reasons we all know, but in this situation, strangers can turn into zombies in the middle of your secure areas. You would need some kind of quarantine area for new people and keep an eye on any wounds that your known group gets (Its going to be hard to “put down” your loved ones, so you need to talk this over with your group and decide what is the right plan for you). Its tough to say whether or not I would dig in or keep on the move. If I were to find a place, I would make sure that I could see every possible entrance to it. Make it well fortified, and set up heavy defenses. keeping on the move will be hard the longer things go on because gas will be scarce and you will have to venture farther and farther into zombie territory to get gas and supplies.
    I know I always have my copy of The Zombie Survival Guide near by, I recommend you pick one up too 🙂

  18. Plan 1. Time to steal a sail boat! There’s no shortage of them walking distance from the house. Throw in plenty of food and fuel for the stove and head for SE Alaska.
    Plan 2.
    Get everyone sturdy clothing, Carhart overalls, canvas shirts, leather gloves, sun glasses and clear safety goggles. We’ve pretty much go this covered at the house already.
    Board up the lower windows of the house. Board up all the doors except the deck door. Re-enforce the deck door from the inside and pre cut and position plywood so that the deck windows can be quickly boarded up, if need be. We’d need to get the plywood and screws, but we’ve got the saws, drills, and screw guns to do this.
    Knock the stairs off the deck, hopefully the deck’s high enough that they couldn’t get up to it. We have two ladders. One can be for getting up and down from the deck. The other one kit out with a rope so you can climb on the roof of the house and pull the ladder up after you. It’s 10′ feet at the lowest point from the deck to the roof. Got this one no problem.
    Build a couple level sleeping platforms with railings on the roof, it’s a low slope so a handful of 2×4’s and sheets of plywood would do. Move tents, sleeping bags, food, water and a camp stove up on the roof. Again, we’d need the wood.
    Build a makeshift outhouse on the deck, the crapper in the house is sure to stop working. A five gallon bucket with some soil and blue tarps 2×4’s for privacy would do. We’ve got this stuff on hand.
    Post a sentry or two on the roof. We’ve got a great view of the neighborhood from up there. First sign of zombies everyone under 16 goes on that roof. Everyone else gets kitted out with a gun and a firing sector from the roof and deck. Don’t fire until you can see the puss oozing from their eyes! When they’re up next to the house get on the roof and pull the ladder up after you.
    Get to know your family and a neighbor or 3 really, really, well…

  19. Wow, super zombies…oh crap. Good one Jarhead! I guess, first round up the family and gather up as much ammo (buckshot and slugs)…something with a wallop. Food and B.O.B in the car and take the back roads to one of the great lakes. They’re pretty easy to reach here in MI. From there find a boat (I hope…I don’t own one)
    Then hopefully loiter offshore…a mile or so…not too far in case things get rough. Since the zombies can’t drive or operate machinery, being in a big boat might be a good spot. Make that a few miles offshore…wouldn’t want the super zombies swimming out to meet me.

  20. Judging by what happens when people try to bug out in front of hurricanes, bugging out might not work so hot. At least not in a car.

  21. I figure if the SHTF to that extent, all businesses would close due to extreme panic. I would bug out as quickly as possible, and if I had enough time, I’d probably attempt to find a boat to live on for a while, maybe find a small island and hope for the best. If I had very little time, I’d grab a friend or two, gather up supplies…food, ammo, water, radio, survival kit, etc and anything I could carry. Everyone would be ordered to wear as thick of clothing as possible to prevent bites and exposure. I figure I’d be out to find the most secure and fortified location possible and would not stay in my home. In my opinion, this thing would be spreading quickly and the “threat” would increase exponentially at an alarming rate. There would definitely be a vast number of “zombies” running around and trying to fight them off would most likely be futile. Considering all of this, I’d probably break into a bank or school, looking for an open bank vault or fallout shelter with a fortified blast door. Banks usually have water fountains and bathrooms that may be able to serve as water supply and so do schools. I’d then set up an outer perimeter, boarding up the outside of the bank or school as well as possible, with plans to defend the position as long as could safely be done. Roof scouts, door scouts and obstacles as protection. All supplies would be stored in the vault or shelter. The “alamo” would be executed at the last possible second and would consist of abandoning posts and falling back into the vault or shelter (basement most likely) at the last second. This would provide the maximum amount of protection when absolutely necessary ( after a security breach), but would also allow my group to spend as much time as possible out of the fortified location. I figure you can only last so long once that vault or blast door is shut, and hopefully the stores of food and water will outlast the zombies and they will die off.

