The Home Schooled Shootist: Training to Fight with a Carbine – A Book Review

Joe Nobody is at it again, turning out books like a printing press. I’ve been a fan of his books since the beginning. His latest book, The Home Schooled Shootist, is another win. While not as “universal” a book as Holding Your Ground or Without Rule of Law,  in that it’s more specific to shooting a carbine than preparing for general, post-SHTF defensive combat scenarios. Prepper Press, the publisher, sent me a copy for review. Scope it:

Now, if you’re already a well-skilled shootist, familiar with the many training tactics, this book probably isn’t for you (though you still might learn new approaches and have it prove worthwhile). If you’re someone short of expert skill, someone like me, this book could offer you a whole slew of information, information you’re not going to find in any military manual. The content even covers many ideas you won’t get exposed to in an instructional course you could pay for.

The information in this book is well layed out, easy-to-read and descriptive, offering pictures when pertinent. Witness a few interior pages:

What exactly does this book include that will make it worth your while for carbine training? Subjects like:

  • Off-range Trigger Time (ways to train at home, off-range)
  • Point of Aim
  • Establishing the Ballistic Coefficient
  • Mag Dumps
  • Shooting and Cover
  • Ballistics and Reloading

The list goes on, but perhaps the best way to get a feel for what’s involved in this bad dude book is to watch a few of the book’s promotional videos. The first one has footage of Joe and a shooter employing some of the training techniques they describe. Check them, check them now!

Different? Yes, I believe so. The Home Schooled Shootist is availabe on Amazon by clicking on the link. If you’ve read it, tell me what you thought.

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– Ranger Man

BTW: Remember my Win a FREE Bar-ricade post? The Bar-ricade maker noted that many of the commenters expressed concerns about the amount of glass they have in their homes. He suggested those individuals consider “Window Security Films.” I can’t embed the YouTube video here of people shooting glass with the film applied, but click here to watch it.

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  • Ray September 12, 2012, 9:08 am

    On average firefights last 60 seconds or less, you got NO time to do more than REACT. If the OPFOR outnumbers you, you are in deep deep DOO-DOO. BREAK CONTACT.If you can’t do that attack.Don’t talk to them ,Kill Something. Thats it ;Gunfight 101 Trust me, books are ok if your a nubi; but unless you have a lot of range time , and real school, Y’all will forget EVERYTHING you read when the first round comes down range. AND. It don’t matter AT ALL what wepon you use, as long as you can come out of a sound sleep at three AM and use it in the dark.( if you can’t load ,Unload , clear a stopage and work the saefty BLINDFOLDED you have work to do)

  • Gobbedyjook September 13, 2012, 12:58 am

    Security films? It’s only sensible to have bars installed over all of your windows. I lived in a town down South once, in which they had three shops that sold window bars. It wasn’t a very nice town. You could also replace your windows altogether, with kill slits like in the old forts. Have to consult Joe Nobody on that one.

  • Joe Nobody September 13, 2012, 8:42 am

    Bars are cool if you don’t plan on ever selling the home. Most people are discouraged when looking at a house with bars on the windows.

    Film works somewhat, but I’ve seen examples that don’t age well. Maybe they have that fixed now?

    Shutters can be effective, but not as bullet stops.

    My plan is to use nets on the doors and windows. Its cheap, let’s in light/air and I can take them down if I have to use a window/door to bail out. By the time anyone could cut through them I would be waiting with a suprise.

    • Gobbedyjook September 13, 2012, 7:44 pm

      Well, I was kind of kidding about the bars. I wasn’t lying though. I did live in a place once, where there were a lot around. Of course bars are depressing. If you have to live in a prison, it’s time to move.

      I ain’t no crazy killin’ fool, and my knowledge of such things is limited. It seems to me though, that if you’re armed and all, and the house isn’t enough cover… you have a much bigger problem than just keeping an eye on the windows. What’s to stop the RBATs! just burning the thing down, films, bars, windows and all? (If I were an RBAT, I’d probably acquire a flamethrower tout de suite, just to be a prick.)

      A house is only a fort if your house is a fort. And who wants to live in a fort?


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