  22. With the 4 day incubation period we’re probably hosed overall as a society. The outbreak will be effectively world-wide before it can be effectively contained.
    With the high infection rate hand to hand will probably end badly unless the one with a pulse is dressed for head to toe splatter. However, this won’t be conductive to moving easily….
    Depending on what part of the country this started in would depend on what direction I would attempt to evac. The difficult part would be figuring out where to go to. I’d want something with strong walls that can be closed off, a canyon or plateau would be great. Supplies would be the difficult part. With this plan weapons would be a secondary consideration. Off hand I don’t know of any great locations for this here in Minnesota.
    If a long distance evac was out of the question (and with the hordes of unprepared it’s not likely in the first place) I’d attempt to find a well built structure to hunker down in. With this plan supplies would be critical, especially safe water.
    Overall, you’d have to attempt to wait out the 2 month period ONCE IT BECOMES KNOWN. But you’re looking at 2 months after the last person becomes infected….
    Overall I like the napalm idea. Carpet bombing might help too followed up with napalm to sanitize the area.

    1. Another idea would be to find the largest snowblower possible (either tractor or truck mounted) and just start making a mess….
      This would work best if you could catch a bunch of them in the open. Then again, get enough snow blowers and you could clear significant numbers.
      Once you’ve cleared an area, lots of diesel or gasoline and start tossing road flares…..
      The initial clearing might not be survivable but you’ll take quite a few of them with you which should give others in your area a better chance.

  23. This is tough. Head to a house with a basement, bring 3 months of preps, all my guns and ammo, and barricade the heck out of any possible entrance. My only hope in my current area would be to try and wait for the zombies to burn out.

  24. Seeing that the S has definitely HTF, we as normal people could try to rally a force against the zombies. Or just get a hold of some nukes and wipe out most of them in on fell swoop.

  25. This is an “easy” one. Just hijack the nearest yacht and make for open waters because everyone knows zombies can’t swim! Let’s just hope they can’t drive boats and end up shooting each other before they get to you. 🙂

  26. drive over to pope afb next to brag and load out the a10’s with 20mm gun pods and start”plowing the road”. Macdill ,Eglin; and Sumter should be able to hold for awhile. maybe even FT Knox,Jackson,Campbell. Cherry Point and Jacksonville could also hold for awhile.almost forgot Charleston sc and Paris Island. yeah it’d take an Air division,Ground division; and an Amored division just to have shot.

  27. go to the nat. guard arrmory. get all the tank mine’s you can lay you’r hand on, then go to the mourge. get all the dead peep’s ,,, take them to the middle of a field. lay them out. in a circle, then place the tank mine’s around them. about 50 ft apart, get some popcorn , get up on a hill side an watch the firework… the sound of mine’s going off might call more in. so sould last a while. after that run like hell .have you’r BOB with you.

  28. Dont think it could happen at all , makes for a good TV series though . A biological / genetic warfare weapon being uncorked seems more likely .
    Matter of fact , we should be thinking about it for population control in Africa , Asia , South america , Mexico , and the middle east . Less competition for resources makes for a better world to live . Our people would get the ” flu shot ” To prevent infection .

    1. T.R.
      What an utterly stupid summation.
      This type of arrogance is exactly how most of the world views the U.S. – “we” are the self-appointed & in charge of deciding who lives & who dies. No wonder we are frowned upon by many & I don’t mean third world countries exclusively.
      Funny, we’ve been around for a 200+ years & the others for thousands of years but our word & lifestyle is now law?
      Shameful comment ~

      1. Here is another scenario , you and I both know that when the SHTF , there are going to be millions of people perfectly willing to shank you for the last two gallons of gas in your tank or any item you have that they want . You are either going to get shanked or shot if you dont do it to them first . What I said is no different that what many say they are going to do on a smaller scale if push comes to shove . Tell your philosophy to the gang banger that will kill you for the $20 bucks you have in your pocket right now . If the US goes down in flames , everybody else that isn’t 3rd world will as well ( isn’t globalization wonderful ) Then the SHTF scenario will be basically world wide , where is your philosophy and good will to man kind going to be then ? We both know the answer . Shameful ( ooooooooh dear a PC survivalist in the house ) No more shameful than the 1st amendment or mother nature .

        1. It was shameful – pure and simple. You think that thinning the heard is acceptable by “us” releasing an agent to kill off a significant portion of the (outside US) population & “we” American, rulers of the world, should be rewarded with the remaining resources? PC my ass, that comment falls outside the intention & scope of the 1st Amendment, let alone sanity.
          For most of the first 30 years of my life I lived very close to Compton, Inglewood, Watts & other choice spots and been face to face to gang bangers more than once. Mind your shit & theirs & they leave you alone.
          The problem with you is typical with isolationists – they have no system of checks and balances & always – nearly 100% of the time become embittered with life because your thoughts run circular while gaining negative momentum. What does globalization mean to you – every man get what he can from whomever? You haven’t a clue.
          So your response of population control fell in line with your developed sociopathic behavior. We all choose to view & filter the world as we see fit however, there come a point where that internal mental creation looses grip of the true reality.
          Definition of Delusional (Paranoid) disorder:
          Paranoid Delusions are beliefs of a suspiscious nature, where the person believes something is not right with them, another person(s), or the world in general, which poses serious problems for them.
          Time to put away the Mad Max movies – they were just fantasies.

        2. HaHaHaHa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you ever stop to think…….even for one moment ……..that your being baited ? Guess not ! I just chapped your ass and yanked the hair out at the same time ……………and you allowed it . But dude , you do sound like a melting pot liberal . Its OK not to like everybody , its OK not to like certain cultures . its OK not to approve of certain behaviors , its OK not to be acceptant of certain people or things .
          Stars & Bars !!!!!!!! ( bait )

        3. Good try -really, but you are so clueless – you took my bait, don’t you ever read my stuff? It is so obvious.
          “Steers & queers” – appropriate slogan for your chapped ass & bald spots. You might as quit before you really embarrass yourself.
          Jason sits & gentle feeds more line out patiently waiting for that inevitable bite of the hook … once again.

    2. So, TR, what makes you think you’re more worthy of living than someone whose skin color differs from yours?
      Wait – let me save you the trouble. You’ll likely spew out some century-old Eugenics (quoted badly), mixed in with pseudoscience.
      Well, hate to tell you this, but you’re no better than anyone else. Try to play with that thought for awhile. Then, get used to the idea, because it happens to be true.

      1. Thing is , as honorable as we want to be , If it came down to only one meal on the table and a choice of your family or anothers , you would choose yours and you know it . Im a nationalist and an isolationist . Our way of life law ? when did I say that ? I was saying get rid of the competition . If I lived in China , I would have stated the same thing except that China gets the ” flu shot ” . You think one of our enemies wouldn’t do it if they had the technology and means ? …………..Think again . A Roman general ( forget who at the moment ) said ” The definition of our allies are those we do not have to fight TODAY ” . Thing is all of you have to remember , , you dont like my comments ? I dont give a rats ass , never have , never will . Want to disagree , then disagree . It will not affect my life one way or the other ( or yours when you read it ) .People can only cant get under your skin if you give them the power to do so . Stop giving me the power and move on .

  29. Take go bag and guns and Hijack the neares sea worthy vessel. Preferebly one ready to go. Drop anchor off shore for a while and watch the news to see what’s happening. Find a nice cozy island to set up shop find a hammock and live the good life. Since Ships don’t carry weapons it shouldn’t take to much to take one over. couple guns worse comes to worse you pop a few people and shove off. Perhaps a small enough vessel so you might man it yourself. Hawaii sounds good!
    If I can’t get a boat take over a blast shelter and lock the door but i would believe you may have to use some amonia or something to cover your smell so they don’t track you to the entrance and work their way in.
    last option. Tower, large gun, lots of ammo, lots of improvised explosives. Come and get some! You want me I’m taking you with me!

  30. First and foremost…Super Zombie Soldiers. We won’t be buggin’ in this time…! All the guns and ammo won’t stop the onslaught and the waves of them coming for you…Go to plan B.
    Plan B— Get the hell out of dodge…Grab your bug out gear, load up the 4×4, and head for the marina, where you have your boat loaded with more gear and enough gas to get you to that special island you found months before…Zombies don’t swim, fly, or drive things. They walk real slow and eat brains…and if you don’t use yours they will eat um. So good luck and don’t look back, your not a scientist who can cure the world…! Save yourself, your family and who ever was smart enough to pre-plan with you in the neighborhood.

  31. Your first priority is gathering a group of like-minded individuals. Preferably close friends with whom you have had long survival related discussions.
    Then you must find a location to bug in. Remember in a zombie scenario, or other scenarios involving large numbers of aggressive hostiles, you must give yourself every advantage possibly and since traveling in an organized and heavily armed squadron of 50+ individuals is rarely plausible you should look for an easily fortified building.
    After finding this building you separate into two groups. One to stay behind and fortify the building and keep it secure. The other will be a team to gather as much resources and commodities as possible. You should divide any weapons you already have, the most potent going to the scavenging team.
    Remember- even if you don’t think money is valuable anymore someone might. Bring all the cash you have for buying supplies, using lethal force or stealing is a last resort.
    Lowes/Home Depot- fortification/construction materials, tools, hand weapons.
    Walmart- simple survival equipment, tools, hand weapons, ammo, bows, food, water, etc.
    The places where you can find helpful things are nearly endless just keep looking.

  32. I’ll lay mine down so you can keep yours! I will die here but you’ll find my corpse on top of a pile of spent brass, empty magazines, cigarette butts and condom wrappers! Hopefully I bought you enough time to bug out, so come on, on your bike 🙂

    1. In all seriousness though, in the hills or in my living room, just going to have to wait it out and defend when necessary. Try to restrict avenues of approach and get real cozy with the neighbors…

  33. I have recently gotten a tablet and WiFi box so it will take a while to explore all the info I’ve found. I have J w, Rawles links and I’m going through them all. I’ve been a militia commander for 15 years and a prepper for many more, I’m a YAHWEH fearing christian who believes in God,Family and Country in that order. I’m really enjoying all the info and weeding out the Shumer, thank u all for your time and reaserch.
    Patriot at large in East Tennesse

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